Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Build A Secret CIA Jail, Quick!

Yes! We have it. The only way to get Britain out of the EU. Build a secret CIA jail (like the ones that apparently exist in Eastern Europe - well, unless you want to take pesky things like any actual evidence into account), fess up, get suspended, be all unrepentant, get thrown out.

The local UKIP Chairman owns a construction firm, they do work in all kinds of Third World areas like the Congo, Zaire, Birmingham etc (all right, I made that last one up). Maybe he can help!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Those Wacky European Partners Of Ours

Those lovable chappies in Spain and Italy, are it seems, somewhat holding out gas supplies on those nasty old Brits, resulting in prices in, for example, Germany being about a quarter to a third of ours.

Isnt 'partnership' wonderful.

Debunking The 'Civilian' Casualties Myth

(Hat Tip: LGF)

A fascinating report here which exposes one of the central myths about the Iraq War and its '100,000' supposed civilian casualties. It points out that the demographic breakdown in this hardly pro-War report, itself only giving a fraction of the casualties which the Lancet's apocalyptic 'analysis' (for which read 'blind guess skewed by Leftist bias') did is, well, just a leeeetle strange.

Its like this. Iraq has an almost perfect 50-50 male/female split in its population demographic, and also has an unusually high proportion of children, almost half in fact, Iraqi women apparently averaging more than four children each. Yet despite the fact that this means that, doing the maths, adult males must therefore comprise only 25-30% of the Iraqi population, here's the thing. 81% of the supposed 'civilian' casualties are - well, here's a shocker - adult males!

So can it be that the dastardly Crusaders have managed to create missiles and smart bullets that are three times better at targeting Iraqi men? Some kind of testosterone-seeker that the evil Jooooz created for them?

Or could it be that the fact that the reason Iraqi males make up such a ridiculous proportion of the 'civilian' casualties be that the vast majority are not actually civilians at all, but in fact 'fighters', 'insurgents', 'militants', 'combatants' or one of the other sweet and saccharine euphemisms for 'murdering terrorist bastard'?

Any true civilian casualties in warfare are to be regretted, of course. But the fact that the US has managed to keep the number of actual civilian casualties to a tiny fraction of the figures propounded by the likes of the Lancet (and let us not forget the tiny omission that, erm, terrorists have killed about five times as many people post-invasion as the US have killed enemy terrorists post-invasion) to less than 0.1% of the entire Iraqi population, the disgustingly distorted nature of the figures propounded by the Left becomes apparent.

So the next time you see another report in the MSM about the horror of Iraqi 'civilian' casualties, remember this report. It is another step along the long road to debunking the Left's favourite mythos, and that is always a good, good thing.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Having known Jews forced to remove their skullcaps when working with Moslems as long as fifteen years ago, I can testify to the extent which companies in the UK will kowtow to the wishes of bigots and swine like this. The fact that the threat of being called racist is paralysing bosses throughout France and preventing them from dealing with extremism in the workplace won't come as a surprise to most Brits who like myself have had to work with, for example, Irish in Park Royal happily proclaiming their love and tenderness toward the IRA and their eternal hatred of the British whose country they were nonetheless happy to live and work in. Or Black co-workers who were happy to wander the workplace with 'Black Power' T-Shirts but were outraged at the mischievous suggestion that perhaps therefore it might be OK for white co-workers to wear 'White Power' ones.

If you think it isnt happening here the same way as it is in France, dont bet on it. We are in just as much danger from the fifth column in our midst as they are, and whilst our populace may be a little more robust in fighting back, it doesnt mean that our politicians ever will be.

Watch your backs.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Will The Real Racists, Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up

Apologies for the Eminem-style title, but my partner actually made me 'give Eminem a try' today...shuddersome. But not as shuddersome as this latest piece of purest racism from our appalling education system. Moonbattery is simply inadequate to describe this, it really is. Ofsted are now awarding brownie points (no pun intended) for taking steps such as this:

It commends a primary school which used guidance from another local authority which it found more appropriate to its circumstances, and another which tracked the behaviour and attainment of individual pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds and allocated resources according to its results.

How can this be classed as anything but the most blatant of racism? Allocating resources on the basis of ethnicism is utterly beyond the pale (yes, pun intended this time).

So remind me again who the racists are? Havent noticed the BNP calling for tracking the behaviour and attainment of individual pupils from 'white British' backgrounds and allocating resources according to the results. Anyone?

A despicable piece of racism, which the MSM will ignore or present as a 'triumph' for modern education. So until you're prepared to fight this crap just as hard as you fight the 'racism' of the BNP:


Where's My 15% then?

Dumbjon brings the looniest of moonbat females latest effort to our attention. Ms Toynbee informs us that us evil males should be forced to donate 15% of our income to our former partners the moment we split up, because, well, men are bastards arent they? The CSA sucks, blah blah - well we knew that didnt we? The reason they dont get very much money is because they dont go after, for example, the difficult to find Black chappies such as our old friend Darcus who feel it is their duty in life to beget as many offspring as possible by as many different women as possible, but rather the poor bastards who actually try to provide for the kids that their ex's have been 'awarded' by the Courts on the basis that people with breasts are automatically better qualified to raise children than those without. And then can make those who fathered them beg for the tiniest crumb of contact with their own children.

Well, my darling ex and I have been split up for 6 and a half years. Since 'the moment we split' as the lovable Miss Toynbee puts it, I've never received a single penny of help from her to bring up our little girl. But of course in Polly's world the mere possibility that perhaps a father might be the one who wanted and was better equipped to retain custody of a child doesnt even exist, and so her despicable article doesnt anywhere suggest that in a situation where the genders are reversed (gasp! shock! horror!) so should the '15%' be.

Sexism BAD. Polly CRAP FEMINIST BITCH. Nuff said.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Coming To A Country Near You - Real Soon

Why Dhimmis are Dhimmis - this is what happens if they aren't.

On the same subject, I just read a shrieking screaming headline in my local rag about the rise in 'Race Hate' crimes in Dorset (for which read Islamophobia) since July 7th. Curiously though not a single breakdown of these shocking statistics were given, and considering we were talking about an increase of about 100 'incidents' - oh so sorry, did someone look at you a bit funny as you wandered about concealed under a burqah the day after four of your compadres blew up 50-plus of our citizens? Must be a racial incident! - in the past four months in a county with about a million people in it, I am just a tad sceptical as to whether or not any of this is, well, you know, real. And the fact that the only actual incident mentioned was the scary phone call the local Islamic Centre got on July 8th (which earned them 24 hour police protection by the way where minor inconveniences like a brick through an old lady's window most certainly dont...) leads me to the conclusion that we have now moved 'religious hate crime' into the same category of racial anyway.

In which case, I'd like to report a racial incident which oddly enough doesnt seem to counted in these 'shocking' statistics. It happened on July 7th.

Someone tell Dorset Police would you? For some reason they dont seem to have bloody well noticed.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Really Wish Australia Would Join The EU

First there was this. And this. Then there was this.

Screw it, I'm off to Oz. I'm really good at accent imitation, so they won't even sneer at me as a wimpy pom. But there's one problem. It's wicked hard to get a Visa to go to Australia, and what with my reputation as a smart-arse subversive, my gf's unstoppable Yorkshire accent and my nine-year old daughter's tendency to walk up to authority figures and yell lines from songs by these guys, there may be issues.

Guys, join the EU. Make it real easy for me. Please?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Breaking News

Yay for me, I have this one before even LGF...Irving the arch-Nazi apologist who claims Hitler didnt know about the Holocaust (oh, and he isnt a racist himself hahaha) is under arrest in Austria for Holocaust denial...man I'm gonna enjoy this one. Our laws dont count Holocaust denial as a crime on the grounds that people are generally free to be idiots. However Irving apparently made some of his usual speeches in Austria (where it is very much illegal to ) last year it seems and the Austrians got wind that he was coming back for more of the same.

Dear David is apparently facing up to twenty years. Couldnt happen to a nicer bloke.

Oh, and regarding the loony ex mentioned in previous postings...we were in Court today. We won. So as well as celebrating this Breaking News first for the DSD Blog, I have a very pleased girlfriend and daughter as well, so now I shall go and continue the celebrations...bye for now.

Quotes Competition - Guess The Europhile

Which good Europhile said this?

"This is not a dream, you know. In the European Union, there is almost 100 languages, there is many religions, there is countries who only 50 years ago were slaughtering each other by the million in war - totally different cultures with nothing in common except living on the mainland of Europe. But we are making a European Union which in 20 years will balance the power of the United States of America."

Anyone who guesses correctly within the next week (and promises that honest, they didnt use Google) wins a link and a plug for their Blog to my, oooh must be a dozen readers in honour their obvious smart-alec cleverness...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Timmy The Dhimmi And The Troubling And Difficult Case

No, not a lost Enid Blyton novel or something, but a charming tale of a British Judge who finds it easy to order a Jewish General to be arrested for War Crimes for bulldozing some houses to stop terrorists smuggling weapons and not hurting a single fly or other such vermin, but finds it 'difficult and troubling' to even suggest extraditing a man who ran websites to raise money for the people responsible for the Beslan massacre amongst others.

Poor Timmy. Isnt life hard when it gets all difficult and troubling.

Muslims Against Terrorism?

Do you know what? They had me right up to the part about giving the Palestinians full citizenship, 50-50 governmental rights, no more checkpoints or security fences. In return for, yes, a 'commitment' to sincere peaceful co-existence with Israel. Riiiight...call me Mr Picky, but haven't the Palestinians duly 'elected' representatives already made a rather major commitment to end terrorism against Israel?

But hey, its OK, I'm sure the Palis will honour THIS commitment once they have everything they want and Israel is once again defenceless...nothing like promising not to kick a man as long as he lays down.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Kinky Goings On In Blue-Rinse Land

Whilst reading one of the many diatribes against the current pathetic crop of Tory MPs in the EU Rubber-Stamping Room after the 90-Day Vote and reading yet another person lamenting the lack of Conservatives in the Conservative Parliamentary Party, I was struck by a thought. I've had the thought before, many times, but didnt of course then have a blog to share it with the world...

Here it is.

Card-carrying Conservatives are the biggest, and I mean the BIGGEST group of masochistic kinky sex-lovers in the world.

Why is this you might ask? Has the man finally gone off the deep end, what with his loony ex taking him to Court for access rights yet again? Is it the immense pressure of UKIP matrons begging him to rejoin the Party that refuses to even acknowledge July 7th even happened in case people think it wasnt the EU's fault?

Nope. I'm feeling as sane as I ever am right now. So.

Back in the heady days of 2004 when UKIP kicked the Lib Dims back into 3rd place in the Euro Elections, I had the pleasure of being part of the local Campaign Team, and did quite a lot of work out in the town square and meeting people whilst pushing leaflets through doors. In my constituency we pulled more votes than Labour and the Libs combined - not bad for an area that even had a Dim Lib MP for five years between 92-97.

But the most pleasurable part of the experience was without a doubt not the Count itself at the local leisure centre and being grabbed by the very worried local Tory MP and worriedly questioned for 30 minutes about who we were and what we were about, and how really the Conservatives thought the same as we did and did we actually have proper members? It wasnt going out and about in the town with banners and boxes of flyers and realising from the enormous support we were getting that actually something very special was about to happen.

No, it was being at the Polling Stations. I visited five different stations during the day, rallying what few troops we had there and doing my own time showing the UKIP colours and just giving people the notion that there was, actually, an alternative to voting for three parties with the same opinion on the EU. And at every one, without fail, every single blue rosette picked their moment, looked guiltily around to ensure none of their colleagues were present, and sidled up to whisper enticingly in my ear 'I just voted for you you know'. THAT, I still can look back on with pride and enormous amusement.

This is what it means to be an actual Conservative in the Conservative Party. It means that yes, you loathe Blair and you despise Kennedy to your toenails. But it also means that you also have to admit, carefully, and possibly only to yourself in the privacy of your own home, that you can't stand the other buggers either. Those people who represent 'you', the Conservative Party. Smug gits like David Cameron who are so transparently out of touch with the vision of an ideal Britain you have that he might as well be in the Lib Dims. David Davis, who has made quite clear that he is an 'arch-Eurosceptic' who nonetheless thinks that 'under no circumstances should Britain leave the EU'.

The fact that both of these morons are prepared to sink as low as this in their desperate quest to inherit the mantle of this, as Kilroy so accurately put it, dying Party, puts me in mind of the First and Second Mate struggling mightily for control of the wheel on the Titanic as it races towards the evergrowing shape of the iceberg ahead, whilst Captain Howard shrugs and walks away, having had enough of the whole sorry mess. Watch, as the next Election comes and the ship slips majestically beneath the waves...

So there it is. This is what the Blue-rinse brigade, decent hardworking people who put endless amounts of time and effort into the Conservative Party, sometimes for decades or more, are striving for. To elect a party whose two prospective leaders are prepared to prostitute themselves to the point of attending debates where the questions are not on why they voted against a Terrorism policy which I suspect more than 90% of their own membership would wholeheartedly support, but rather on what underwear they are wearing and whether they prefer blondes or brunettes. The fact that it is Davis' remarks on the latter rather than his vote on the former that 'horrifies' the President of the Conservative Women's Organisation pretty much says it all.

But here's the thing. Despite the fact that most Tory party workers the length and breadth of the country talk about their own leadership (and REALLY dont get them started on their MEPs) in tones scarcely less bilious than they talk about Nu-Labour and the Lib Dims, they still keep coming back for more. Don't they? The idea of actually jacking it all in, of refusing to renew that annual sub, of breaking ranks and joining UKIP, or publicly refusing to deliver leaflets whose content they totally disagree with on behalf of a candidate they can't stand led by a leader they wouldnt vote to run a whelk stall if he wore a red or yellow rosette, or even stopping direct involvement in politics completely in disgust at the lack of alternative on offer, simply does not occur to them.

Card-carrying Conservatives in 2005 truly are the political equivalent of the middle-aged barrister who sneaks off to Soho for his fortnightly liason with the leather-clad dominatrix, then goes back feeling all guilty for doing 'it' again though he knows its wrong. But also knowing that no matter what, he'll go back again, and again, because he just cant make himself do anything else.

Like I said, the BIGGEST bunch of kinky masochists in the world.

Moslems All Have Big Buts

I was sufficiently irked by an 'Arab Muslim' commenting self-righteously on the above post at Tom Tyler's Blog about how he felt that as long as the 'situation was legitimate' then there was a 'big But' hanging over dealing with terrorism that I had one of my naughty little flashes of humour. Now I don't claim to be up there with the wit of say, this man, but here goes anyway. A little song inspired by the fact that without exception Moslems ALWAYS have very big Buts whenever the subject of Terrorism comes up...

(To the tune of 'I Like Big Butts')

"I Like Big Buts and I cannot lie
You kaffir muthas can't deny
That when you dont follow the word of the Lord
You all deserve to die by the sword
And get blown up by
Cause we're 'dissaffacted'
By the lack of a Caliphate
And if you won't bend over
Then death must be your fate..."

Stock Aitken and Waterman eat your freakin hearts out.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lions Escape Arena, Crowd Deeply Upset!

Well, ain't it grand how the same people who think terrorism against Jews and westerners is just dandy suddenly develop a freakin conscience when its their own that get blasted. But for once, we have Arabs not blaming the Joooooz!

"I am not ashamed of what his group is doing fighting the US occupation of Iraq,
but killing civilians, killing Muslims here in Jordan is shaming."

Ah, so killing innocent civilians in Iraq doesnt stir the old Muslim conscience, but this does:

"By killing Jordanians here in Jordan, civilian Jordanians going to a wedding,
they did something that not even a Jew would do."

Riiiiight...so, no 7th-Century prejudices here at all then. I'm sure the Poles and the Balts said that a lot in 1941 as the Nazis marched through...

"Yesterday we watched on television what had happened in Amman," she said from
behind a veil. "The carnage was so bad, so awful, we could not eat all day

Yeah, ain't life a bitch when the lions you cheered on in the Arena get loose and start eating the enthusiastic audience instead of the innocent victims...watch my heart bleed.

Um...Well now that you mention it...

I love this guy. Really I do. There is simply no other British commentator who is better at rooting out the ridiculous hypocrisies and nastiness of the British Left when it comes to their racial agenda. And that fact that because he is Asian (and an apostate Muslim who chooses not to mouth off about it) he can say what he does publicly where the likes of Nick Griffin can't is even better. He interviewed Griffin once (during a demolishing of multiculturalism that Mr G would only dream about managing to put together so beautifully) and unlike any other Asian commentator before treated him with perfect impartiality and gave just as much respectful time as any other interviewee.

My favourite moment during his piece on the myth of Islamophobia is the one that that nice Mr. Laban Tall picked up on. The wonderful moment where Polly Toynbee - Polly Toynbee for Piglet's sake! - is accused of being Islamophobic is sublimely brilliant.

"Are you seriously comparing Polly Toynbee with Nazi anti-Semites of the 1930s?"

Well, um, now that you come to mention it...who is Polly's main employer again?

Friday, November 11, 2005

The True Face Of Islam

WARNING: This is REALLY not for the easily shocked or upset.
This is the true face of Islam, ladies and gentlemen. I am thankful for that fact that much of the text is in Arabic as I dont think my urge to go and act in 'disaffected' fashion in the direction of the local 'Islamic Centre' could have taken actually reading some of the captions accompanying these appalling images without being fulfilled. There were undoubtedly British 'representatives' at this conference as well - and back they come, fully refreshed for the struggle ahead of them...secure in the knowledge that 90 days or no 90 days, all the establishment in this country is interested in is prosecuting all white people who dare to refer to this as wicked and vicious.

I'd say its beyond wicked. Beyond vicious. It is True Islam.

What more is there to say?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Internment or Punishment? Brand New Terrorists Only I'm Afraid

Hearing this wonderful little comparison on methods of dealing with terrorism (one very different rule for IRA 'not as bad as Al-Qaeda' Terrorists and another for those who have beards and a different form of religious psychosis about everyone who doesnt follow the same creed as they) actually one after the other on the radio in a shop yesterday really was quite surreal. The utter hypocrisy of the War on Terror's mysterious exclusion of Irish people (even those who have gone on to aid atrocities in other countries than their own and carry on their usual patterns of witness intimidation and general thuggery) continues apace.

How is it that the IRA get a free pass from the so-called war on terror? Whatever the current threat of Islam, giving 150 wanted terrorists what is effectively a free pardon (I won't use the A word, it still makes me want to throw things) is totally wrong by any civilised standards. Britain has lost over 50 people to Islamist murderers this year - but if you total the numbers these 150 IRA scum have killed between them then ask yourself what kind of a figure would be generated instead. The 150 include, by the way, people wanted for the Enniskillen murders, arguably the worst atrocity the IRA ever committed.

However, with my usual not particularly wonderful sense of wit and humour...picture the annoying chap from the 'Brand New Customers Only' ads. Then give him Charles Clarke's face.

"Mr Clarke, we represent the widows and mothers of the Enniskillen victims. We'd like to ask you why you are granting free pardons to the people who killed our relatives but want to hold Islamic terrorists for 90 days."

"Ah well, you see the 90-Day rule is for brand new terrorists only."

"But Mr Clarke, these people committed appalling acts of terrorism and we only have the word of a panel including a Catholic Priest who thinks all Unionists are Nazis that they've trashed a single rifle. Why don't the new rules apply to them?"

"Ah well, you see we don't want people to remember that the IRA actually killed people. No, they are all fluffy pink bunnies nowadays, didnt you know? The British judicial process is for brand new terrorists only."

"But what about spying at Stormont Mr Clarke?"

"Ah well you see when we're spied on by people who are belong to the Provisional Pink Fluffy Bunnies then we dont care. Its only a problem when we're spied on by brand new terrorists I'm afraid."

"The largest Bank robbery for twenty years?"

"Brand new terrorists only."

"Drug-running? Punishment beatings?"

"Brand new terrorists only."

Insert further dialogue as required...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Superstrain Of Wilful Blindness Virus Strikes

Oh my God. Someone actually came out and said it. We've had the French riots being the fault of socialism, the EU, pesky 'disaffected youths'. But now, at the Daily Kos, possibly America's most insanely Leftist Blog, they've finally done it.

Yes, its Bush's fault.

Presumably its Bush's fault that Islamists the world over are striking at Christian targets in countries which had sod all to do with the Iraq war. I love the way this Poll suggests that it is "Bush's Iraq War" which is making French Moslems riot - French! The country which stood foursquare against the Iraq War more than any other European country did. The country which has supplied more Islamic terrorists with arms than Syria for chrissakes!

But no, Bush made them do it.

I wondered what David Icke's take on it all is. Its often refreshing to go and see what someone who is theoreticaly even more insane than the looniest MSM publication says, if purely to avoid going to a newsagent and torching the latest copies of the Independent.

Maybe the man who says "Reptiles Control The World (because even I can't just say Jews like the Nazis do)" and once appeared on chat shows in a purple tracksuit claiming he was Jesus can come up with something even sillier than the Kos Kids. But no, even David can't come up with something nuttier than these guys. He doesnt seem to have an opinion, so he just channels the Guardian instead. Well, if you had to guess at dear David's newspaper of choice...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Wilful Blindness Virus Mutates Into New Strain - This Time The Riots Are All The EU's Fault

Now this really is rather silly. I am not exactly a fan of either the French social model (which frankly to sneak in a bad metaphor seems more like a moonlighting dinner lady in an issue of Razzle than a svelte catwalk creature) or, and this is really impossible to understate, the European Union. It is an institution I loathe, and to which I have devoted a large amount of my time and effort in recent years to attempting to bring down, or at the very least remove Britain from membership of.

I was Campaign Coordinator for the UKIP candidate in my constitiuency in the General Election, and have spoken at several UKIP meetings to sometimes sceptical audiences to argue the anti-EU message. I have argued with desperate Tories (like the EU Referendum mainman Richard North) trying to persuade me that, well, the Conservativs are sort of moving in the right direction, arent they? And we could be worse, we could be the Liberals, so you'd better vote for us or let the Liberals in!

I have argued with a local Tory Councillor who attends my regular pub quiz on a Thursday and took a major pop at me during the General Election Count when news of the 'loss' of Torbay came in. He is a 'sceptic' who nonetheless named his pub team 'David Cameron for leader'. Unfortunately he left before the rebuttal team name of 'Anyone but a Tory MP for Tory leader' could be read out, but I'll get him another time no doubt...

In short, I hate the EU and all its works - open borders, the Euro, the European Arrest Warrant, the CAP, its endemic corruption, the Council of Ministers, the pathetic shell of a circus that it calls its Parliament. But, here's the thing. Listen carefully.

What's going on in France, Denmark, Germany and now even Brussels' hallowed streets has bugger all to do with the EU.

The post linked above attempts to draw blame for the violence in France away from Moslems and place it squarely on the EU and the 'social model'. It talks about economics, not religion, being the cause - thus placing the anti-socialist author right alongside the views of the socialists. It is not Islamism, but socialism, that is the reason that French politicians are talking to Moslem religious leaders to negotiate a truce, we are informed. It isn't Moslems who attacked a synagogue. It isn't Moslems calling for Islamic enclaves to be governed by Sharia law within France itself. It isn't Moslems who went even more berserk when a tear gas grenade may or may not have hit a mosque.

No no no, it seems that all the disaffected people in underprivileged France are equally outraged by supposed mosque desecrations, and all hate the Jooooz equally (though there is possibly some truth in that one now I come to think of it). Maybe its just me, but I'm damn sure that unless you buy into the most pernicious of racial myths you can't imagine that there are no poor white people, no poor Oriental people, no poor Indian-subcontinent people in France. Yet we are supposed to buy into the idea that all the unfortunate underclass in France is rising up in the same orgy of frustration and disaffection, and that what we are seeing is a boiling pot of mixed-race rioting with the only commonality being poverty.

It isnt. If it were, there would be no calls for Moslem enclaves, all business and places of worship would be targeted equally - mosques included - by the rioters, not Jewish ones only. French politicians would not be talking to Moslem leaders - there would be no leaders.

Yes, the French are reaping what they have sown. But the seeds were those of wilful blindness to the dangers of mass immigration without any attempt at assimilation - in short, the seeds of the rotting fruit that is multiculturalism. Islam is a danger that goes beyond even that of the EU as it has a fanaticism at its core that outshines even that of the most rabid Europhile, and pretending that this is not the case could see the EU fall to be replaced with something even worse while we slap our backs about the victory we have achieved.

I Guess Waiting For Katrina Felt A Little Like This

One of the best lines, both intensely chilling and oddly moving at the same time, in the Fellowship of the Ring is that moment when Gandalf finishes reading the last journal of the Dwarves of Moria, written as the hordes of marauding Orcs are battering at their final, desperately erected barricades. He reads the final line in sepulchral tones:

'They are coming.'

Well, they are. And as Mark Steyn says, we've got a war on our hands. I'm very lucky in that down here in Dorset I probably won't be required to man the barricades in the immediate future, but to those of you in places those places with high-density populations of 'youths', as the MSM oddly feels the need to call Moslem rioters, get those boards ready to nail up your windows, oh and if your a wheelchair-user can I suggest you change your chair to one made of a flame-retardant material in case you meet any 'youths' looking to 'assert their social frustration' at the lack of a Caliphate in Britain.

THIS. IS. A. WAR. Choose your side.

A Better Reply Than Mine

From the heart, a wonderful slamming on the now-infamous Forward Press Discussion Forum by one Simon Jenkins. He destroys the pathetic statement put out by its MD about the 'I Am Adolf Hitler' poem roundly condemned by so many people. And he does it not with the kind of dry, logical, line by line dissection I myself employed, but rather with the same medium used to glorify this evil in the first place. Go read it, though if you want to comment you will need to Register with Ezboard which I know from frustrating experience is not always an easy task.

Interestingly, the same forum also carries a supposed 'statement' from the, I am afraid to say, still-mysterious Gideon Taylor. Still no proof here that he isnt David Irving or maybe even Osama broadcasting from a laptop somewhere in Paris, ooops, sorry Pakistan. I for one am still not buying the 'Who was that Masked Anti-Semitic Poet'? routine...especially as 'Gideon Taylor' just happens to be the name of the Executive Vice President of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany as a Google Search will show.

(Hat tip to A Tangled Web for reviving my interest in this one.)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Karate Kid XXVIII

My newest link to Silent Running has produced something quite surprising and for once I am pleased to report something positive amidst the doom and gloom. I've run into an old buddy, well, actually mentor in fact. See Murray, the cheeky chappy who's tagline on Silent Running is the subtly worded 'If you are offended by strong Right-Wing views and bad language, you should probably fuck off now and go hug a tree', is if I remember rightly head of the 'Academy' here. I wasnt always mad keen on the game itself, but I always had a LOT of fun with the guys and gals who play it, and as the instructor who taught me how to play Murray was one of the funniest. Its international mix of players is possibly one of the reasons for the Silent Running banner as well now I come to think of it...

As the inventor of the Crusader Piglet this freakin Kiwi genius has now produced a range of Crusader Pig merchandise for all ages. My significant other is trying to persuade me to treat her to possibly the most un-PC thong this millenium...

I feel like the Karate Kid has just bumped into Mr Miyagi again, and the old boy can still kick arse...

(UPDATE: So this is the Risawn whom Murray at Silent Running is selling merchandise etc to raise money for a holiday for. She looks like the kind of girl my mother always warned me about and tha I consequently made a beeline for...plus she's got a wicked, erm, lets call it NOT LIBERAL sense of humour too...)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Well Done Everyone - The Paedophiles Can Just Keep On Going

Well, they did it. All the pathetic umbrella 'anti-racist', 'anti-fascist', anti-BNP organisations have got what they wanted. Charles Clarke has signed a banning order preventing the BNP and Keighley Mums Against Paedophiles from demonstrating against the closure of even the most token attempt to 'investigate' the organised grooming and sexual exploitation of underage girls in Yorkshire's town of Keighley, the 'Why This Isnt A Racial Problem' Unit as it came to be known during its all too brief existence.

The orgy of 'anti-fascist' smug self-satisfaction, happy cooperation with the crushing of free speech from supposedly pro-free speech organisations (who naturally are only outraged when people with THEIR message are prevented from speaking their minds) is sickening in both its uniformity, hypocrisy and most of all the total absence of acknowledging what the BNP are actually protesting about.

So the Police have declared a their intention to block all roads into and set up a 5-Mile 'exclusion zone' around Keighley on November 5th, though how they are going to distinguish between white parents and kiddies on their way to firework displays and evil paedophile-hating Nazis I have no idea - presumably the lack of SS uniforms on any potential demonstrators may hamper them somewhat. Or hey, maybe they'll just stop every single white person in a car from going into West Yorkshire on the day.

What West Yorkshire Police and their Commissar Colin Cramphorn WON'T be doing, and this is for damn sure, is paying any attention to what is going on in the town of Keighley itself on November 5th, or any other night for that matter. They will be far too busy stopping white people trying to enter the area in case they cause 'tension' than watching the Moslem men pulling up in their cars to pick up white girls half their age who will be plied with alcohol and drugs, then sexually abused. They won't be busy dealing with the desperate mothers who are at their wits end to know how to stop these evil predators abusing their children.

No no no, they have much much more important things to be doing, just like Unite Against Fascism, Indymedia, and all the other Leftist slime do. Paedophilia is far less important a crime in this sick country than 'racism', and this sad sad day proves it. In fact, lets face it, there is only one way the desperate mothers of Keighley's children will get sympathy and attention for their plight, and we all know what it is, dont we?

Black up, and start a riot.

Irish Beauty

From Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair:

"We want to annoy the f****** whenever we can. The best thing we can do with environmentalists is shoot them. These headbangers want to make air travel the preserve of the rich. They are Luddites marching us back to the 18th century."

Its very rare that I have anything nice to say about anyone south of Ulster, but to this man I have to say the following:

You total, total Irish beauty!

Also, do read to the end of Scott's somewhat lengthy diatribe about eco-hypocrisy to find the hilarious news that Greenpeace have been fined for letting the Red Bastard Warrior smash into a protected coral reef! It just doesn't get much better than this...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm Sure CBBC Will Snap This Up

More sickness from our friends in the Religion of Pieces. Iranian Children's TV this time, and Sooty and Sweep it most definitely isn't.

I repeat, any 'moderate' Moslem in this country who wishes to be associated with this filth is NOT a moderate. It is only when you see footage like this that you truly realise what a sick, twisted and evil religion Islam is. Here is a regime which more than any exemplifies 'pure' Islam in its unadulterated Sharia-governed form, and this is the children's television it produces. I want Prince Charles and all other Dhimmi swine like him to see this. Then if they still want to talk about 'understanding Islam' then I will be happy to talk to them about 'understanding a smack in the mouth'.

(Hat Tip: LGF)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

'Asian Men Predisposed To Rape' - BNP. Ooops, no it wasnt, it was the new 'Black' Party

"We like many in the African British community believe that if the alleged victim had been in an African owned business there is no possibility whatsoever that eighteen African men would have felt emboldened to sexually assault a child in what we can only describe as an act of horrendous child gang rape."

So say Ligali, the 'new Black Party for African-Britons' (score zero for multiculti assimilation there then) on the subject of the amazing dissappearing 14-year old gang rape victim of evil Asians in Birmingham where Asians and Blacks have been happily murdering each other recently. Not that the MSM would have you believe it was anything more than high spirits, and besides its probably the BNP's fault anyway.

In case you missed it, a rumour began to spread through the Black 'community' (sickbags on standby) in Birmingham that a 14-year old Black girl who had been in an 'Asian' shop after hours for reasons unspecified had been gang raped by a bunch of Asian men. This rumour was given enormous weight because of the associated rantings of a local Pirate Radio DJ named 'Warren G' ('Git'? 'Geek'? 'Go Fuck Yourself If You Isnt Black'?) who seems to have taken Ethnic Hatred & Cleansing lessons from the Hutu DJs of Rwanda (who used the same tactics to inspire genocide against their own choice of ethnic enemy). No sign of a prosecution there or against the charmers at Ligali who made the statement above for Incitement to Racial Hatred though, funny that.

This rumour caused the Black 'community' to start attacking Asian-owned businesses and shops, and in MSM parlance 'tensions were running high'. Black 'community leaders' (no, too late, I need the sickbag, quick!) called a meeting to erm, discuss concerns lets call it. Though it seems pretty obvious that what they were really doing was ensuring the flames of racist hatred were kept nice and high.

However the Asian 'community' (dammit, double barf) learned of this meeting and, ahem, sent representatives. About 150 of them apparently, who tried to storm the place and deal out suitable mayhem. Denied their opportunity to express their frustration at this unjust accusation, the war in Iraq and the lack of an Islamic Caliphate in Britian, Asians began attacking and even murdering Blacks, including an inoffensive young man who was apparently every bit as saintly as Anthony Walker named Isiah Young-Sam. Oddly though the MSM seems a tad reluctant to pick up on that story quite as, ahem, thoroughly as they did Anthony Walker's. Blacks burned an Asian man to death in his taxi and a 'mixed-race' man was shot. Asian shops were destroyed and/or looted, barricades were built and the PC PCs were nowhere to be found for fear of upsetting the rioting little darlings, surprise surprise.

And while we're on the subject of 'communities', isnt it funny how the whites of the Keighley 'community' where organised grooming and paedophilia is both continuing and well documented ISN'T resulting in the same kind of treatment being meted out to the Moslem population en masse. Can it be that whitey doesnt feel 'emboldened' to go on indiscriminate rampage the same way DJ Warren G and his pals do despite the supposed 'race-baiting' of the BNP?

The moral of this story is - well, actually, there are absolutely no morals in this story. Racist Black people have dreamt up a gang rape by Asians and are out for blood (literally) while Asians are quite happy to give them some. In spades. And that's it. Multicultural Britain 2005.

Totally, utterly as that nasty old Mr Powell predicted.

Monsieur Poirot, We Need You Urgently!

Al-Beeb does it again. Funded as it is with so much of that luverly Licence Fee, you'd think it would be capable of managing to join the dots in this charming story of everyday life in a Moslem country. But no...so let us call in Mr.Poirot (currently employed as the BBC's Religion of Peace Correspondent) to solve this appalling mystery for us.

"Monsieur Poirot, it is terrible! Three poor Christian girls have been beheaded in an area where Moslems have been attacking Christians for years!"

"Mon dieu! I wonder who could possibly have been responsible. This is a most perplexing mystery. What else do we know?"

"Well Monsieur Poirot, it seems the girls attended a private Christian school and their heads were dumped outside a Church!"

"Hmmm, I can see this mystery will take all of my mighty powers of intellect to solve. It is unclear to me whether or not their might have been a religious motive behind the attack...but I am sure I will get there in the end..."

Total Absence of Merit

I came to a conclusion today. The Conservative Party will lose the next Election. Yes, they'll blame it on the UKIP vote, the MSM's bias (OK, I'll give them that one), and everything else that always seems to mysteriously go wrong for them since Maggie dearest was cast into the outer darkness. But what it comes down to is this. Every Tory MP in the Commons is crap. Really, seriously crap. Monumentally, totally, crap. Not one of them has either the true support of their Membership, not one could even come close to satisfying the demands and wishes of that Membership, let alone what remains of our country.

Not one of them has shown the slightest indication that they will challenge the creeping Dhimmitude that is destroying Britain. Neither David 'We must never leave the EU whether 90% of our members want to or not' Davis nor that other fellow, you know, the one the media likes but no one's ever heard of, has even bothered to so much as comment on any of the actual ISSUES facing Britain today. If either had dared raise their voice about Ahmedinejihad's declaration of war on Israel, the Black on Asian riots in Birmingham, or even the great Dudley Pig Outrage for god's sake, then they would very probably have earned the ire of the MSM and therefore the support of their Membership and probably the country as well. Just to say something, anything, to indicate that they will do something different from Tony and the Labour Party.

But there is no difference between Tory and Labour of course. Not one. The rhetoric may differ, but it is always rhetoric within very very tight parameters - for example cutting red tape, well who would want more red tape? But whilst Labour pretend to have their own bonfire of the regulations and the Tories say they would go further, neither would leave the EU which can impose those regulations at will. No difference.

Militant Islam? Well the Tories first reaction to July 7th was to parade their Moslem spokeswoman on Moslem Affairs to say how the government should reach out and establish dialogue with the Moslem terrorists. So nothing at all like the immediate rush by Labour to embrace laws to try and stop all criticism of Islam then...

The Tory Parliamentary Party is bereft of leadership, bereft of morals, and above all bereft of one thing. The slightest, tiniest bit of actual merit.

Moslem Mayhem In France - British MSM Suffers Selective Blindness Again

Oh look - its those pesky youths again. You know them. The unspecified 'youths' who always seem to mysteriously turn out to be Moslem or (and dont we know about this recently) Black. Those naughty little scamps have been rioting for five straight nights in a Moslem-controlled (and I use the word advisedly) suburb of Paris. Five nights without ceasing. Interior Minister 'toughguy' Sarkozy makes this incredible admission of the total powerlessness of the French Police to deal with the problem and shrugs it off with a Gallic attitude of 'C'est L'immigration'.

Sounds a bit like Birmingham Police and Home Secretary Bunter after our recent fun round of 'inter-ethnic' rioting doesnt it...or rather not, because they haven't even bothered to stick their head above the parapets and so much as comment. Perhaps they are so incapable of admitting that people on the darker side of pale ever behave badly (even less so to each other!) that they really didn't notice anything. But more on Birmingham later...

This is how it begins to end, ladies and gents. Britain has places like this already - such as the infamous Roman Road in London where you can save your car battery and use the flames of the burning cars instead of your headlights if the Somalis or the Ethiopians or the Kosovars or the Georgians or any one of the other ghetto gang populations is feeling frisky. Not that the British MSM wishes to admit to that either...

UPDATE: The British MSM has now finally picked the story up, but surprise its not rioting youths who are the cause of the mayhem but actually mass arrests of a huge 34 people, ghettoes shackling Moslems, police firing tear gas into a mosque etc etc that are the cause. In sinister fashion even Al-Beeb report throws in a line about 'mobile gangs of youths' which means that if even they are prepared to indicate (albeit in an oblique way) that this violence is being kept going and orchestrated in an organised way then things must be even more serious than we thought. Stay tuned folks, this one isnt going away any time soon.
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