Thursday, March 29, 2007

Educational Matters

I have passed my Childcare NVQ, I am informed today. Ironically enough just a fortnight after giving up part-time Nursery work to fulltime homeschool my ten-year-old.

The daughter is on a bit of a roll this week - yes we've had the rellies down from the land of Mills and whippets which disrupted work in the beginning part of the week, but on the other hand she has produced a stunning piece of work on American Isolationism in WW2 this morning after watching the World At War episode on that subject yesterday. Lindbergh, Willkie, Roosevelt - all the major personalities are there, with a damn accurate timeline of events as well. She is now upstairs reading about the Battle of Midway, the first naval battle in history which exclusively consisted of air-ship combat.

She worked late today to finish a piece on Mummification (our current Religious Studies/History area is Ancient Egypt). That's a work ethic you dont find either encouraged or present at school - she went some twenty minutes over time but got a 10/10 for Content which is almost unheard of from me in the ten weeks or so we've been doing this, fascist taskmaster that I am.

We have our first 'inspection' tomorrow morning. The LEA (which wouldntbe there under a UKIP Government, maybe best not to mention that) likes to make six-monthly checks to see what resources/methods are being used and to check progress, apparently. Some of the more militant homeschooling parents of our acquaintance have advised us not to let anyone into our home, which true enough we dont have to do. However we are quite confident that a ten-year old who spends two hours looking at Wikipedia records of US Presidential Elections and asking questions about the personalities involved isnt going to be deemed not to be fulfilling her potential...

Its scary how fast she is coming along at home. Last week she scored 80% on a Maths paper intended for children 18 months further along, and Maths is her poorest subject! Huge improvements in handwriting, grammar, and general presentation. This in ten weeks. Is this a compliment to our teaching methods? Not especially I suspect. Its much more an indictment of the first degree murder of British Education in the last thirty years of Politically Correct Leftist lunacy.

The fear? Not that we aren't doing a good enough job educating her at home, but that she will be so far ahead of the curve when she goes back for High School that she gets bored.

What a country.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bread And Circuses

A very deep conversation took place last night with Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator, who is currently in wailing and gnashing of teeth mode after she began to truly contemplate what our benighted country has allowed to be done to itself.

How have we let our politicians do this to us, she wanted to know? How is it that we have sleepwalked into a situation where the only Parties most people feel can win anything have already magnanimously decided the outcome of the big issues for us so we dont have to trouble ourselves - Mass Immigration, Crime, EU Membership, Taxation, Welfare and Benefits, the Environment. The cracks between those Parties policies are now so minute you could barely drive a UKIP by-election vote through them.

Pick a major issue where any of the three 'main parties' are offering practical proposals (as opposed to empty rhetoric such as pretend Conservative 'euroscepticism') which genuinely differ from each other. Pick five, or ten. It doesnt matter. Those issues simply no longer exist. We have sleepwalked into a situation where minor voices such as UKIP can be financially attacked by the supposedly impartial Electoral Commission for clerical errors yet the Lib Dem voices of consensus can take donations from convicted felons who dont live in Britain and be allowed to keep the cash. A situation where BNP members can be forced out of their jobs (or be barred from serving in certain professions in the first place) simply for their political affiliation.

So how did we get here? The answer is simple - bread and circuses. Our corrupt and compliant media from the BBC to the Guardian to the Daily Mail has now become so debased and in thrall to the 'Great Consensus' of British Politics that there is virtually no voice outside of the Internet which provides a true departure from that consensus. Our minds are dulled into insensitivity and indifference by 'reality TV', playstations and, yes, a willing, government sponsored and at times almost ridiculously cartoonish enemy to vent our spleen at in the form of radical Islam.

The justification for each raft of new 'anti-terrorism' laws is that they are required to meet the threat of the Islamists, though the word 'terrorism' is used with a nudge-nudge, wink-wink 'you know who we are talking about though' moment from whichever Home Secretary is able to tear himself away from his secretary. But I and many others have come round, often slowly and painfully, to the conclusion that these laws (and those propogated by the EU such as ID Cards and the European Arrest Warrant - which for the uninitiated was proposed before 9/11 and rushed through with ill-concealed glee afterward) are nothing but measures designed to take tight control of a population made pliant by the need to deal with the domestic Islamic threat which our Government encourages and propogates at every turn.

If this Government was serious about combatting terrorism we would not be seeing the despicable spectacle now being played out in Ulster. We would not be seeing radical Islam protected, coddled and encouraged at every opportunity. We would not be seeing the deliberate propogation of an ideology thoroughly inimical to our supposedly democratic way of life at the same time as measures designed to combat its violent manifestations are being rushed through all the time, each one more draconian and greater in their potential for tyranny against our entire population than the next.

Britain, the once-great nation which defied Nazism (and Communism), has sunk low indeed. We are sleepwalking into the end of our democracy, and we are showing no signs of waking.

(Cross-posted at A Tangled Web)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

How To Really Annoy A Racist

Actually call him one. Bless him, not content with posting about me about every third or fourth article, he has even given me my own Tag! He is also either very dumb or a serious liar, because he keeps wittering on about the fact that I have comment moderation on. Apparently I keep burying his comments, or so he keeps telling his audience. He has actually managed to put a vaguely coherent argument together on another thread, but is now pretending that he posted a comment on this thread regarding the Local Elections, which is quite simply a lie.

Its depressing how quickly someone who (when he isnt in pure vitriol mode) is actually capable of being fairly convincing descends to simple untruths. Still, its upping my site traffic, so cheers Phil, its much more fun getting help from an enemy than a friend...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Leopard Quietly Grows His Spots Back

Strange as it might seem for my first ATW post, it is a Guardian article I wish to highlight for all to peruse. It concerns the plight of the opposition parties in Russia, deepened further by Putin's lackeys in the Supreme Court outlawing the small Republican Party in a move which reduces the official opposition to just three parties, former Chess champion Gary Kasparov's United Civil Front, the National Bolsheviks, and the Popular Democratic Union.

Those of us with long memories remember all the Russian technology found within Iraq during the first Gulf War, and the Russian listening posts which were picked up by radio but never positively identified. Russia of course has a long history of providing weapons and aid to Arab States, even to the point of threatening military intervention during Arab-Israeli conflicts should Israel actually launch full-scale retalitaory invasions having defeated the Arab armies. Even today it was one of the first nations to recognise the Hamas terror government, indicating its continued willingness to maintain ties with the West's enemies in the Middle East. As the USSR it used proxies throughout the world to attempt to destabilise and stretch the West militarily, but was always to some extent hampered in this goal by having its own military capability hamstrung by the need to internally administer such vast tracts of territory, many of them containing ethnically homogenous population groups which were at best uncooperative and even at times downright rebellious.

Now of course the new Russia is unburdened by many of those unruly population groups, and is quietly but carefully rebuilding the previously rotting infrastructure of its military. It has become aware that it can wield huge political power against Europe by use of energy supplies and of course by the EU's eternal willingness to barter massive bargaining chips away for the sake of 'goodwill' when it comes to the democratic aspirations of its nominal client governments such as that of Belarus.

It was just a few days ago that somebody chastised Tom Tyler on an ATW thread for 'missing the fall of Communism'. Well, Communism may have fallen, but its traditions and (for the 'ethnic Russians') legacy of powerseeking definitely lives on. Welded into one leaner state, with a resurgent military and iron-hard dictatorial power, the 'new Russia' is it seems beginning to turn back into an entity the West should once again learn to regard with the utmost caution.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pot Condems Kettle Excesses

(Seen and sniggered at over at Harry's Place...)

"Too much focus on difference can spill over into separateness, which subverts an appreciation of our common humanity and undermines notions of universal rights and equal citizenship. It can produce a new form of tribalism, where societies are fragmented into myriad communities, each loyal primarily to itself and with little interest in the common good of society as a whole."

Actually quite sensible words really. A better condemnation of the excesses of multiculturalism is rarely to be found. Quite ironic that its coming from this man really.

So, let me get this straight, this is *Peter Tatchell* bemoaning the forming of individual communities loyal only to themselves and pursuing nothing but their own selfish agendas at the expense of the feelings, rights and needs of the rest of society.



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seems Only Fair

It has been suggested that I am unfairly BNP-bashing of late, and being rather unfair to Mr Griffin and his motley crew by focussing unfair attention on some of the Party's more unsavoury sympathisers. So in the interests of parity, I give you Mr David Noakes, exemplar of the fruitcake, 'swivel eyed loon' tendency of the UK Independence Party.

Mr Noakes, it should be pointed out, is no longer a member of UKIP, just as Philip 'monkeys have longer arms than humans' Bryant isnt a member of the BNP. However he was a leadership candidate last year. I visited his website during the campaign as I did all the candidates, and found that he was most definitely of the 'the only thing matters is the EU' wing of UKIP. I also found that in Mr Noakes we have a truly obsessed 'anti-' person. His website, EU Truth is an awful mishmash of anti-EU points strung together with some depressingly familiar bits of nonsense from the Leftist playbook, such as this:

"Under EU law the "Shoot to kill" policy did not need democratic authorisation. Just two senior police officers authorised the police to kill British people. A democratic vote by Parliament was not required, but even that would not have legalised the killing under British common law. A recent victim was an innocent Brazilian, Jean de Menezes, shot dead in Stockwell underground station, even though he was being held down by police officers at the time of the execution. The police used dum-dum bullets, outlawed under the Geneva Convention because they blow a man to pieces inside."

Firstly, de Menezes wasnt a British citizen - he was an illegal immigrant who had been working without paying Tax for some time, and whose family have links to some of Brazil's worst Marxist terror groups. He was being held down by Police Officers because they thought he was about to detonate a bomb that would have killed everyone for some radius, having run from armed Police Officers and grabbed another Tube passenger after exiting the same block of flats used by the four incompetent failed suicide bombers currently on trial. Also, there are several different types of hollow point bullets, and none are banned by the Geneva Convention unless it can be shown that they cause 'unnecessary suffering'.

EU Law here has absolutely nothing to do with the de Menezes case. These were not Europol officers, these were British ones and this is not an area in which the EU had any involvement whatsoever. It is police-bashing, pure and simple.

There is more of the same later on. Straight out of the Leftist playbook, once again.

"The tendancy to pick on Muslims, as Germany used to pick on Jews, has already begun. Europe will be a very nasty place."

What arrant, utter nonsense. Its interesting that Noakes chooses to identify with everyone's favourite victim group as a way of bashing the EU, showing his total ignorance of the EU's enormous protectiveness over its Islamic population even to the point of suppressing reports on anti-semitism which blamed Europe's Muslims as the main culprit!

And just to reinforce his wholescale adoption of 'anti-everything', Noakes decides to end his ramblings by linking here to what I assume is another of his ranting sites. Bush Derangement Syndrome to the max, baby! Bush the satanist, Bush the coke dealer, Bush the vote rigger who supposedly removed hundreds of thousands of democrat voters from the Florida Electoral Roll at the last minute, oh my...

So, why Noakes? Why go after him in particular? DSD got nothing better to do while his daughter finishes a Maths exercise?

This is why
. There is a very big problem with UKIP in that every time it has a leadership contest the losers almost all throw their toys out of the pram within a few months of losing. And Noakes, having lost, spent some time accusing Nigel Farage of first of all 'smearing', then internal corruption and now says that the entire UKIP leadership is in the pay of the EU and is 'suppressing anti-EU activities'.

Noakes' anti-EU' activities generally have in the past consisted of embarassing the present leadership by engaging in 'swivel-eyed loon' activities (and of course utterances) which help no one and help reinforce the image of UKIP the media and of course David Cameron would like to generate in the minds of the public. And in his letter he singles out UKIP's southwest organiser Malcolm Wood for the majority of his bile - once again having lost a leadership contest, albeit on a smaller scale.

For the uninitiated, let me explain something about UKIP's MEPs and Regional Coordinators, especially Malcom Wood. They spend a minimal amount of time in Brussels, generally appearing only to provide a voice of opposition during what is laughably called the 'debates'. Unlike the rest of the parasitic lowlifes we call MEPs they do not spend the rest of that time idle. They spend it driving around the country to meeting after meeting, addressing crowds large and small and they drive themselves pretty damn hard.

They also scour the regulations and documents which the Commission produces and pass the nastiest of them out to sympathetic journalists. Remember all those shock horror headlines in the Mail and the Sun about the dreaded European Constitution? Who do you think passed the drafts out to Simon Heffer, who then raised blue murder in the offices of the Mail until they began running stories on it? Nigel Farage, Graham Booth and Jeremy Titford of UKIP, thats who! Those of us in UKIP were aware of the appalling nature of the Constitution long before the Tories belatedly picked up on it. Yet all those Tory MEPs in Brussels were quite happy for the document to be enshrined over us all until the Mail ran headlines on it.

UKIP did that. Say thank you, boys and girls.

Now, I've known Malcolm Wood for a very long time. In fact he chaired the meeting where I agreed to be Vice-Chairman for the Christchurch constituency way back in 2001, only to become Chairman when the incumbent resigned through ill health shortly afterward. In all the time I spent with UKIP I can honestly say that I have rarely met a more dedicated, hardworking and thoroughly anti-EU individual than Malcolm Wood. He covers by any reasonable estimate at least a thousand miles a week driving around the Southwest of England to chair and help arrange meetings. During the General Election campaign he visited dozens of Constituencies to give encouragement and moral support to UKIP candidates speaking at their first meetings, including Christchurch's own David Hughes.

But, because he has thwarted Noakes increasingly dwindling ambitions once more, he is now supposedly 'suppressing anti-EU activities' for money. Possibly the nastiest smear possible against a dignified individual who I know is deliberately choosing not to rise to it and descend to the level of the gutter.

I, on the other hand, dont mind getting a bit dirty and showing David Noakes up for what he is - a disgruntled swivel-eyed loon who UKIP is far, far better off without.


Out The Mouths Of Babes (And French Lawyers)

Once his sentence is served, Hadfi will be deported and barred from ever returning to France.

His lawyer Jean-Pierre Cabanes meanwhile insisted there were extenuating circumstances.

"This is the result of a marriage that was arranged, not chosen," he said, pointing to the gulf separating his client, who came from southern Morocco, and his young wife, who had grown up in France.

Well that pretty much covers it doesnt it. An Islamic immigrant who ripped out his wife's eyes because she wouldnt have sex with him was prone to do such a thing because of the 'gulf' between his culture and that of the West. Pretty good case for not allowing people from countries on the other side of that particular gulf anywhere near a civilised society really...

(Hat Tip to Dumbjon)


Friday, March 16, 2007

Open 'Who Should You Vote For' Thread

Its that time again, we have local Elections coming up soon. UKIP locally will be standing some very strong candidates and I know they have high hopes, having finally learned to place local issues in their leaflets and having gotten a phenomenal 12% response rate and taken their membership to the level of one of the strongest branches in the country, ironically even higher than during UKIP's national peak after the 2004 European Elections. There may even be some BNP candidates turning up in Christchurch, I will enquire...there are certainly going to be some in neighbouring Bournemouth, where both parties will likely stand a strong swathe of candidates.

So here's an open thread for everybody to jump all over. Tell us who we should vote for whether or not there is a candidate standing locally, and why we should vote for them. I await your comments with interest.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Must Go And See That

Via the ever-helpful House of Dumb, Small Dead Animals brings us a list of the movies Hollywood should have made instead of the nasty pro-freedom, anti-Islamic (Persians of a few hundred years before Islam apparently being honorary Muslims) '300'.

Including such gems as this, my personal favourite:



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Spirit of Nazism, Alive and Well

Please read this story, about a homeschooled child who has been forcibly committed to a mental insitution in Germany, then go to the website set up to call for a boycott of all German goods until she is returned unconditionally to her family.



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You Just Keep Doing It To Yourselves

I upset a few people a while ago when I explained why I wouldnt vote BNP. See, I respect this guy. Often disagree with him, but he doesnt use offensive language, and genuinely believes that his BNP support is correct and I know from correspondence that he is not a racist in the 'whites are better than everyone else' sense. Simple, clear statements like this cant really be argued with...

But then we have other 'BNP Bloggers' like this. The first post is a good one about the political corruption of the media, albeit couched in fairly blunt terms. The second is about the whining of Black PC PCs about a white PC being awarded compensation for being smeared over the the investigation into the Muslim Inspector who sent his mistress death threats by text message, amongst other things, and is now national news because he was one of seven applicants rejected for a job that - the horror! - a white officer got.

The third is a curious verbatim reprint of a report which seems at first to say that ASLEF couldnt expel a BNP member but when you get to the end actualy seems to uphold that they could? A weird one, methinks that the original source (the Times) has got somewhat confused? Or is just me?

See, it goes on and all looks OK. Cameron/Mercer, the repeating of the stats about the rising and totally disproportionate incidence of Islamic rapes in Scandinavian cities, all in all not all that different from my own Blog in some ways. It seems that what we have here is just another white guy who's had enough of the hypocrisy of racist Black and Muslims organisations and the Government in treating whites as inferiors and then calling them racist.

And then I got to this post, which was responded to by 'Serendib' who seems to be a member/advocate of one of those Black organisations. And the guy's true colours (if you'll excuse the pun) suddenly come out...

The title pretty much covers it I suppose - 'A Black Trying To Ape Intelligence, LOL'.

Charming. Our respectable BNP Blogger then informs Serendib that:

"The only Anti-Fascist organisation I know of is the BNP, unless you include the NF and Combat 18 (the latter will probably be tracing your whereabouts via the IP address every visitor to this blog leaves on my site meter, which is 86.142.164 and places you in Salcott, Norfolk".

Riiiiiight. So the National Front and Combat 18 are 'anti-fascists'. And our respectable BNP Blogger thinks its cool to boast about being in cahoots with Combat 18, the inept but still extremely nasty wannabe paramilitary Nazi group who skulk around Britain's Nazi Skinhead music scene.

Serendib tongue-in-cheek offers to help our BNP man compile his list of racist Black organisations by telling him that there is a list as long as his collective arms. Our BNP man informs him that he should realise that 'monkeys have longer arms than humans' and that if he doesnt understand the purpose of compiling a list of such organisations he should get a white friend to read them to him.

So, Combat 18 is cool. Blacks are monkeys. Blacks cant read. There's more, but you get the point. He's even popped over here and then strutted about his site's higher hit count which did make me grin.

Yeah maybe asking him to find a black friend to read the posts to him where it shows I took a long Blogging break and therefore am only just back up and running was a bit mean, but hey, a big tough guy with friends in C18 ought to be able to take it on the chin...

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Parallel?

Via the Wide Awakes, what may well be a very familiar sounding tale to those of us who grew up with Derek Hatton and the infamous Militant Tendency in the 80's. For me the antics of the 'Loony Left' Labour local Councils and their 'nuclear free zones', councillors ranting about US smart bombs which were programmed only to target black people and complete inability to spend money on anything vaguely resembling essential services, were my first introduction to the true insanity of distilled Leftism, or Moonbattery as it is known in modern parlance.

Seems out in the good old US of A the Dems are having similar issues...

"The following account is most likely playing out across the country – especially in small rural communities. My source has asked me to keep silent until after the elections are over. Tomorrow I will reveal more of this story. But for now, suffice it to say that activists Democrats are quietly taking over the party and silently eliminating duly elected local party chairs by very unscrupulous and possibly illegal means."

Its called Entryism. The British Left is fantastic at it. Hell, they dont just restrict it to local parties, they have used it to infiltrate just about every TV newsroom in Britain...

"In comes a new party volunteer that offers to help get the local party online with a new web site. The local party is delighted. Donations come in, money is spent finding a good web site developer, and the local party web site goes online.

The helpful new volunteer offers to act as web administrator. The country chair is delighted. But little by little, the new web administrator takes more and more liberties and begins to publish “news articles” that are filled with questionable inflammatory opinions. The party chair asks the new volunteer to cease these activities. But the new volunteer refuses. Then the party chair is forced to remove the new volunteer as web administrator."

Its Militant all over again, updated for the Internet age...go read the whole thing, and if like me you remember well this stuff happening in the UK twenty years ago it will send a shiver down your spine...

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yes, Amiee and Amber have had their first Dungeons and Dragons session playing together. On the same side, full roleplaying mode with character sheets (after a short tutorial on how to use Daddy's beginner-friendly customised character sheets) and me as the DM.

We stole the same three characters Amiee and I use for her own solo game - a cleric of Talos, a Sorceror with a penchant for messy pyrotechnics and of course the legendary Murgh the Minotaur, a very large and aggressive chappie who Amber took over as her character.

I placed them in Amn in the Forgotten Realms, looking to hire on to fight the Ogre Mage-led army which has taken over the south of the country. Having got into possibly the shortest bar fight ever (a Half-Orc who hates Minotaurs mouthed off and the Sorceror cast a 100% successful Disintegrate spell) they came to the attention of the Shadow Thieves who control much of the cities of Amn and somewhat undiplomatically told them to come back in the morning to negotiate as they wanted their kip. Amber's Minotaur hears the noise of someone trying to unpick the door lock, opens the door to the great surprise of the troupe of black-clad thieves who scramble desperately back into the shadows and declares:

'We's tryin to get some sleep. Come back in da mornin or I'll kill yer."

No troubles, no messing around, the kid was seriously focussed. An excellent start to proper home DnD that doesnt involve cuddly toys...

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Liking Her Already

A new writer at A Tangled Web. She has got Frank 'Im not a Leftist' O'Dwyer already champing at the bit because she dared to describe herself as a conservative in the comments to her first post. Definitely going to be worth a read in the future...

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Such A Shame Nobody Was Listening

"Iraq presents far from ideal conditions for achieving strategic goals. Saddam Hussein is the culmination of a violent political culture that is rooted in a tortured history. Ethnic, tribal, and religious schisms could produce civil war or fracture the state after Saddam is deposed.

Should an unwelcome occupation continue for a prolonged time, a force initially viewed as liberators can rapidly be relegated to the status of invaders. To reduce the amount of resentment about the occupation in Iraq and the surrounding region, it is essential that military forces hand over responsibilities to civilian agencies as soon as practicable.

If the Iraq war were to progress rapidly with few civilian casualties, the occupation would probably be characterized by an initial honeymoon period, during which the United States will reap the benefits of ridding the population of a brutal dictator. Nevertheless, most Iraqis and most other Arabs will probably assume that the United States intervened in Iraq for its own reasons and not to liberate the population. Long-term gratitude is unlikely, and suspicion of U.S. motives will increase as the occupation continues."

Doctor Andrew Terrill and Doctor Conrad C. Crane, what a shame it was that nobody was listening when you wrote those words.

In February 2003.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One To File Under 'Vested Interests'...

A former ACLU (that's the American Civil Liberties Union for the uninitiated) State Chapter head has been arrested on what seems like pretty solid Child Porn charges. Charles Rust-Tierney has, in the past, argued for amongst other things, unlimited access to the Internet in public libraries because “recognizing that individuals will continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library, the default should be maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the Internet.”

Uh huh.

The ACLU has in the past been in what would, for any organisation not on the Left and therefore MSM protected, an unenviable position. Namely that of arguing the case that in the name of Civil Liberties whilst Child Porn should of course be regarded as beyond the pale and illegal, distributing it shouldnt be because, well, Civil Liberties demand freedom of 'information' and all that jazz.

As legislative counsel for the ACLU in 1985, Barry Lynn told the U.S. Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography (of which Focus on the Family President Dr. James C. Dobson was a member) that child pornography was protected by the First Amendment. While production of child porn could be prevented by law, he argued, its distribution could not be. A few years later (1988), Lynn told the Senate Judiciary Committee that even requiring porn producers to maintain records of their performers’ ages was impermissible.
“If there is no federal record-keeping requirement for the people portrayed in Road and Track or Star Wars,” he said, “there can be no such requirement for Hustler or Debbie Does Dallas.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

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The Anti-Capitalists Defend Indefensible Capitalism

Seriously. If there ever was a true case of capitalism gone wild and intruding where it really shouldnt, its the grotesque and bizarre practice of 'buying carbon credits' instead of, you know, not producing the carbon emissions in the first place. But, it seems, the Lefties at Tangled Web are all for this particular brand of capitalism, you know, under certain circumstances.

No prizes for guessing which circumstances folks...

"Brothers, sisters and politicians! If, perchance, you were left feeling slightly (or even mightily) perturbed, vexed and distempered by the revelations that The Prophet Al Gore's personal gas and 'leccy bills are just a tad on the heavy side, quite out of step with his great and holy prophetic utterances of immutable Truth (All repeat: "Truth!") about our impending doom... (All repeat: "Doom!") and if, as a result of your disquiet in the light of these exceedingly sour and bilious revelations, you sought to reassure yourself that said revelations were in fact untrue, or exaggerated, or indeed (whisper!) the work of Xoxxogoth (that damnable agent of slander, libel, defamation and heresy, father of all deniers of global warming Truth (All repeat: "Truth!") and bringer of foul-odoured gastric indisposition at the most embarrassing of moments)....then Lo! Fear not, but cease thy procrastinations at once, O faithful one, and be thou refreshéd* and calméd!* Remember no more, neither call unto thy mind in any wise, how these revelations caused you at first to stumble in The Faith (All repeat: "The Faith!") but let thy trust in the great Prophet Gore be once more restored unto completion!"

I think Tom Tyler's been watching too many evengalical videos myself...though there's definitely a bit of Lovecraftian style in there too...good man.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Le Francais Go Into Total Free Speech Lockdown

No, I'm really not exaggerating. As is pointed out by French Civil Rights group Obedi (note to Liberal readers, this is not a proper Civil Rights group, being concerned with such fascistic causes as Freedom of Speech as opposed to stopping Muslims being upset by cartoons by banning it), the sentence for reporting on, say, rioting Islamists will undoubtedly be higher than any sentence the Islamists will get.

You know, like the time Bloggers used footage of rioting Muslims to expose the fact that 'Sarkozy, Sale Juif' doesnt actually mean 'Sarkozy Go Home'...


Bad Girl

Amber has caused some friction whilst in Yorkshire with Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator, it seems. It seems she needs a lesson in the difference between debating issues and calling Blair and Cameron the ten-year old equivalent of nasty twats...I'm actually mildly annoyed because I know she can when she wants to. Just calling nasty twats nasty twats isnt good enough and she knows that. A kid who can accurately tell people what the European Arrest Warrant actually is can do better and will get the respect she is looking for in terms of her political knowledge much more readily if she does the issues thing.

Still, seeing as they were in Huddersfield at the time, at least it wasn't any worse...she might have mentioned the I-word, after all.


An Interesting Perspective...

...on Israel's troubles.

"Arabs are a hot crowd. They will riot about excavations on the Temple Mount, Separation Barrier, antiterrorist operations. Arabs will catch on the American Blacks’ strategy, and demand perks and super-equality. Israeli Arabs will dictate their will to the Jews, trample on Jewish institutions, demand personal and municipal subsidies, infrastructure projects in their villages. Arabs used to be Israeli untouchables. They would remain untouchables, but now because the Jews are afraid to touch them. Political correctness of Jews is the ultimate Arab weapon."

Samson Blinded is a 'Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict'. The conclusions the author draws are not always those I would agree with, but his Machiavellian perspective certainly does give an extremely welcome fresh take on the manner in which the cowardice and realpolitik of Israel's leaders rather than the anti-Semitism of the world's media or even the hostile intent of the Arabs may be what is ultimately responsible for its demise.

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On The Darker Side

Via that man Laban Tall...

The Campus Crusade For Cthulhu.

Oh dearie dearie me...

I have always been a big Lovecraft fan. In fact, I just ran a Live Action Roleplaying Game entitled Area 52 with a Call of Cthulhu theme, though the poor players didnt know it was a Cthulhu theme 'until it was too late', as they say. The expression on the face of the team's Cryptographer (who was cast as a Cryptographer because he used to be one for the Norwegian Army and yes, he came all the way to the sunny South Coast of England for a Roleplaying convention, the mad fool) when he finally put it all together was quite a picture...

For this grand event Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator made a huge cardboard sarcophagus which she then discreetly climbed into halfway through (right after the massed hippie Alien Rights protesters gatecrashed the party), in full costume. See this picture, and ask yourselves if you could stay absolutely stil and quite inside that thing for two hours in costume including a papier-mached crash helmet...

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Returning To Blogging

I'm not sure about this. Not at all. It may be that lack of time will kick me in the teeth once again, though my Childcare NVQ is now finished and I wont be restarting till September. However this must be offset by the Homeschooling factor...

Yes, I've decided to tentatively return to Blogging. I am intending to branch things out from Politics to the whole intense experience of Homeschooling and even the roleplaying games that I like so well, though I suspect Politics will remain the man focus as always.

Why come back? Well things like Tangled Web's Talkradio show, a very ambitious venture indeed, have excited my interest in Online debate again (perhaps just because I like the sound of my own voice so much as I am sure some will suggest :). Also for reasons best known to myself I am finding both Republican and Democrat primaries in the US quite fascinating, and even bought this little gem recently.

With this in mind as most of my (former and hopefully soon returning) readers are British, I will be trying to install the Pajamas Media weekly poll widget thingy on here as well.

Me, I'd be voting for Tom Tancredo, Colorado's 'Immigration Senator'. He isnt seen as one of the four Republican frontrunners (three if you dont count the artful Newt Gingrich, who says that if he does decide to run he isnt going to start campaigning so early anyway and is consistently running second to Rudy Guiliani amongst polls of Republican voters).

I guess many people have 'make or break' issues, issues which would stop them supporting any candidate or Party if they didnt agree on those issues. For me of course domestically that issue is remaining in the European Union, and therefore I would never ever vote or campaign for a Party or candidate which advocated remaining in the EU. If, however, I lived in the United States my primary issue would be that of immigration and specifically of course illegal immigration, which means that I would never vote for McCain because of his sponsorship of what is effectively an amnesty and reward program for illegal immigrants, or for Giuliani who supports it.

I hope Gingrich steps up if Tancredo's campaing doesnt develop, but thats maybe a story for another post...

Incidentally, a part of her Literacy exercises I will be gently encouraging my little person to post on her own Blog in one form or another, to improve her typing for ICT as well if nothing else. And when I get time I will be setting up my father with his own Blog (and yes, Dangerously Subversive Grandad currently heads the Opinion Polls for the best name :), so things may well truly be a family affair from now on...

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