Friday, September 18, 2009

Mummy's Wide Skirts

Once again, we have another one of those 'Riddle me this' questions. Let's say this time that (as I commented here) newly made BNP MEP Andrew Brons’ Brussels researcher was ‘exposed’ as having a history of going on NF marches calling Israel all sorts of names, such as an ‘apartheid state’. He might even have been kicked out of the Students Union for mimicking violence against ‘Zionists’. Anxious to preserve their thin veneer of respectability (don’t laugh) Brons fires him as the Internet clamour grows.

Would Harry's Place, so vigilant as they normally are in exposing and condemning racism in all forms including this one, agree to give that researcher a guest post spot to defend himself? Not a freakin chance! Yet now that 'Seph' Brown has been dismissed from his job with a Labour MP, he is being given a chance to blather on about how unfair it all is, and has even used it to single out all the people who 'persecuted' him during his time at University by racial group. It's all just one giant Jooooooooish Conspiracy you know!

I admire the editorial line of Harry's Place for the most part. Yet when faced with clear documentary evidence of racism and extremism, they just can't quite bring themselves to disown someone 'of the Left' for actions which would have brought universal editorial opprobrium had they been committed by anyone 'of the Right'.

Maybe that's why they have taken over so many of our institutions, and poisoned our culture so effectively. Because when it comes down to it, even basically decent Lefties are still willing to give the nutters the benefit of the doubt on grounds of their theoretical base ideology, and are united by that ideological bond. Whereas the Right is endlessly fractured along lines of moral and principle on individual issues and questions and absolutely refuses, often to its cost politically, to compromise and indulge in any but the tiniest amount of groupthink. When it does make serious attempts to (UKIP's endless infighting being an obvious example) the results are always similar to a ship being steered by five or six different people at the same time, with others constantly clamouring to be allowed to take the wheel because only they really know where the ship should be going.

I'm pretty sure I qualify as being 'of the Right', and I rather admire those who refuse to compromise their morals and principles for political expediency even when I disagree with those particular mores. But there are times when I do wistfully wonder what it would be like to be just a little bit more united against the bad guys...

And then I look at the "power for power's sake" Cameroonites and the 'proper' Left, and realise that actually, no, I'll go with the principled infighting, thanks.

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Anonymous alison said...

Re their posts on the EDF well frankly kudos EDF, clearly a necessary bunch. Succeeded in doing, just by threatening to turn up, what years of Harrys Place being mildly annoyed at Islamist racism, hatred, murder, has failed to do. AS I said there anonymously. I've had high hopes for HP but we are years into this debate now and when Gene puts up posts about who attended at London recently and then takes the Guardian's word for it they were all loony racists in a response, I have to question their purpose. In point of fact Iranian democracy supporters sat alongside the very people the Guardian accused of racism, they all shook hands and behaved impeccably. Meanwhile in Iran Al Qods protestors in stark contrast to the shouts in London, more or less say sod Palestine, it's about Iran. And they are ignored by the very MSM Harry's Place take as gospel.

The always excellent

ran a report on last weekend.

12:40 PM  

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