Friday, June 30, 2006

OK, So If A Fence Which Stops Dozens Of Suicide Bombers Every Month Is An 'Apartheid Wall'...

...what the hell do we call this, and why is it that the MSM have contrived to, you know, never ever mention it until Hamas blew a 25-foot fucking great hole in it?

Its part of the one great truth of Middle Eastern politics that the MSM never, ever mentions, you see. Are you sitting comfortably?

All the other Arabs hate the Palestinians.

They are useful idiots to be the footsoldiers in the ongoing Arab war against the Jews, and that is about the best that most Arabs will say about them. In places like Saudi Arabia, they are literally second-class citizens. In Kuwait, even as Islamic extremism rises and takes a new hold, they are still hated for their collaboration with Saddam Hussein's Iraq during the first Gulf War.

It must be like having one of those really nasty Rottweiller/Sherman Tank crosses in your backyard. You know, one of the really beefy, evil fuckers that always stays in a ten-foot tall steel cage and has to be fed financial aid, erm sorry, raw meat every day or you run the risk of losing your hand at feeding time. Yeah, sure he's really handy to have around during disputes with the neighbours, but you wont have the vicious bastard in your house with you will you? Just in case he craps on the floor or blows up, sorry I mean eats the kids...

You have to dig hard to find decent facts out on this one out kiddies. But it's worth doing for several reasons. First, for a thoroughgoing bastard like me its great to be able to point out examples of the way that the Paliswinians 'Islamic brethren' treat them rather like they say Israel does...second, well, if you loathe 'Palestinian Society' as much as I do its simply kinda funny to read examples of the fact that even the other Arabs hate the murderous lunatics!

Please post up the pic of Egypt's own 'apartheid wall' boys and girls. This is too good to pass up...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nah, Can't Possibly Have Been A Mine That Went Off On That Gaza Beach...

...because the Palis would never set up mines near civilians at all, right?

Have I mentioned how much I hate the media today? Best get it out of the way now then...

I Hope Somebody Sets Fire To Gerry Whitman

(via Little Green Footballs)

Who's Gerry Whitman? He's the Police Chief for the city of Denver, and he thinks that the religious affiliation of a Muslim convert who tells his sister his co-workers are 'mocking his religion' and that Allah has 'made a choice and it is going to be good' right before he starts shooting those disrespectful coworkers and setting fire to his workplace is 'not a concern' in the ensuing investigation.

I hope another Muslim 'without a strong motive' shoots you in the arse, you pathetic excuse for a copper. Hey, I've got an idea - why not move to the UK? With an attitude that like you'd make Met Chief inside a year...

Monday, June 26, 2006

We're Not Worthy

No, really. And while we're on the subject of lucky lucky lucky bastards...

Mr Miyagi Goes It Alone

Well, not quite alone. The old place just won't be quite the same without them both...

And also, via Mr Miyagi's aforementioned new venture, a wonderfully non-PC ad from a Black Republican Congressional Candidate. This guy totally kicks ass - go imagine the multiple coronaries from the Kos Kids as they view it and explode, one by one...ah, such warm thoughts.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fear My Wrath! Or Something

Amiee has just returned from sunny Christchurch (where I didnt really want to go on account of having a really bad hayfever day after taking the Nursery Kidz to Hengistbury Head) in fiery mood. It seems a bunch of 'Human Rights' activists (and that must be what they are, it says so on their tabards) are infesting the town square trying to persuade people that minimum sentences or the death penalty are really really unfair to murderers and paedophiles like, say, this guy.

Now I personally believe she probably succeeded in holding her own in (ahem) debate with these idiots much better than she thinks she did, but I can't help but strike a heroic pose and share her final parting shot with her antagonists with you all...

"You're lucky my partner isnt here. He'd take about two minutes and leave you feeling about two inches tall."

Fear my wrath and stuff like that!

Smells Really Nasty To Me

The Captain brings us a couple of articles on Iraq - one on the new amnesty being offered to 'Sunni insurgents' by Iraq's President Talabani and its addenda promise to root out Shia Militias - and the other a much more upbeat one on the new prosperity and stability in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

The two are of course linked. Where the linkage lies is of course the factor that dare not speak its name - 'Tribal Tensions'.

Longtime readers of this Blog will know exactly where I stand on the subject of the latter article - foursquare behind the Iraqi Kurds and full of disgust at the way their aspirations have been ignored by the Coalition and the Iraqi 'Government'. Of course were they to, for example, kill and maim hundreds of innocent civilians and torture US soldiers in the name of a Kurdish State they would doubtless be welcomed to the negotiating tale with open arms.

It really is sickening that the Iraqi Government has been so very quick to learn Western modes of appeasement - Sunni terrorists (I will not use the I-word and mean it - a bit like the MSM but just with a different I-word hehe) have literally bombed their way to the negotiating table just like the IRA and many others before them. And now they have inflicted sufficient destruction just like the Shia did when it was their turn to be invited to the negotiating table and allowed to infect the Iraqi Constitution with the sickness that is Sharia Law. But it seems Al-sadr and his cronies have been quiet too long and are now to be marginalised in favour of the Sunni this time.

Personally I think that militant Shia and militant Sunnis are both nothing more than slightly different shades of scum - remember that the reason we did not depose Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf War was the realpolitik truth that to do so would probably result in a fundamentalist Shia regime even worse than the Sharia-influenced one Iraq now has. And as the Shia have flexed their muscles and have voiced their unconditional support for Iran's nuclear aspirations and stated intention to wipe Israel off the map, you can practically hear the cog's whirring in the Americans' minds.

"Maybe the Sunni arent so bad after all, hey perhaps maybe we need them to counterbalance the Shia after all when we have to invade Iran. Because thinking about it we did sign that pesky amnesty for al-Sadr and all the other Shia so they are all still walking the streets and have all their arms ready to hand if we piss them off...oops, maybe we should have seen it through last time. Ah well, our bad."

But why, ask yourselves, are the Americans not looking towards the Kurds for help in forestalling a possible Shia uprising? After all, its not as if the Kurds didnt shed their blood in large quantities in the North fighting Saddam's troops and his Sunni 'militants' in the mountains, so why would they be afraid to do so again?

Well I suspect the Kurds arent the ones who are afraid. Its the Americans who are afraid. Its the Iraqi government which has marginalised the Kurds during every aspect of its so-called democratic process of forming a government which is afraid.

Because both of them know that over the border is the EU's darling aspirant state, Turkey. Poised. Ready. Just like it was when the Americans invaded both first and second time. Poised and ready to actually invade in turn should the Iraqi Kurds be granted the state of their own which they have done so much to deserve.

I will never forget the feeling of helplessness and anger when I saw the TV pictures of the tank divisions massing on the Iraq/Turkey border. Those squat silhouettes with guns jutting forward into the rays of the setting sun, visual symbols of the obstinate refusal of the Turks to move forward into the 21st Century, just like the marches in Paris by 'ethnic Muslims' protesting the erection of a memorial to the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Turks - which they still refuse to acknowledge ever happened.

Turkey is also afraid of course. Afraid of its Kurdish minority. So afraid that a new Iraqi Kurdish state might actually have territorial aspirations against it (as if the Kurds would be bothered about anything but condolidating their new home and gathering in their Middle Eastern diaspora of people) that it is prepared to lash out like a wild animal defending its territory at a threat which hasnt even entered it yet.

So congratulations, you Kurds of Iraq. Now you've not only been fucked over by the White House, but you're about to be fucked over by 'your' own Government as well.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Be Honest - Do I Seem Like A Yank To You Lot?

Dumb Brit points out in the comments to this post that I have apparently come to the attention of another 'proper journalist' recently...but apparently I come across as, as he puts it:

"A very angry American chap calls himself "DangerouslySubversiveDad" but never writes anything about fatherhood, apparently using the "dad" moniker to excuse his rabidly outspoken political views."

He does however add the following:

"Or perhaps his message is simply that you can still be a father and be interesting. With so much evidence out there on the net to the contrary, perhaps he has a point."

Well, where to start? Yes, I am aware that the odd reader of this site has arrived here because they are searching for 'Dad-related' material - or other more unsavoury types of 'Dad' material. Though I don't claim that this element reaches quite the same proportion that this guy's smiliar element does, it is still a readership I think I could somewhat live without.

I wonder what would make someone think I was American? I do try to be as Anglocentric as possible with posts, but inevitably news from outside the UK box occasionally has to trump domestic material - I assume our friendly Telegraph reporter didnt manage to find this post though. Bit of a giveaway that one when you think about it.

I liked the 'excusing' my views part. Why parenthood would be seen as any kind of a shield against criticism I have no idea - in my experience male parenthood most definitely tends to attract it rather than deflect it. Being yelled at in a Mothercare 'Parent and Baby' Room by an irate breastfeeder springs to mind...'But you're not a woman, you don't understand!'

For the record, I have never seen any need to 'excuse' my views...guess you'd all probably worked that one out already though, right?

Rabidly outspoken I can't really argue with. Can't see the damn point in having this damn Blog and spending time composing these little missives if I dont tell it like I think it is, or rather should be.

But hey, why shouldnt things be more 'family-oriented' on this Blog? So come all ye Rabid Rightwingers, give your tired, huddled parenting anecdotes yearning to be free...maybe we can even make Mr Leonard think us 'Phony Dads' have their mushy moments too.

UPDATE: Oooh, and the Times as well ...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fame At Last

In the past week or so I've been getting some referrals from some odd URLs, including quite a few from Hotmail accounts and even something that said 'Washington Post' on it. So, like the proverbial cat (and after the walk through the sun to deliver my daughter to Netball practice this morning possibly smelling slightly like it as well) I decided to indulge my curiosity.

Well, it appears I have (gulp) reached the hallowed pages of the MSM. Sort of, anyway. And, I strongly suspect, by accident because a reporter trawling Google with a Search Term something along the lines of 'Single Dad Blog' came up with this one. Considering the completely laudable but above all parenting oriented nature of all the other Blogs mentioned in the article, I have to consider this Blog somewhat out of place in such company.

You see, when I mention children on this Blog, its usually in context such as this. Or, this. Others are picking up the disgusting Leftist alliances with paedophile groups at the moment as well, as it happens. Interesting, isnt it, that the supposed morality of the Left never seems to extend to relatively obvious measures like anti-paedophile protests - no, protesting against Bush by exposing yourself to kids is much more the Left's thing.

Actually, our evil puppy-drowning BNP Member linked to above directs visitors to his site to a new non-party political anti-paedophilia venture which I shall happily endorse, even if they have a relaxed attitude to comments from those they are going after. Knowing your enemy is all very well, but I don't particularly wish to hear how one of these pieces of filth 'has never actually done anything wrong in my life' even if they are polite about saying it...

See, I do mention children-related matters a lot don't I really? So I suppose I belong in that Washington Post article after all. Just maybe not in quite the way the reporter would have intended...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lies To The Left Of Them, Lies To The Right...

Its been one hell of a month for the MSM. Really.

First, there was the Haditha massacre that wasnt. Time Magazine claimed that its two-man 'Hammurabid Human Rights Something Group' - consisting of a Reuters-accredited 'reporter' who had previously been jailed for terror-related activities and his relative - had videod 'authentic' footage of 'massacred' Iraqis. It also turns out that the doctor who provided the medical 'corroboration' had also been jailed previously and had been on record as having violently anti-American sentiments...the link above debunks the whole thing pretty well. So, a rabidly anti-US doctor and some video footage of unidentified bodies taken by a rabidly anti-US journalist and hey presto - instant scandal!

Then there was the Gaza Beach Shelling Massacre. That also wasn't. LGF directs us once more to a pretty comprehensive debunking of the whole ridiculous hoax. Well, unless you believe the Guardian and Independent's 'absolutely verifiable proof' about the land-based artillery which also doubles as gunboats with 155mm guns mounted! Not content with this, the Indie tells us that they really are sure this time because some guy from an extremist 'Human Rights' group says he has some shell casing which has the letters 55 on it and has been allowed access to the 'scene' - which the Paliswine only allowed anyone near three days after the event anyway.

(Well, except the TV cameras which just happened to be there just at the right moment - but only to see the photogenic little girl screaming unconvincingly for the camera rather than to see, oooh, I don't know, some actual shelling?!? You'd think if the cameras were close enough to record the 'on the spot' expression of grief they might have caught the actual shelling on tape?)

So, to sum up, that's it. That's the evidence the likes of the Indie is producing. Some bloke from the pub, er, I mean Human Rights Group, says the Joooooz did it, guvnor. Honest.

These people are really, really low. They are our enemies, the enemies of civilisation, a true Fifth Column - pure and simple.

May they rot in whatever Hell will hold its nose and take them.

(Oh, and by the way, just in case any of you missed this one...)

Hilarious Environmental Moonbattery Reaches New Proportions

From the keyboard of the Right-Wing Howler, one thats too good to miss:

A supposedly 'new' species of shark is discovered of the South Carolina Coast. And, as Vilmar puts it, the moonbats are already on parade...

"They believe the shark is at risk of extinction and conservation efforts are needed to protect females when they are raising their pups."

Vilmar: "Amazing. We discover it and within hours we’re at risk of killing it off even though it’s survived millions of years without us interfering."

Monday, June 12, 2006

I Don't Care What Your Opinion Is. Give Me The Gun And A Single Round.

Further to the previous post, a case which perfectly illustrates the point of why we need the reintroduction of the ultimate penalty. I defy anyone to make the case that this utter piece of shit, released early from a three-year sentence for sexually assaulting a six-year old, who then kidnapped and assaulted a three-year old and received a 'life sentence' from which he will be released (sorry, will be eligible to be paroled from) after five years.

Fuck this 'justice' system. A system which is capable of cooperating willingly in such utter, utter depravity needs to be smashed into tiny pieces and rebuilt again from the ground up. No parole, no 'probation service' deliberately keeping scum like this out of prison, no more 'assessments' on whether or not there is a 'risk' that someone who has raped an infant 'may' offend again.

Oh, and by the way. Fuck this evil bastard of a paedophile as well, and every other member of his stinking religion that thinks having a 16-year old wife and 18-month old son by her is acceptable just because their Pedo Prophet decided 9 years was the best age to take a wife at.

UPDATE: The MSM picked this one up the same day I did (not exactly a frequent conjunction, but hey they needed something to keep the IDF's rebuttal of the Gaza Beach incident of the top spot...) but have predictably used it as a way of lionising Labour by playing up phoney Government 'outrage' over the sentence. Just FYI kiddies, the EU took away our Home Secretary's right to order sentence increases some years ago under the Traitorous Tories in light of the Bulger case, so the idea that Reid's 'review' of the case might result in any kind of Government action is nothing more than A GREAT BIG LIE.

And besides, David Vance at A Tangled Web reminds apparently dozens of other Life Sentences resulting in extremely early releases didnt float Reid's boat anyway - its only the media attention which has resulted in his sudden 'concern'. Normal lack of service will doubtless be resumed as possible.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


No, not a direct reference to the post which got me thinking about this, though I guess it could be. My thoughts on 'repeat child molestors' are fairly unprintable, and I don't feel that society should shirk from dealing with such evil excuses for human beings in any way other than a bullet in the head. And don't bother with the 'oh but he'll suffer so much more rotting in jail forever' crap, because we all know that there is quite simply no such thing as 'jail for life' in the UK any more, and you can even protest in court that you've done it all before and be ignored.

I went to my first UKIP meeting for a while, mainly to meet this man, the new UKIP Party Chairman. David Campbell-Bannerman is part of the 'broad agenda' wing of UKIP, the increasingly vocal number who believe that if UKIP is to advance rather than go backwards as it has spent the past 18 months doing it must cease its one-issue obsession.

But where to focus? Well, UKIP's latest and long overdue newspaper, Independence News is headlined on UKIP's total opposition to ID Cards - not a 'Right-Wing' position, but one that most people would call Left-wing if anything. They share their affiliation with the No to ID Campaign with organisations as diverse as the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the Stop the War Coalition and the Countryside Alliance! But then the media loves to portray UKIP as an authoritarian right-wing party because it wishes to take a hard line on Crime and Immigration, the two sacred cows of the Liberal media, and ignore its deep commitments to Civil Liberties.

So will people be offended by a hard line on Crime, to the extent that they let the following eclipse a commitment to the permanent right to trial by Jury and an opposition to every piece of Draconian 'anti-terror' legislation emanating from Nu-Labour? Are you offended by a simple slogan often used lampooning Blair's old soundbite?


Does this offend? If you find yourself agreeing, does it feel like you are copping out by not taking some kind of woolly 'intellectual' or sociological view of the 'whole situation'?

A child molestor is no victim of the system, or 'socialisation'. Neither is the man who breaks into your home to steal your DVD Player and your jewellery to fund his next fix. The media would have you believe that it is grinding poverty that causes people to mysteriously be able to fund £50 a day drug habits - but the people of Darfur seem to avoid this trap of despair don't they?

Can it be that the terrible 'suffering' of the underclass isnt really all that terrible after all? Can it be that taking addictive drugs is a conscious choice fuelled by nothing more than a pathetic desire to obtain an ersatz thrill and perhaps feel a little bit 'naughty' at the same time? Can it be that mugging an old lady for her handbag is also nothing more than a conscious choice rather than something 'society forced him into'?

Dumbjon quotes something quite salient here.

PRISONER #1: [rather eloquently] Transported for life to the colonies, and forwhat? Scum I was to that beak, nothing but scum. 'Tis for my accent and mysituation that I am condemned. 'Tis for the want of better graces and theinfluence they bring that I am to board this prison hulk.

PRISONER #2:And all those murders you done...

Here's a sterling way to eliminate crime. Lock up the people who commit it.

Ooooh, what en evil rightwing point of view. Locking up criminals. And I mean REALLY locking them up, under actual HARSH conditions which mean that prison is actually a PUNISHMENT rather than a small inconvenience along the way to the rank of master burglar/mugger/rapist.

Prison as deterrent. Wow, what kind of deranged lunatic would think that one up? Well, about 90% of the British population actually, were they to be asked, which of course the MSM is careful never to do.

So why can't, say, the Conservatives, the traditional party of Law and Order as they are known, come up with something so eminently sensible, obvious and doubtless vote-winning?

The answer is simple - because they have spent so long listening to the media tell them that what is a self-evident fact to the rest of us is actually not true that they actually believe it. What they think is political expediency in the face of their own moral convictions has become a self-defeating delusion.

Is it truly that radical to espouse the idea that a child molestor who has committed a second offence even after his 'rehabilitation' on Rule 41 in a British prison should be removed permanently from the landscape so that he can never harm another innocent again? Or at the very least be only allowed to inhabit that part of the landscape comprising a small windowless cell from which he emerges for a few short hours a day to complete some manual labour to help fund the prison he is incarcerated in.

Only the media and the truly deranged can talk about such creatures as paedophiles in terms which are designed and desired to elicit the slightest smidgen of sympathy. Paedophilia is not a 'disease' or a 'sickness'. Such thinking is a copout of the 'rational' and 'intellectual' mind which cannot comprehend the enormity of the idea that not everybody thinks the same way, that not everybody shares the same set of values or morals, and that the small minority who dont must be 'sick'.

Or, of course, 'fascists'.

Those who commit crimes of a horrific and/or systematic nature are not 'sick'. The burglar who notches up a hundred offences by the time he is eighteen is not 'ill'. He is a burglar who has chosen to commit a hundred offences for reasons of his own. What those reasons are can be investigated at society's leisure once he is locked away and prevented from doing so again for a very long time.

The burglar's victims are innocent, just as the paedophiles' victims are. Neither deserve the kind of 'justice' which is defined along lines of social class, ethnicity or some insane idea that prison should be avoided at all costs for all but the worst of the worst.

This is crystal clear to anyone exercising either logic, common sense or who has any ability to analyse the evidence. Crime goes up, year on year, every year. Every person in this country except the political classes and criminals themselves feels more fearful with every passing year. Nobody except said political classes could possibly deny this, even in the most moonbat of mindsets.

The common factors? Where do we start! The endless rolling back of prison sentences, the ever-increasing incidence of 'sentence reduction'. Open prisons from which even violent offenders who in any sane world would never be there in the first place are able to walk free at will. Life meaning fifteen years - if society is lucky. Guidelines stating that only the 'worst' offenders should actually serve time behind bars anyway, open prison or not. Toothless ASBOS. Community service orders. Community Support Officers instead of real Police. The only crimes the 'real' police feel worth investigating being those involving race.

So what is the solution for UKIP, for the Conservatives? Stop buying into the madness. Stop letting the media control the agenda. In short, do what your guts tell you is not only the answer, but also what all but those who would never vote for you anyway actually WANT.

Two little words.

ZERO. TOLERANCE. Across the board.

Will it happen? I don't know. Not for the Tories under David 'Will Blow Goats For Government' Cameron, that's for damn sure. For UKIP? Well not under Roger Knapman, that's for sure. My opinion of the stagnation and staggering amateurishness he has merrily overseen in the past year is unprintable. But under a new, dynamic leader willing to grasp the nettle and step outside the box, who knows? I know I've reached the point of frustration where I'd vote for almost any Party willing to clean this country up properly.

Wouldn't you?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Note to Self...

When decanting from large bottle of water to small prior to shopping trip, do NOT listen to the Dead Puppies song for the first time in 10 years.

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