Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Heroic Death Of Arsehd Orcbuggerer

The Dwarf swung his axe in a frenzy, furiously trying to finish the two Bainite Clerics before the towering Hobgoblin chieftain could reach him. He whirled to see the Wizard dart forward and hurl his final Colour Spray spell at the knot of Hobgoblins surrounding Red, and grinned as he saw the Cleric slam his spiked chain into the one left standing with massive effect. The green-skinned creature staggered to his knees, shield falling limply from his shattered arm.

Red swung again, and the Wizard stepped daintily back from the sudden blood spray as the creature's jaw was torn off in a welter of gore.

Then the chieftain was on Arsehd, and his awareness narrowed down to fending off the flashing swords striking at him. His shield was notched already, and the new foe wasn't making the task of continued survival easier.

Arsehd didn't see the Bainite Priest who had sent so much weakening magic at him fall to Red's chain and the Halfling's arrows. He didn't see the sword which pierced his back, though he did have the satisfaction of watching the enemy Cleric who had stabbed him fall to his axe as he swung backwards to respond. He turned desperately to counter the chieftain's attempt to take advantage, and saw the Halfling running as fast he could to intervene.

Time slowed. Arsehd knew he was too late, knew he couldn't block in time. And an eternity later the Hobgoblin chieftain finally swept his shield aside and thrust into his ribs, bursting his armour asunder even as he slammed a final blow forwards to scythe into his enemy's meaty thigh. Blood spurted, some his own, and some his enemy's, and he felt the satisfaction of feeling his foe's warm life on his face.

And then that life and his own death became one.

Amber got to game with us Saturday afternoon and evening, seeing as one of players was on holdiay and not working the weekend as usual. It was the first time she ever lost a character, in this case a Non-Player Character I'd been running to flesh out the group and give them some muscle. We are going to write 'RIP' on Arsehd's character sheet and give it to her to put up on her wall.

She gets to choose the next NPC. It seems only fair.

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