Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Answer To The Question

Well, the future Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator never did manage to ask Nigel Farage the burning question on account of finishing work late. But he fielded some really tough ones rather well, including the one about 'What do you think should be done about British troops in Iraq?'.

The answer was one of quite astonishingly commonsense pragmatism. He doesnt believe that British troops have been given the equipment to do the job of 'counter-insurgency', let alone fight the war that we should be fighting. He also doesnt believe that any British interests either were served or are being served by British troops being in Iraq. He pointed out that not only was Saddam Hussein not truly a real threat to Britain, WMD or not, but that by creating a 'meeting engagement' situation in Iraq we have allowed Syria and Iran, the actual true threats (regimes of madmen as he referred to them) to become the focal points and logistic powerbrokers for Islamic power in the region.

And, most tellingly of all, this 'little Englander' has a strong enough grasp of foreign affairs that he understands that, no matter how distasteful the idea may be, the truth is that the only end to the murderous internecine hatred between Sunni and Shia (with both trying to off as many Kurds as possible on the way to killing each other) is a three-state solution.

And he's right of course.

He identified immigration as the absolute key issue that concerns the British public today. A year ago you'd have been hard put to find a single UKIP official to admit that there was any issue at all facing Britain today that wasnt the EU itself. He wants - shockingly - actual proper work permits to be issued instead of National Insurance numbers for everyone who gets off the boat or plane, EU nationals or not. The fascist! Or something.

In short, I was very impressed. The man's shorter than I realised as well, he actually had to look up at me when pumping my hand and asking me to stand at the Locals next year...I didnt have the heart to tell him I havent been a member for about fourteen months.

Mrs RWZC will endeavour to ask the question next time he's available, of that I have no doubt. Until then, I have to give a definite thumbs up to UKIP's new supremo - if the party's next big policy initiative on Law and Order is as excellent as their Flat Tax proposals and Education paper then I have to predict one new UKIP member and one renewed one for early next year.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Interesting New Blog & A Meeting of the Minds

...by the name of Coming Out From Under. The chappie/lady is a Lib Dem who seems to have suddenly woken up to the fact that he is surrounded by people in his Party who are neither Liberal nor Democratic. I would suggest he plumps for UKIP but I'm not totally sure on that one myself - I am due to meet Nigel Farage this Friday night myself and am waiting to see if he impresses as much in person and seems truly sincere in his 'broad base agenda' and if he is, I am intending to rejoin once I finish my Childcare NVQ in February.

Which leads onto the next part of this post. Friday's meeting will also be a first of sorts. Why? Because the future Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator is coming with the same purpose as I am, that's why.

Now, I've met Knapman. I was in fact at his first public meeting after he took the leadership and was one of the first to shake his hand and wish him well. A very likeable, charming but also somewhat out of his depth, cautious and ineffectual person. In short, a great asset to the Party but NOT as a leader to push a radical agenda. Though why UKIP's raft of Policies should be seen as 'radical' is beyond me - it is, as it is being called, the Commonsense Agenda.

Farage, now. Well he's a great, nay fantastic speaker, in fact it was his speech at a packed 250-strong meeting several years ago in Christchurch which convinced me to join UKIP and help start a Constituency Association. However he was previously very much part of the 'Dont mention anything but the EU' wing of UKIP which always put me off the man somewhat as I am very firmly NOT of that wing, and indeed think that UKIP should be so much more than the Party that 'gets us out'.

Farage is now a reformed character, it seems. He is consistent with his message of a broadbased, basically Rightwing agenda - and by Rightwing I mean conservative with a small c - small government, respect for Civil Liberties, but also actually acknowledging the concept of Prison as a Punishment and Deterrent rather than an evil, reforming Education by removing bureaucracy completely and also wiping away the stain of social engineering and politicisation from our schools and teacher training colleges. In short, common sense.

But there is of course the Elephant In The Room. The Elephant which is the reason Mrs RWZC is coming to meet Farage, and the question she is going to ask him - and is also the reason I left UKIP in disgust last year when the Party failed to issue a single statement about or even mention on its website the appalling events of the 7th July 2005.

"What would UKIP do about Islam if elected, Mr Farage?"

I will most definitely be posting his answer over the weekend.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scum Of A Feather...

...flocking together.

I rather liked Murray's reaction to the David Irving case, back when he was still part of Silent Running, a Blog which is really not the same without him, seeming at times now to consist almost entirely of one member's travellogues.


"Well of course he is a Holocaust-denying Nazi wanker, BUT there should be such a thing as Freedom of Speech etc etc and yes maybe he was a bit dumb to go back to Austria when he knew full well there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest but still, what about that Freedom of Speech eh?"


"Yeah, but it's David Irving. Can't really make myself care."


"No, but Murray, this is a very serious question of Freedom of Speech isnt it?"


"Yeah, but it's David Irving."


"But, but, Freedom of Speech?"


"Yeah but also, it's David Irving."

Priceless...frankly whatever your opinions on Irving (and mine not surprisingly are fairly unprintable) the guy deserves jail for the sheer stupidity of publicly and loudly going back into a country which has an outstanding warrant on him. It's a bit like going down a West Bank High Street wearing nothing but an Israeli flag and a pink tutu propositioning every strapping young male terror-lover you see. That kind of stupidity just invites retribution on a Darwinian level.

And besides, like Murray says - it's David Irving...

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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Mighty One Returns...

...and he is Exasperated. Worlds tremble, empires crumble. At least they should, because as always this guy is so totally, utterly in tune with the reality of the world that I have to pinch myself every time he writes just to make sure he didnt lift the thoughts right out of my head.

One day he'll actually write something I disagree with, but I doubt very much that day is coming soon.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

If You Have Any Faith In The Integrity Of Al-Beeb...

...go here and read the entire comment thread, full of literally scores of Police anecdotes about what happens when you bring Peelers into contact with Auntie's so-called 'journalists'.

And literally not one of those anecdotes has anything positive to say.

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Friday, November 10, 2006


From the ever-wonderful Cox and Forkum. The European Union, of course, says this verdict is 'barbaric'. But the Saddam Hussein regime torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of its own citizens wasnt 'barbaric'. It just wasnt worth, you know, mentioning.



Thursday, November 09, 2006

Top Republican Fundraiser Says It All

Richard A. Vigurie nails it pretty damn well.

"Congressional Republicans should quickly disassociate themselves from the failed big government policies of President Bush and set a conservative course. The White House has failed them, initiating policies that the voters have now soundly repudiated. Congressional Republicans should always remember who elected them — the conservative and independent voters back home, not the elitist (and lame duck) power brokers in the White House, on K Street, and at the Republican National Committee," he went on to say.

"At the same time, grass-roots conservatives must no longer act as an appendage of the Republican Party. We should concentrate instead on becoming a Third Force in American politics that forces both parties to the Right and sets the nation's agenda."

I wonder if Britain's 'Good Conservatives' are listening?

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Monday, November 06, 2006

You Absolute, Utter Fucking Bastards. I Hope Every One Of You Dies Slowly, Starting Today

Murdering newborn babies is 'widening the management option.'

There are simply no words for how casually and callously evil these people are. None at all.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Women and Gays, Know Your Place! But Its OK, They're Cool With It...

Well, that didnt take long, did it? The voices in the Muslim community very fearfully raised in opposition to Sheikh 'Stay In The Bedroom Or You Deserve To Be Raped' Hilali's comments that women 'deserve it' have gone from actual, you know, mild condemnation, to...

The Muslim Women's Association, which first admitted to being "shocked" by Hilaly's sermon, now said he was "very good to all Muslim women". Said founding president Aziz El Saddik: "Those who say bad things about him, they have very bad manners."

This is Cholmondley-Warner territory here, 'pieces of uncovered meat' and gentlemen. If Cholmondley-Warner beat his wife and filipino maidservant to keep them in line, thought gang-rape rather than social ostracisation was the best method of keeping women in the bedroom and wore a beard instead of a dinner jacket, anyway.

As Andrew Bolt points out in his excellent article about the way 5000 adoring Muslims greeted the Sheikh after his faked episode 'like a rock star', it is clear that this is no 'tiny minority of extremists' moment. 5000 Australian Muslims do not turn out to greet a man who has said women who step outside of the bedroom without a hijab invite gang rape because of US foreign policy in Iraq. They do it because grotesque, misogynistic savages like Al-Hilali have their support because they agree with his views. No other reason.

Dumbjon also points out the appalling silence of the British Left on this issue. As he says, there were moonbat screams from the rooftop when UKIP's wittiest raconteur Godfrey Bloom made his famous 'cleaning behind the fridge' joke (which did give your writer the chance to make the UKIP Conference giggle by yelling out "He's finishing off behind the fridge" when he was late on stage for his speech that year) it was as if someone had threatened to boil their favourite puppies alive.

But now...now there is as usual a deafening silence when its someone on the darker side of pale saying something which on a relative scale would in any sane moral universe cause approximately 100,000,000 times the outrage. In fact for that matter the Gay Rights lobby has been curiously restrained after something similar in recent weeks over here as well...

"He told me that in a true Islamic state, such punishments were part of Islam: if the person had had a trial, at which four witnesses testified that they had seen the actual homosexual acts. It is part of the central tenets of Islam: that sex outside marriage is forbidden; this is stated in the Koran and the prophet Mohammed had stated that these punishments were due to such behaviours,'" the Imam is alleged to have told Dr Casson.

The punishment in question being execution. Now in a country where Christians are put inside a cell for handing out leaflets saying they think homosexuality is, you know, a bit wrong, you'd think the Gay Rights Brigade would feel bold enough to call for some kind of action on the part of the authorities?


Peter Tatchell, of gay rights group OutRage!, said he was disturbed that British Islamic clergy would endorse the executions of gay and lesbian Muslims:"Muslim and gay people know the pain of prejudice and discrimination. We should be working together to challenge homophobia and Islamophobia. I hope liberal Muslims will speak out in defence of the human rights of lesbians and gay men," he said.

Good God. This guy says that Tatchell and everyone like him should be in the ground, and the best he can manage is 'disturbed'. Whilst reaching out to confirm his ongoing support for the religion which thinks he should be dead. Unbelievable.

Looks like where Islam is concerned, women and gays really do know their place. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner would be so proud...

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Britain 2006 - He Who Mugs The Piper Calls The Tune

The response to explaining to the teacher (who the day before had a ten-year old throw his schoolbag at her and hurl abuse after her in front of his classmates and just walked away) that the same ten-year old has been making threats against my daughter and also explaining to er how his father (who is actually a drug-dealing scumbag of a step-father) is going to come and beat me up.

"Well I'm afraid the Government is dragging its feet on giving us the funds so we can give him the support he needs."

The support he needs. That's Britain 2006.

In conversation with a 'small businesswoman' of my acquaintance this morning:

"Well you know I'm from Milton Keynes. When my kids were at school we had a huge problem with gypsies. Every so often there'd be a huge influx, they were violent, wrecked wherever they parked their caravans, and then there kids would come into the school, they were so badly-behaved, violent as well. And the school would find the funds and draft in extra staff to teach those kids for a few months and our kids' education would suffer accordingly."

Now thats about three-four years ago. Anyone think Milton Keynes isnt still laying out the welcome mat for those colourful gypsy folk with their colourful habit of turning pleasant green land into rubbish-choked wasteland? They come to Kings Park in Boscombe every year now, because Dorset County Council laid out the welcome mat a few years back and explained how it wanted to spend our money on 'reaching out' to these kings of the road. So now every year the community wearily awaits the few weeks when most of the park becomes a no-go area, when the grass which has just recovered from the previous year's depredations will be blackened and churned into mud again, when bouncers outside Bournemouth's clubs try to make sure they are on duty in another county in case the charming gypsy chappies start another round of drive-by shootings directed at the staff of whichever club they were turned away from the night before.

All at our expense. That's Britain 2006. Whoever makes the most noise and the most mess gets the resources.

When will the rest of us learn to start breaking things and shouting? It's the only form of communication that this or any future Government seems to understand.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

You've Just Got To Be Kidding

How to lose 141,000 people.

Just dont bother keeping track of them. Its not like we have ANY control over their entry into our island nation whilst we are part of the EU anyway.

The net in-migration figure for the eight former Communist states was 64,000. However, these figures did not appear to tally with previous Home Office data on arrivals from the eight eastern European states, which said 205,000 came here to work in 2005.

Fantastic. So the Home Office (which actually one would assume has some idea of how many are actually coming in when they first arrive) have lost track of more than 70% of Eastern European immigrants from 2005 between them entering Britain and trying to actually record them properly. Great stuff. So if we follow the same mathematical model for all immigration, it follows that this statement...

It means the country's net population rose by 500 a day, or 185,000 during the 12 months.

...should actually read...

It means the country's net population rose by 1600 a day, or almost 600,000 during the 12 months.

That's another London in ten-twelve years. Oh goody. See, we could theoretically stop the majority immigration from outside the EU, but not from inside it. We have no choice to accept the endless flood of migrants from places like Poland (which ironically has lost so many people to Britain that it is now asking nicely 'can we have our people back please' like a kid asking for its ball back) while we remain inside the EU.

So, to our lovable political class, thanks for keeping us in the EU. Thanks to the Tories who took us in and lied through their teeth to keep us in. Thanks to Labour which abandoned its principles and did a 180-degree turn when offered a bribe in the form of the Social Chapter. And of course thanks to the Lib Dims who are firm believers in the idea that they know what;s best for us and just because we will never elect them is no reason why they shouldnt use the vehicle of the EU to inflict their Socialist insanities on us.

Well, I say 'thanks'. What I really mean is...well, I'll leave that to my readers' fertile little imaginations.


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