Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Week's Alan Duncan Award for Utter Arrogance

This will be a weekly award, I've decided. It shall go to the most completely arrogant swine who sticks their head over the battlements in order to show their contempt for the plebian hordes whose existence they are forced to reluctantly endure. This week's recipient is a no-brainer, as via the wonderful JuliaM we have the execrable Hugh Orde, President of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

"If you have a system whereby anyone can stand to be elected as the local police commissioner, you could have any Tom, Dick or Harriet standing."

There are no words. Well, that's not true. There's 'undemocratic'. There's 'elitist'. There's 'liberal politician', which is something of an oxymoron after the first two, it has to be said. And make no mistake folks, in Britain 2009 you don't get to be President of ACPO, the elite gold standard of PC Policing, without being a politician, and one of those undemocratic, elitist liberal ones at that.

Just so we're really sure that we're not misunderstanding him in his apparent contempt for the general public he is supposed to serve, Sir Hugh continues...

"Do they think that the public are so interested in policing that they would turn out and vote? And for whom? A politician? Or do they mind if they get a lunatic or a retired copper? All of these questions need to be answered."

See, I think when this weasel says 'lunatic', what he means is 'person who would expect me to encourage my officers to do their jobs and actually deal with criminals regardless of skin colour, ethnicity or social circumstances'. I also think the public are exactly interested enough in policing to elect such a 'lunatic' given half a chance. It's Sir Hugh and his serried ranks of pointless PC PCs who aren't interested in policing, and the idea that they might end up with bosses who are absolutely terrifies them.

So, this week's Alan Duncan Award goes to Sir Hugh Orde, for sheer undiluted contempt for the general public. I think it should look like this...

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