Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Horror In Pulacharke Prison

Rottypup reports on the horrifying events taking place in Afghanistan's Pulacharke Prison, where Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners have revolted and are reportedly gang-raping the female inmates whilst proclaiming their devotion to the Religion of Peace.

Pulacharke houses very large numbers of 'politicals' including Jack Idema, the US Special Forces operative who has been languishing there whilst the State Department tries very hard to pretend he doesnt exist. Unfortunately for them he has seemingly been escorted out of the prison unharmed and under close guard by some of the Northern Alliance troops he fought with and whom have been campaigning for his release along with Superpatriots, and is bizarrely it seems now playing an active role in planning to counter the revolt thanks to their protection. So there is one tiny ray of sunshine amongst the clouds.

The MSM is of course clueless as usual, and isnt exactly being swift to place this to the top of the news. The Afghan government is as usual following its policy of total appeasement and doing everything it can to stop the Northern Alliance troops from intervening directly. Its hard to truly believe some of the things that Superpatriots are claiming until you delve into some the history of how Afghanistan's government with the full approval of the State Department has handled its Taliban predecessors by granting amnesties for past misdeeds left right and centre - sounds eerily familiar doesnt it?

Visit Rotty or Superpatriots for updates as they come in.

Rally For Freedom Of Expression

Please support these guys, who are attempting to do what needs to be done. Non-party political as well which I am fervently pleased about - anyone fancy a trip to London from the not so sunny (snow today) South Coast?

It's Moments Like This That Make It All Worthwhile

Hehe. Somehow I just knew I'd got to this guy. He is as you will see a close pal of Archbish Rowan 'Bulldozing Terrorist Tunnels Bad, Getting Medals From Terrorist Leaders Good' Williams. Williams in his own words was 'grateful for his conversations with Arafat' as you can see here. And during the visit above where he was presented with his Order of Terrorism-Excusing, well, I think Melanie Phillips put it much better than I could.

The chappie in question who has given me a good verbal slapping (very 'unchristian' lol) exemplifies every last reason why as I put it, the Anglican church is in near-terminal decline. My absolute favourite moment of his post must without a doubt be the classic 'While showing Christs love through social liberalism, his theology is rather orthodox.'

Christ's love through social liberalism. Oh my. Well there's nothing guaranteed to empty those pews faster than showing the love of your deity by completely rejecting his commandments...I think thats why my personal Anglican poster-child, Peter Akinola comes in for such opprobrium from PC Christians like my protagonist. Their liberal nonsense simply cannot compete against a statement of faith as simple as 'well, its what it says in the Bible'.

For the record, I most definitely dont like what it says in the Bible. I dont like religion at all in fact, which makes being fiance to a devout Catholic...interesting at times. But I know one thing's for damn sure. When your fellow Christians are being murdered and oppressed by another religion in uncounted different locations across the world and you have one candidate who calls for your fellows to be defended and another who accepts medals from your oppressors co-religionists...

Well for me its a no-brainer, but then I have no understanding of 'Christ's love through social liberalism', so how could I possibly judge?

Insights Into The Leftist Mindset

There are often some events or incidents which serve to give a deep insight into the minds of the Left, where they do actually manage to display a (small) amount of individuality in response. I'm talking about the UK Left here by the way, their American counterparts tend to march more rigidly in step than the May Day parades in front of Joe Stalin and the Politburo.

One of those individual incidents has been the laughable suspension of Ken Livingstone. Now I am one of those of the opinion that Livingstone is a despicable racist anti-Semite who is totally unfit to hold office, and also that the office of the Mayor ought to be abolished. That's my position, just setting out my stall for you.

What I am enjoying is manifold. First there are the Leftist gyrations to try and say that, well, it wasnt that bad a remark anyway. Not that bad? I mean OK, the first stage was a bad insult to throw but as Livingstone didnt know the journalist was Jewish then fair enough, it can be explained away as naught but excusable. With an apology.

But then to cap it by calling someone who has just told you they are Jewish by calling them a concentration camp guard? Are you kidding me? I see, so lets say our Ken had met a black man who hassled him for a quote after a party instead, and said he is like one of Mugabe's mobsters. He then says, actually, I am Zimbabwean and I find that really offensive. Ken then caps it by saying he is actually like a Hutu militiaman on the rampage. Can you imagine the feeding frenzy?

Calling a Jew a concentration camp guard is far worse than calling a black man a 'nigger' or a person of Asian extraction a 'Paki'. It is a double insult because it is not simply a derogatory racial term but it also makes the reference to the vilest of crimes in human history perpetrated against the reporter's own race/culture/religion, and states that the person has the same mentality. Just as with statements like the ones here which include the wonderful 'here come the Jews trying to destroy the antifascist movement once again'.

Part of me simply refuses to believe this isnt someone making mischief - no one could actually make a statement like that with a straight face. Could they? But then they proudly show Ken himself at the 'Unite Against Fascism' launch rally at round about the same time as he invited his great pal 'Sheikh' Al-Qaradawi to London. Let's have a look at the man Ken the 'committed anti-racist' defends as a 'progressive', shall we?

So, the man who supposedly has 'impeccable anti-racist credentials' views a man who quotes from the Koran (and the Hamas Charter) all the really fun and subtle lines about Jew-killing as a 'progressive'. Riiiiiiight...

To their credit, a few on the Left such as Peter Tatchell have woken up to the fact that Livingstone's 'anti' credentials are actually nothing more than 'pro' anyone not white or Jewish credentials, with nothing in between. But then as far as the wider picture goes this is only occurring when the special interests of certain victimhood groups on the Left are threatened by another such group, not I venture to suggest because of any sudden Road to Damascus conversion to anything as bourgeois as actual morals.

What has this mess taught us? Well, its this. That its OK if its a Jooooo your insulting because of Israel, dont'cha know. Because the Palestinians are still top of the Victimhood totem pole for now, and the people who were actually the victims of the vilest and most appalling racist crime in the last hundred years are now on the very bottom of it because they committed the worst possible sin in Leftist eyes - they refused to be passive, helpless poster children and instead fought back.

Because when it comes down to it, there is no greater crime in the Leftist calendar than stepping out of your assigned role in the Great Liberal Mythos.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The PC PCs Make A Grand Decision

(spotted by Dumbjon)

Some naughty little scamp has posted a copy of the nastiest of the nasty Zionist Conspiracy Mohammed Cartoons of Dooooom (well apart from moi of course) on the notice board of - gasp! - a housing project in Oldham. It seems that now we know where all the energy which should have gone into identifying those cheeky chappies waving the placards who demonstrated in London not that long ago as Greater Manchester Thought Police swing into action - yes, our PC PCs know who the real extremists are, oh my...

Because naturally posting a cartoon depicting a Muslim as violent is completely unfair in an area as peaceful and lovely as Oldham. Even though according to the BBC a few years ago 'Asian' youths 'fought running battles with white youths'. Funny how time changes perspective isnt it - some of us remember how all the running battles were being fought between 'Asian' youths and the Police - not white 'youths', but maybe thats time dimming the memory. And actually this Blogger remembers with odd clarity how even though apparently these 'Asians' were religiously homogenous, Hindu businesses were torched and looted along with churches and white businesses and Muslim ones mysteriously failed to be, but hey not lets let that get in the way of a good 'white extremist' story...

It appears that we have wasted all this time and energy in the Blogosphere debating the rights and wrongs of Free Speech and causing offence as regards the Dreaded Cartoons. Because our PC PCs have made the decision for us, removing the need for us to actually make the decision for ourselves. Their spokeswoman said, after all:

"Greater Manchester Police treat any incitement of racial hatred extremely seriously and robustly investigate any such incidents that are reported to us."

So there you have it. Posting a copy of the Mohammed Cartoons is incitement to racial hatred, and we rightwingers are therefore ALL inciters and ought to be locked up with the evil rapists and paedophiles on Rule 41 in case we spread our insidious ideas about, you know, freedom of speech and that kind of thing.

Well then come and arrest me you fuckers. Maybe I'll make it easy for you and get one of these and stick it up in my front window, how about that? Because its way too late to shove this genie back in the bottle, and I'm really looking forward to seeing you try.

Media Investigation Uncovers Secret Cartoon Conspiracy: Bush Ordered Disney Cartoons Doctored

A joint New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, National Vanguard and Ummah.Com investigation has revealed startling new evidence that using Halliburton-developed time travel technology, George Bush ordered the changing of the perceptions of mice when Walt Disney, the noted Zionist, first developed his so-called 'cartoons'.
A CIA source who naturally we cannot possibly identify has passed documents which we cannot possibly show dated a really really long time ago, which just coincidentally look like we just typed them up in the office. These documents are a smoking gun showing that when Vice-President Cheney should have been telling us all about his alcohol-induced shooting frenzy he was in fact using the incident as a smokescreen to travel back in time to influence Mr.Disney who is now mysteriously unavailable for comment. A spokesman for the Disney Corporation has added to the mystery by claiming that Mr.Disney is dead, thus fuelling suspicions of Bush-administration assasination plots to eliminate knowledge of this vast conspiracy.
These documents purport to be minutes of a meeting between Disney and Cheney, where Cheney exhorts Disney to create a 'cute, clever and smart' mouse character to counter harmless National Socialist propaganda comparing Jews to mice and thus cunningly boost the image of the Jews and Israel, even though it didnt exist yet. Disney is shown to have 'rubbed his hands with glee and cackled menacingly' at the idea of creating a character who would, in his words 'fool everybody into thinking Jews arent rich and dirty, even though we are really mwahahahahaaa!'.
The meeting continues with Cheney and Disney hatching plans to portray the Cat character who was to be the Mouse's protagonist, apparently named 'Tom', as a Muslim 'extremist' who is constantly trying to kill the Jewish Mouse, named 'Jerry'. This clear evidence of Islamophobia is to us indicative of the racist nature of the Bush administration.
These particular episodes, titled 'Martyrdom Moggie' and 'Suicidalley Cat' were of course never transmitted due to the outbreak of World War Two, but trusted sources inside Iran have passed film to us which contains the unexpurgated versions of the episodes, during which the Mouse plots with Spike the Dog to 'cause a global conflict of epic proportions which will then cause the formation of a Jewish State to oppress the poor defenceless Arabs'. As the unfortunate Tom repeatedly but incompetently tries to heroically martyr himself to save the world from conflict, Jerry and Spike consult the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, widely believed by many not to be a load of made-up garbage at all, for advice and help.
It is, in the opinion of our investigators, no coincidence that World War 2 did indeed break out shortly afterwards, presumably at the behest of Israel and the Bush administration. It is further indicative of the gravity of these allegations that a Jewish State was indeed formed after the war, completely in line with the plan outlined by Jerry the Mouse and Spike the Dog.
The White House refuses to answer our in-depth and deeply probing questions on this appalling conspiracy, responding only with sniggers to our telephone enquiries to ascertain the truth of Bush's involvement in everything bad, ever. But rest assured that our respective publications will leave no stone crawled out from under to discover the truth about the Great Zionist Tom And Jerry Conspiracy.
Jonathan Blamebush, Chief Investigative Reporter, New York Times
Hillary Plantation, Republican-Trashing Editor, Washington Post
Al Joozdidit, Zionist Conspiracy Desk, LATimes
Kurt Knuckldragr, National Vanguard
Selif Detonatoor, Ummah.Com

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Compare and Contrast

As Amiee is at work, Amber is on the N64 obsessing about all things Mario-related and no one interesting is on Messenger except my friend Suzanne from dhimmi-proud Norway, I've been playing catchup on those Blogs which I tend to go to for occasional giggling rather than news and info. However Max the UN Special Commisioner has been a very busy little bee recently it seems, and amongst many other things reprints the Israeli Declaration of Independence alongside some of what are actually the mildest sections of Hamas Charter for us to compare. I say mildest because it doesnt include for example that really subtle and tasty Koran quote where the talking tree tells the good Muslim 'there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him'.

Well, I say compare. You can't can you? One is the declaration of a fledgling democratic nation, the other is the diseased rantings of a bunch of religious maniacs frustrated at being unable to exterminate five million Jews despite outnumbering them many times over. Several times, hahahahaha!

Well like I've said before, the Palestinian people have expressed their democratic will. So now if Hamas hits Israel, it is a fully fledged declaration of war and can be dealt with accordingly even under the nonsensical framework we call 'International Law'. And if they try, I hope they choke on the 'blood of the Joooooz' that according to Hamas apparently tastes sooooo nice.

It's Been A While...

Its been ages since I popped over to the Blog which gave us the banner headline 'Where Political Correctness Goes To Die'. The Dick List is one of the funniest out there, never afraid to kick the shit out of events such as Black History Month, or to display some very pretty women as completely necessary illustration of a point. This week's highlights include Islamic Martyrdom as a treatment for erectile dysfunction as well, oh my...

And I laughed my socks off at this older post so much when I originally read it that I had to search the site to find it for all of you - probably the best Dick List moment ever.

Go. Enjoy. Laugh till you're sick.

Short And Sweet

(via Rottypup who got it from Drinking From Home)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Cultural Exchange Program With The Aussies

I've always liked cultural exchange programs. Black-clad German students were always fun to play with in my youth. So when I read this I got to thinking, yeah...

Can't we like, swap governments? We'll take Peter Costello and John Howard off your hands for a few...years...and you can have Blair and Straw. In fact sod it, you can have the whole sorry lot for Costello and Howard. In fact, we'll settle for Costello. Though actually just a few speech recordings will do. You wouldnt mind would you? Please? Pleeeeeeeeeease?

Let's Have Some Real Anglican Diversity

(via LGF)

The C of E is always, and I mean always wittering about diversity in all things. Having abandoned 99% of its faith's actual tenets in pursuit of it, there is however a last 1% that I personally would love to see go the way of the rest.

That 1% is the identity of the ArchBishop of Canterbury.

Now this post has, I think no one could disagree, been filled by a constant stream of white upper class Liberals whose Leftist political credentials far exceed their spiritual ones. But surely this uniformity of white upper class twits isnt very diverse at all?

So how's about this. I have the perfect candidate for the next Archbish. He's Black, he's back and I think he's absolutely brilliant. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Archbishop Peter Akinola.

Whilst the rest of the PC Priests are far concerned with Palestinian Solidarity and removing Israel from existence through economic boycott whilst in Nigeria Muslims burn churches and slaughter dozens of their fellow Christians, Mr Akinola is emphatically not fussed about slapping around the Joooooz. He's actually - gasp! - interested in the fate of oppressed Christians. This possibly makes him - uniquely - the only person in the Anglican hierarchy who may possibly be capable of halting or even reversing the Church's near-terminal decline.

I'm really serious about this. I dont know how many of my readers are Anglicans or even Christians, and how many will just snigger at the idea. I'm most emphatically not a religious man, but I know plenty of people who are. So get onto your keyboards, break out those letter-writing kits, and send good old Rowan 'boycott the Joooooz' Williams a line. This line, to be precise.

"You have betrayed every ideal our Church once stood for. Please have the decency to resign in favour of a man who hasn't."

Message ends.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Competition Formerly Known As Fatwa Of The Week

Seeing as I brilliantly forgot to actually, you know, judge the Fatwa of the Week competition, I've decided to extend the deadline to the end of the month. Current candidates as detailed in the link above include British Educationalists for deciding to extend the teaching of sex education to children too young to have even reached puberty yet, Vladimir Putin for giving Hamas a warm welcome whilst condemning Islamic Terrorism in southern Russia, and one of Tangled Web's most chronically liberal commenters for playing the 'your a nasty racist' card during a debate.

Go on, knock yourselves out. End of the month. Promise I'll remember this time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Statistics That Just Cannot Be Argued With

In my travels on the World Wide Web I have come across many strange claims and accusations mainly aimed at the Israelis or the coalition forces in Iraq, so I feel obliged to lay down some hard facts for people to contemplate. Firstly between September 2000 and July 2004 there were an incredible 22,406 terrorist attacks in Israel, of which Hamas have claimed responsibility for 425 attacks in which 377 Israelis were killed and a further 2,076 were injured. Of these attacks 52 were suicide attacks in which 288 Israelis were killed and a further 1,646 injured. Again in the same time period some 300 Kasam rockets have been fired into Israel from the Arab territories. The current casualty figures from Israel, as of the 15th of January of this year (from the start of the present infitada in 2000) stand at 7633 injured and 1084 killed. The vast majority of these figures are civilians i.e. not members of the IDF, standing at some 5,330 injured and 761 killed. That means that almost 70% of the people either killed or injured by terrorists in Israel are civilians. Also before the 67 war and the `occupation of Arab lands` some 56 major and approximately 3,000 `minor` terrorist attacks occurred within Israel, so the claim put forward by many that they are simply freedom fighters is frankly ridiculous.

I will not refute that the Palestinians have suffered heavier casualties than the Israelis however, the graph above shows the percentage of men, women and children killed by Israeli forces in their war on terror, strange isn’t it how the vast majority of them are adult males?

This report from www.worldtribune.com sums it up nicely:

"Population segments like women or older people are not military targets; thus their higher prevalence among Israeli fatalities is an indication of the degree to which Palestinian terrorists have killed Israelis simply for the 'crime' of being Israeli," the report said. "In contrast, Palestinian non-combatant fatalities have been overwhelmingly young and male." The institute, part of the Interdisciplinary Centre and which cooperates with Western governments on the issue of counter-terrorism, reported that most of the Palestinian casualties were what the report deemed combatants"

The study said Palestinians themselves killed 203 Palestinians, one of out every eight casualties. They also include Palestinians killed in assembling bombs for suicide attacks against Israel. Among Israelis, the study said, female’s account for 31 percent of all Israelis killed in the war. Women comprise almost 40 percent of the Israeli non-combatants killed by Palestinians.

Among Palestinians, more than 95 percent of the casualties have been male. A huge majority of the Palestinians are young males. "If we look at Palestinian non-combatants killed by Israel, we see that the few female fatalities appear to be randomly distributed by age," the report said. "The male fatalities, on the other hand, are overwhelmingly young. To be more precise, 63 percent of all Palestinian non-combatants killed by Israel were boys and men between the ages of 12 and 29." The report said the pattern of Palestinian casualties "completely contradicts accusations that Israel has indiscriminately targeted women and children." The study said the vast majority of the Palestinian casualties were not killed as the result of random Israeli attacks on inhabited areas. "There appears to be only one reasonable explanation of this pattern: that Palestinian men and boys engaged in behaviour that brought them into conflict with Israeli armed forces," the report said. "In fact, the highly specific pattern of Palestinian non-combatant fatalities suggests that many of these deaths have resulted from an active Palestinian indoctrination campaign glorifying 'martyrdom' — effectively encouraging boys and young men to confront Israeli forces and risk death even when there was no real likelihood of causing material harm to Israelis."

So the next time any of you hear someone talking about Israelis murdering little Palestinian children in cold blood, or of the `deliberate` attacks on the poor innocent Palestinian civilians, just send them here so they can see the facts for themselves.

Thank you and goodnight.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bring Me The Heads Of Gary Busey And Billy Zane

Who needs Spielberg to tell us how all the murdering Palestinian swine who kill innocent athletes are all just misunderstood martyrs? Or Mel Gibson to give us his Jew-caricature full version of what those atheists among us regard as a fictional event? No, let's just let 'Turkeywood' cut to the chase and reel in two-bit nobody Gary Busey (who built his illustrious career with blockbusting roles like, erm, well anybody got anything?) to 'star' in a piece of anti-Jewish blood libel that makes most Saudi editorials look like the Jewish Chronicle.

I first read about 'Valley of the Wolves - Iraq', as it translates, in the ever-worthy Frontpage Magazine. The film has as its central premise an unholy alliance between an evil Jewish doctor (Busey) and an American soldier of Rambo-esque prowess (Zane) who murders dozens of Iraqis at a wedding - maybe like this one - and drags the survivors off to - yes, Abu Ghraib, what a shocker - where the satanic Jewish doctor cuts out their organs to be sold to wealthy British, American and of course Israeli patients in need of transplants.

And thats basically it. Americans massacre people at weddings for fun and profit, and Jews kill Arabs for their blood and vital organs. What, doesnt everybody know that? So what's the problem, apart from the BBC not even bothering to mention that fairly crucial element?

The problem is that, as Stephen Pollard mentions when commenting on the typical Western Police attitude towards Muslims attacking or hey, actually murdering Jews such as the appalling events in Paris - well, it just cant be called racism because, well, Muslims cant technically be racist, can they? When people on the darker side of pale say or do things like that its just 'cultural' or 'a reaction to Israeli oppression' or even just 'Iraq'. It takes people to actually make their voices heard to make them actually admit the truth, so when the West is in this much denial about whether anti-semitism even exists is it any surprise that a piece of cinema filth like this has passed by with little more than a murmur?

Borderline Obsessiveness

(via LGF)

No, not me and my odd roleplaying fetish (the dice-rolling kind, drag those minds out of the gutter this instant!). I'm talking about the West's actual obsession with borderlines themselves, those odd things drawn on a map in some African or Middle Eastern country which for some daft reason we Westerners seem to regard as being binding for all eternity.

As no one seemingly took offence at my joke about Mrs Dubya and the Iraqi Kurds, here's an article explaining in detail how the Iraqis did, as the punchline says, get fucked by the White House. Its a subject that I personally feel very strongly about - that the many battles and many lives lost by the Kurds to help liberate Iraq from Saddam have been ignored, marginalised and all but forgotten, just as for a long time the blood shed and battles fought by Afghanistan's Northern Alliance and a certain very special Special Forces soldier were conveniently forgotten until recently when the Afghans elected a very different new President from the previous ex-Taliban supporting incumbent.

Why are we so obsessed with forcing so many different tribal and/or racial groupings together just because of an arbitrary pre- or post-war line drawn on a map by a western politician or three? Is it just another extension of the multicultural poison which is drowning us here at home, this insane idea that all creeds and ideologies no matter how (*hawk, spit) diverse are able to live together as one if we just wish for it hard enough?

Or is it as Sir Humphrey Appleby said, that all Colonial Governments deliberately created politically tense situations in the Colonies they left behind, just to ensure that they would end up so busy hating each other that they would never actually get around to attacking their former masters?

The truth is somewhere between the two, I suspect. What is certain is that if the Kurds do attempt a complete secession from Iraq, Kirkuk may well be the flashpoint from which a fresh conflict erupts. This Blogger hasnt forgotten the way the despicable (and as someone who lived next door to an Armenian refugee old enough to remember fleeing the 20th Century's first example of 'ethnic cleansing' I feel justified in using the word) Turks massed tanks and troops on the border and threatened to invade if the Kurds were given a homeland of their own - what will the US do if the situation repeats itself? Cave in again, or stand and fight this supposedly 'moderate' Islamic nation alongside its former allies should it come down to that?

I hope its the latter, but gloomily suspect it will be the former. For all their aspirations, I am very much afraid the Kurds of Iraq will continue to be casualties of realpolitik for some considerable time to come.

The Bonfire Of The Inanities

Via LGF we have a wonderful article from one John Burtis of Canada Free Press about how the Desperatecrats latest house of cards just came crashing down after Dick Cheney's 'shooting victim' emerged blinking from hospital into the media glare and failed to drop dead on the spot for all to see and salivate over. Never have so many column inches been devoted to something so utterly inconsequential, but as I pointed out just the other day, its the Leftist 'Free Press' that decides what's the news and you should all just accept it, dammit!

Genocide in Darfur? Iranian nuclear buildup? Cartoon riots? Nah. A chance, however slim and ridiculous to knock the Republicans, now THAT'S newsworthy...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Democratic Dissection

(From the People's Cube, via the Right-Wing Howler as above). Pretty much nailed it didnt they?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Have I Got News For You

My better half is currently in Yorkshire visiting her family. Seeing as Iraqi 'youths' being beaten by British troops whom they have just tried to murder is apparently newsworthy, I thought I'd share another tale of a young man being beaten by a uniformly attired mob that she has just been told.

One of my future rellies is a Marine, who has not long returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. And about ten days ago, whilst in his 'smarts' outside the Marines Leeds recruiting office, he was set upon and attacked by a mob of over a dozen 'similarly attired youths'. Guess which attire they were wearing boys and girls?

Naturally the chappie in question was more than pleased to respond with rather more effective force than they had expected, despite them getting the drop on him initially. Odds of about fifteen to one doesn't suit Islamist cowards too well, naturally - they still cant take down the evil Joooooz of Israel with much better numbers even than that so why should our own domestic members of the Religion of Pieces be any different?

My future rellie is out of hospital now. He isnt holding his breath waiting for the PC PCs of Leeds to follow up the fairly clear lead of 'check the hospitals for Islamics who look they've lost an argument with a wall', because he knows as well as I do that the chances of them actually devoting resources to going after Muslims who has done anything short of suicide bombing are zero.

Now theoretically such 'brutality', 'even though the vast majority of Muslims have behaved well' (just as dear John Simpson said of our own troops whilst salivating over the News of the World footage) should be major news. Shouldnt it? One man brutally set upon by many with a British Army and Muslims angle involved?

Except it isnt of course. Just as Kriss Donald wasnt news. Just as Isiah Young-Sam wasnt news. Because our 'Free Press' is now so utterly without integrity, morality and above all humility that it decides for itself what is newsworthy and what isnt. So this incident will go unreported just like every other piece of Islamic thuggery does, just as every attack committed by persons on the darker side of pale does, even when it is perpetrated against 'their own'.

This is the only place you'll get a Free Press now. Out here on the Net - where truth instead of Liberal ideology decides what's newsworthy and what isn't.

UPDATE: I have been told by my other half that, sickeningly, due to possible threats against Army/Marine families in the current climate of hugely successful Islamic integration, requests for publicity from any quarter must be met with a resounding 'No'. This is what we've come to, a state where a soldier who has been beaten up by Muslims on a British street will be disciplined and likely suffer threats to his family from other Muslims if he fails to tick the 'No Publicity' box.

What a country.

Why I'm Not In UKIP Anymore

If this report turns out to be true, then it will be one more nail in UKIP's coffin. The party which (if its website is to believed) doesnt acknowledge that 7/7 even happened because it cant be pinned directly onto the EU, is actually contemplating throwing out the 'populist' Italian Lega Nord from their Independence and Democracy group in the European Rubberstamping Shop because one of their MEPs dared to wear a T-Shirt with a Mohammed Cartoon on it. There is lots more nonsense about how they invite nasty people like Le Pen's Front National to speak at their conferences occasionally, but this is the catalyst.

One of UKIP's major criticisms of British politicians is the way they say one thing to the British public then say another in the hallowed halls of Brussels. Well isnt it a bit rich that after years of shouting about Civil Liberties and Freedom of Speech, we now see UKIP MEPs prepared to throw the Lega Nord out because one of them tried to exercise his right to wear a T-Shirt!?! Or how about this little gem of Dhimmitude from the increasingly ineffectual and out-of-depth Party Leader Roger Knapman, in the midst of what is meant to be a statement about the curse of Political Correctness in overinflating minority rights:

“The press is, of course, free to publish what it wishes providing it remains within the bounds of good taste and the law, and we applaud British editors for not inflaming the situation in the UK. Freedoms should always be exercised responsibly." (my emphasis)

How pathetic. One minute Mr Knapman is concerned over excessive worrying about offending people and how it affects our basic rights of freedom of expression - then the next he is praising the British MSM for deliberately kowtowing to Muslim threats. I'm sure if it was an EU-related news item being shoved under the carpet Mr Knapman's attitude would be very different, but as its stands he is just another craven and cowardly UK Politician when it comes to Islam. Even this disgusting European Parliament moment has produced a total silence from UKIP - is there anything beyond Fisheries Directives that moves them anymore?

It burns me that I spent so much time devoting my time and effort to helping UKIP to reach this position. I lost count of how many times I tried to convince people during the Election campaign that UKIP was far more than a one-issue party, however since then it has done every damn thing it can to prove me wrong. Until such time as UKIP develops an awareness that there is life beyond 'Leave The EU' in British Politics and ceases to act in the same cowardly Dhimmi fashion as every other British politician bar Nick Griffin, it will remain a fringe party without even the most basic mass electoral appeal.

And that will be the state in which it deserves to stay.

And In The MSM, The Sound Of Crickets Chirping

(via Cuanas)

This should be dynamite. Like this for that matter. The fact that Iraqi generals, now feeling safer and safer as their former Godfather falls apart in the witness box day by day, are fessing up with the truth about those mysterious dissappearing WMD's.

The whole thing was always ridiculous IMHO. We know Saddam had WMDs, because he had already used them to kill 30,000 Kurds when the West despicably left him to his own devices after the first Gulf War (why did we do that again? Oh, thats right. To keep the Shia from taking over. Well, thats worked then...). The ridiculous idea propogated by the Left that they were never there in the first place was a form of ideological blindness unmatched in history.

The Coalition strategy in the runup to the war was little short of idiocy. If you declare you are going to War to destroy a rogue nation's stock of WMD's, here's a clue. Don't give them months on end to quietly ship them over the border to their next door neighbour you fucking idiots! Because of this manifest stupidity the entire war effort has been undermined as the Left have been able to seize on the lack of WMDs actually found (despite the self-evident fact that they were there when the whole sorry mess began) to fool the gullible who wouldnt have been aware of 30,000 dead Kurds killed by chemical weapons twelve years before. You know, weapons that actually kill thousands of people, unlike white bloody phosphorus which doesnt, and didnt!

The MSM's silence on this issue is deafening of course. The crickets really are chirping for all they're worth. The MSM desperately desperately wants this issue to be buried, and stay buried. This ghost would haunt them to their graves otherwise, because they would never again be able to fool the public into believing them on something as important as this. They have pushed the 'Bush lied' line so thoroughly that their credibility is inextricably tied up with it, and to acknowledge the truth now would deal them a body blow so serious that sections of them might never recover from it.

But now, what if Bush et al can actually turn around and say to the Left, to the UN and all their fellow travellers:

'See? We told you, and you didnt believe us. We warned you, but you delayed us so long with your false diplomacy that they got the weapons away. Now you've got a choice. You support us when we tell Syria to hand them over or we go in without you anyway, like we should have done the first time. As Iran gets closer to nuclear capability, you also have a choice. You support us when we tell them to stop and when they don't, if you refuse to support us, we go in anyway, because we wont make the same mistake again due to your traitorous, evil actions."

God. Bless. America. It's all we have between us and destruction.

Abject Cowardice and Downright Lies

Below we have the BBC`s version of the main events in the Cartoon scandal. Frankly I didn’t want to post on this subject as it has dragged for 6 months or so now, but having read this report by the beeb I could not resist. Notice the total lack of any mention of the `protests` in Britain, or the fact that when the cartoons were republished in Egypt on the 17th October there was absolutely NO REACTION AT ALL. There is no mention of the publishers that have been forced from their jobs, or even the death threats issued against the artists, or even the million rupee and car! Reward that has been offered for anyone that KILLS the publisher. The BBC is shamelessly trying to portray the Islamite’s as the helpless victims the references to the people killed in the protests by government troops `suppressing` the RIOTS is particularly telling. The implication being that we in the west and our allies are operating some kind of apartheid regime. No mention is made of any of the cartoons being published in the Muslim world, even though two publications in Jordan used several of the cartoons, both of the publishers in concern were arrested and then released without charge within two days. The situation has been inflamed by extremists using pictures that have nothing to do with the original cartoons, one of which was apparently actually a wire service photograph from a French pig squealing contest. (Whatever one of those is.) All this scandal has served to highlight for me is the ridiculous level of complicity and total lack of any form of backbone from our governments and media services.
The fact that the BBC has so obviously skirted all of the blatant violations of our laws or any decent moral code for that matter shows the level to which our media has sunk. Why is it that publishing a few drawings, none of which drew any attention from the Muslim world when they were first printed draws such levels of criticism when threatening to murder someone draws no coverage at all? This can also be seen from the reaction of the Italian government to their minister Roberto Calderoli, who had worn a T-shirt displaying the drawings. Their response? "Mr Berlusconi said he had contacted Umberto Bossi, leader of the Northern League, and both had agreed that Mr Calderoli should step down." Why should he? We have a right to expect our media (especially as we fund it) to provide us with an unbiased review of the world today, but they don’t. We have the right to expect our governments to protect our freedom and personal liberties but don’t expect too much if you are irritating the Islamite’s.
With this article the BBC has truly gone beyond the realms of misrepresentation and firmly into the camp of Islamite propaganda.

30 Sept 2005: Danish paper publishes cartoons
20 Oct: Muslim ambassadors complain to Danish PM
10 Jan 2006: Norwegian publication reprints cartoons
26 Jan: Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador
31 Jan: Danish paper apologises
1 Feb: Papers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain reprint cartoons
4-5 Feb: Danish embassies in Damascus and Beirut attacked
6-12 Feb: Twelve killed in Afghanistan as security forces try to suppress protests
13-17 Feb: Violent protests break out across Pakistan
17 Feb: Ten killed in Libya as protestors target the Italian consulate in Benghazi

Why Moderate Muslims Are Like Fairies - And Tory Eurosceptics

Via the comments on a post over at A Tangled Web, we find this wonderful essay by one Andrew McCarthy, dissecting and demolishing the myth of 'Moderate Islam'. Moderate Muslims are, I would suggest along with Mr McCarthy, mythical beasts rather like 'Good Conservative Eurosceptics' as my father once put it - like fairies appearing at the bottom of the garden, they are only seen at certain very specific times (when their friends have bombed their host country and right before British Elections respectively).

I'd been meaning to write something like this for a while - what an obliging chap he is to have not only saved me the trouble but also to have nailed it far better than I would have. He doesnt swear at all, either.

Read it all.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

See What's Coming And Take Note

Now it seems that the Norwegian Government is actively aiding and abetting intimidation tactics by Muslims against its own citizens. Thinly veiled threats to the family of a magazine editor who published the Dreaded Zionist Conspiracy Cartoons Of Doom whilst a Norwegian Minister looks on with undisguised approval.

Said the head of Norway's 'Islamic Council' Mohammed Hamdan:

"Selbekk has children the same age as my own. I want my children and his children to grow up together, live together in peace, and be friends."

What a subtle remark, considering that Selbekk's family had received multiple death threats from Hamdan and his colleagues.

Wait for it soon, boys and girls in the UK. This threat is spreading our way faster than bird flu.

Milk Carton Mohammed & Other Funnies

David Vance over at Tangled Web nails the mysterious absence of the Zionist-Controlled Conspiracy Cartoons of Doooooooom perfectly...

Elsewhere Little Green Footballs directs us to some (dare I say divinely inspired) Photoshop work from, well, quite a lot of people actually...see the Mohammed Sitcom Collection for yourselves.

The Onion also has a nicely crafted piece on Hamas' new call for peace with Israel. I especially liked the bit about the specially designed freight trains which will carry all the Jews to the peace gathering...

Hey, Lots Of People Voted For Hitler Too

(via LGF)

Hey kids, here's one dedicated to all those people who make deprecating comments like 'well the IDF are as bad as Hamas, aren't they?' and proceed to compare killing terrorists with having children shot by snipers and people blown up on buses and in cafes.

Watch and weep.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Selective Hearing

The on going debate regarding the alleged abuse of prisoners by our troops in Iraq has brought many problems to light. I am not referring to the way in which our troops behaved which in my opinion was rather restrained given that they had just come under motar fire and generally wouldnt have been very happy about beeing attacked by a large group of people. Instead I am referring to the way in which certain people hold such blinkered views about our military and refuse to listen to any kind of argument which does not agree with there own, whilst declaring that they have obviously won the debate.
I would like to make several things clear here even if none of the people I am referring to will ever read this post:
Firstly the army are not trained to deal with civil insurrections. I have repeatedly stated that and it is a fact but no bothers to read it, instead they make comments such as :
"Soldiers are trained to deal with riot situations, and deal with them according to certain rules."
They are not trained to deal with it, they do not know how to deal with it, and even if they had been can you really expect people to behave exactly according to the rule book when they are under fire?
Lets get a bit of perspective here, if the roles were reversed then the squaddies would be dead. It is that simple, we condemn our troops for beating up a group of men involved in attacking them, but barely break a sweat when the insurgents behead aid workers. The coverage this is receiving is totally out of proportion to the crime committed if there was indeed any crime at all. The guys out there have only a few months basic traning under their belts then we drop them straight into a war zone and yet people seem to expect them to act better than highly trained riot police.
It is not their job.
They shouldnt have to do it.
We have got to see it through or all the troops that have already died, did so for nothing.
Leave them alone they are doing their jobs.
If you lot think you can do any better with your high morals and principles off you go, I`m sure the army could do with the recruits, lets say about a hundred of you shall we?

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Fun Of Role Reversal

It seems that 'Westerners' working in Saudi Arabia are intending to demonstrate in afvour of an exemption from the Arab State's strict alcohol prohibitions (why the hell dont they just go to Qatar like all the rich Arabs do when they want to get pissed and/or laid?). Now personally I think that's a more than slightly idiotic idea, but its this wonderful quote, supposedly from a Dr Al-Faqih of the Saudi Justice Department that really makes me think that if this item isnt the author of the news item actually having a laugh then the good Doctor must have had tongue firmly in cheek when he said it.

"Westerners cannot expect to come over here as workers and expect our traditional way of life to be altered to suit a tiny but vociferous minority."

Irony needle firmly in the red zone...

UPDATE: Yes, Mr. Evil Puppy-Boiling Neo-Nazi Welshman points out that this is indeed definitely his BNP pals having a little dig at western Dhimmitude in general. Just goes to show that after the Fatwa against John Travolta I am actually losing the ability to distinguish intentional humour from hilarious but seriously-intended Islamic rantings. Bugger.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

This Could Be Baghdad Or Anywhere, Hollywood Or Home

I can't stand the Beautiful South. Amiee thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, I think they are banal and repetitive. But at least in this case they have given me a half-decent Post Title.

So, here we are again. British Troops In Horrifying Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal. Honest! Because the British media never ever lies about this kind of thing, right?

It may be true. It's entirely possible that the video I just saw on ITV News is for real. That a group of British soldiers captured a group of youths in Baghdad a couple of years ago and beat the hell out of them whilst another serviceman filmed the whole thing from a distance away and cheered them on.

If it were, part of me is revolted, part not. As Tim Collins put it during the ITV News item I just watched: "No other army in the world would be faced with attack by sniper fire, blast bombs and petrol bombs and respond with batons and riot shields. Not an Arab army, not the Americans, not the Israelis." And how true that is. If the video is for real then the Iraqi 'youths' (they are naturally 'youths' to elicit more sympathy even though the camera image gives no possible way of telling their age) could have been snipers or petrol bombers. They could have minutes before badly maimed or even killed a British soldier for all the News of the World knows. Not that it, you know, cares, because what British troops have to go through in Iraq on a daily basis isnt a newsworthy story - until they respond even vaguely in kind.

But now we get to the problem. You see, I watched the video footage, which was salivated over by ITV News in great lascivious detail, naturally. And there are several problems.

First, there is nothing, and I mean nothing to indicate where this footage was shot. It really could be Baghdad, or anywhere. Or Hollywood. Or Elstree Studios. Or the freakin West Bank, who's inhabitants have a long and proud tradition of making it up as they go along.

Second, the video is shot from just far enough away to ensure we can see soldiers brutally beating the helpless 'youths', but conveniently not close enough that we can actually see any unit insignia, national insignia, anything of the sort on these 'absolutely definitely positively' British troops.

Thirdly, the voiceover is...odd. The person 'commenting' is expressing his childish delight at the beating the 'youths' are receiving, at times roaring with laughter at a particularly good hit. Except that the camera never wavers. Try it yourselves. Put on your favourite comedy moment on the TV, hold up a thick hardback book or camcorder and see if you can hold it THAT still as you yell with mirth.

Then there is the really quite immaculate timing. Isnt it beyond convenient for the MSM that just as the Cartoon Jihad reaches its height and the British public finally begins to wake up to the threat that Islam and its adherents in our midst pose to our freedom and for that matter our very lives, this supposedly two year old video emerges. Just to remind us that, in fact, it is we Westerners who are the evil aggressors, and not the bearded crazies calling for our deaths and for a 'Real Holocaust' whom we have allowed to live in our midst. Well, the ones who arent covert CIA agents that is, which appears to be the latest bit of hilarious moonbattery to arrive in the British Blogosphere.

Lastly, there is of course the supoosed source of this supposedly authentic video, whom we are told is an ex-serviceman who is somehow supposed to have gotten hold of the footage - as if the person who took it would have happily distributed copies to all and sundry knowing he could be kicked out of the Army or even imprisoned for its content. And now this heroic whistleblower has decided to pass the tape onto that most reputable and well-read of publications, the News of the World?!?!? We are reaching realms of farce here, ladies and gentlemen.

It may turn out to be true. I am not dismissing the possibility. But even if the footage is for real, the fact that it is at this stage completely unprovable that it was taken in Baghdad, that the troops in it are British, or that it was even shot outside of a Hollywood backlot, but has still been taken by the entire MSM as gospel truth without even the most cursory attempt at authentication or verification is to me even more shocking than the idea that troops who had just been petrol bombed or shot at might have decided to administer a beating to those responsible.

Don't these media swine ever, ever learn?

Fatwa Of The Week

Feeling all flushed and powercrazed after handing down my first-ever Fatwa earlier on this week, I got to thinking. Seems to me its a mite unfair of me to have all the fun for myself. So, having just presented the Golden Badger Awards for most-embarassing character death at Conception this time last week, I thought it'd be a giggle to have a Fatwa of the Week competition.

So knock yourselves out, boys and girls. One fatwa against one person, organisation or thing each, and a good reason why Imam al-DSD should send the wrath of Allah against them. Preferably with a Link so we can all laugh and/or cry.

Happy ranting.

What Colour Is The Sky In Your World?

Barking Moonbat brings us the Ultimate Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Theory Of All Time. Really. This is brilliant. It concerns a post at the 'progressive' Huffington Post which the 'writer' has penned in response to a photo of Dubya being presented with a bust of himself which is marked - well, I'll leave you to see for yourselves. Let's just say that for sheer paranoiac moonbattery this even beats the Daily Kos thread about how Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination meant that American 'Liberals' would soon be shipped off to concentration camps en masse.

Absolutely sublime.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Challenge Accepted

Rottypup (whilst quoting moi, cheers for the plug Rotty) challenges anyone who has commented on the Zionist Mohammed Cartoons Of Doooooooom (pronounced Joooooooz) to actually print one or more of the damn things.

And dyu know, why not? As he says, they can't shut us all down.

No More Faith

After their abject display in the face of Islamic calls to murder in London last week, who could have imagined that Britain's pathetic and cowardly PC PCs could sink any lower? Well, now they've really gone for it. Scotland Yard says that it will not guarantee protection from 'protests' for any publication which prints the Mohammed Cartoons.

This is...well, words nearly fail me for how utterly divorced from their intended function the British 'Police Service' have become. Crime is only arrestable or even notable if it is committed by native-born whites anymore. Macpherson crippled the Met with his infamous report on Institutional Racism which has now hogtied them against taking any kind of action against ethnic minorities without ten lawyers and the Archangel Gabriel present to ensure there is no comeback. And now this, the most basic of functions - to protect Freedom of Speech and expression by preventing threats of violence from becoming actuality when directed against an individual or organisation - has been abrogated in the name of Political Correctness.

On July 8th 2005 the 'Bournemouth Islamic Centre' received a single threatening ansaphone message. From the ensuing police reaction you would have thought someone had taken the entire Islamic community of Bournemouth and their puppies hostage and was intending to blow them all up Beslan style. The Centre was immediately granted indefinite 24-7 police protection which for all I know it still enjoys. Contrast this with Scotland Yard's statement above and decide if our PC PCs can in any way be said to be a 'Public' Service anymore unless that Public happens to be Muslim or Black.

Forget relying on the 'boys in blue' ever again, boys and girls. They have sold their souls to the devil, and I hope they learn their lesson before he chews them up and spits them out.

Remember, This Is What We're Fighting For

Ah yes, its that time of year again isnt it. Ashurah. One of those quaint little Islamic festivals like the Devil Stoning during the Hajj which kills hundreds every year. No different from a happy innocent dance around the maypole on the green in a quiet english village.

This is the Shia variety of the celebrations, of course. The one where they flagellate themselves with Zanjeer to show their devotion to, erm, well blood and guts in general really. See how much this little child is enjoying being smeared with blood. Mmmmm, just like the Lucky Dip at your village fete, right kids?

The Shia. That's right, them. The same Shia we spent years and endless amounts of taxpayers money protecting from Saddam with the 'No-Fly Zone'. Our putative Iraqi allies, who nonetheless seem to have mysteriously failed to shed their own blood in the fighting the way the Kurds did and have received rather more in the way of concessions than the poor bloody Kurds did. In the midst of the euphoria over the roaring victories over the Republican Guard I remember coining the following line which proved to be extremely prophetic and accurate even if I do say so myself:

'Q: What do the Iraqi Kurds and Mrs Dubya have in common? They're both going to get fucked by the White House real soon.'

Now whether or not that offends some American readers, I don't think anyone could argue that it is, nonetheless, an accurate if somewhat profane way of describing proceeding events...

Well, although I suppose I am being unfair to the Shia in implying that they were somehow deficient in their share of the fighting. They did of course shed some blood - just not on our side. In fact of course the Iraqi Army did its share of, erm, intense diplomatic negotiation as well, as American troops struggled to contain the situation in Najaf. And recently we've seen just how helpful letting hundreds of Shia militants go scot free has been to the prospects of future operations against other Islamic lunatics in the area is likely to prove. Way to go, 'allies'!

I do, before anyone asks, subscribe (however reluctantly) to the view that we must 'see it through' in Iraq. But every day I wonder just what on earth we are seeing it through for. People as savage and barbaric as the Shia? For democracy, tainted as it is in Iraq by a new Constitution which contains huge swathes of Shar'ia law which ought to shame us to our core?

Let's see it through, yes. But the day the last British soldier comes home from Iraq cannot come soon enough for me.

Welcome To The Team

As you can all now see, I have invited Mr Pandar to join the DSD Blog. Pandar is very good at the old Research into the shadowy Leftist and pro-Islamofascist 'Human Rights' and 'Peace' organisations whose names pepper dodgy Leftist posts about why Israel and those pesky Joooz should damn well just lie down and die because, well, they're standing in way of our Dhimmitude, damn them! Plus he is also a tad less...angry than I most of the time, which means that the average profanity level per post on this Blog should theoretically now drop by a fair margin.

Give him a warm welcome please.

Hamas willing to talk, but should Isreal listen?

Well here we are my first post on the blogsphere and it’s about my favourite topic, Israel. Khaled Meshaal the `political` leader of Hamas has said in an interview that he would be willing to `possibly give a long-term truce with Israel` if they withdraw to the pre-67 borders. The BBC once again demonstrates its quite outstanding level of neutrality by posting this comment in its report:
"Now it's time for Israel to do what they said they would never do and enter dialogue with Hamas"

My question is why? Why should the Israeli’s negotiate with a group whose political agenda includes the complete annihilation of their state? Why should they trust the word of a man who states that his group will not renounce the use of violence in their campaign to `free` Palestinian lands. Finally why should they listen to a man that uses such thinly veiled threats as this:"warned that the militant group was capable of leading the Palestinians in a long fight that they would be better able to bear than Israel."

So in effect Hamas are not offering a peace deal at all, they are instead trying to force Israel to withdraw to its 67 borders under threat of further violence. To negotiate with Hamas is to negotiate with terrorists and murderers, regardless of whether they have been `democratically` elected or not. No one should negotiate with them, least of all Israel.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sweden Is The Next Domino To Fall - Or Are The Dominoes Really Falling?

(hat tip: Silent Running)

Sweden is quickly and quietly forcing offline websites which publish the Mohammed Cartoons. A supposedly 'Far-Right' Party did so first of all and their webpage was and remains shut down. A political party, their Net Access cut off and wiped out by a Government decision. This from an 'enlightened Liberal Democracy'.

Well, we've been here before havent we? Remember during the French rioting in December when anti-Islamic websites started mysteriously crashing by the dozen? Well it seems that Sweden's SAPO have been exchanging more than fraternal greetings with their French counterparts in the DGSE.

What we are seeing here is the Internet equivalent of what went on in London last week of course, with moments like the ones captured above being so very very telling. Our 'security services' and Police are as usual expending far more energy in protecting Islamic criminals by persecuting those who condemn them than they are in combatting the problem itself.

But is there hope? Are we (*hawk - spit*) Europeans doomed to slowly be dragged into a twilight world of 'consensus' where dissenting voices are removed as soon as they open their mouths?

No. There's hope yet. Because with every voice these people stifle, a thousand more are speaking. I had a very long and enjoyable chat with a friend of mine a few nights ago to inform her of my and my partner's recent Engagement. She is a very mild-mannered, non-political person indeed by any standards. The Cartoon Jihad and specifically the London demonstrations came up, and she told it very much like this:

"When I saw it I actually felt guilty about my initial reaction. Almost ashamed of myself. But then I went into work on Monday I realised that my reaction was actually a very mild one compared to what everybody else was thinking, and saying! People were openly saying things like 'we should throw them all out of the country' in the canteen! In fact instead of being outraged in any way, the Hindu woman I sit next to was in complete agreement as well..."

For people to be publicly saying such things in the workplace is quite unprecedented. But who can argue with the sentiment that people who dress as suicide bombers and carry banners calling for our beheadings should be made to leave our shores, never to return? Who can argue that Islam is proving itself to be the opposite of what politicians across the spectrum from George W to Jacques Chirac have been telling us for years?

The tide is turning, and its turning in places where the authorities cannot install breakwaters or defences - they cannot shut down word of mouth, no matter how quietly spoken the words have to be, and above all they cannot close our eyes.

The harder they try...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Comments Fatwa Issued Against Frank O'Dwyer


Comment moderation has now been turned on. Those who have been following Frank 'Disagree With Me And I'll Scweam And Scweam And Sue You' O'Dwyer's rantings will know why this has been done. Frank, know that any comment with your name on will simply not even be read by myself from now on, any utterances from yourself will simply be wiped as if they had never been.

That is all.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bow In Homage

(hat tip: Dhimmiwatch)

You have to admire these guys. The entire editorial staff (thats the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor, the Arts Editor and a 'city hall correspondent') of an 'alternative weekly', the New York Press, walked out en masse after being forced by its owners to pull the Mohammed Cartoons from an issue dedicated to...the Mohammed Cartoons!

Its very nice to know that in a week where the Guardian's response to Islamists calling for mass murder whilst British police look on and smile is to publish a despicable piece of anti-Semitic propaganda called a 'Special Report' (like 'Special Mission Group' eh guys), there is one western publication where the staff has something vaguely resembling integrity.

OK Frank, You Win

Frank O'Dwyer has been bitching semantics at me (in the absence of any argument to refute what was actually being said) whilst calling me a liar and comparing me to the 9/11 attackers in the comments of a previous thread on the subject of what I chose to call moral relativism. So as I'm getting a little ticked off with being compared to terrorists for the (in Frank's eyes) heinous crime of stating that I know the difference between right and wrong, I'll give Frank this one if it'll shut the pillock up.

Besides, Hugh Fitzgerald nailed it much better in the article linked to above didnt he? Moral symmetry. Way better term.

There you go Frank, you've tried playing with a Blogosphere minnow like me, now you can go play with the sharks. Have fun.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ranting Masterclass

I love this guy. He really does have the rant down to a fine art. No deep philosophy, no multiple newslinks to illustrate his points, just good old fashioned profanity-laced anger at the hideousness of Islam given form in words. Go read him, and bask in the warm glow of fellow feeling.

Behead Muslims Who Insult Jesus

If I was to print a cartoon on this Blog showing Moslems doing that to a Jew, or walk into Saxon Square holding a sign saying 'Behead Muslims Who Insult Jesus' I'd be arrested so fast my feet wouldnt touch the ground. But hey, this kind of crap seen on the left? Thats juuuuust fine.
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