Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Roleplaying Break

Just a quick post to remind my little cadre of regulars that I will be away at Conception till monday afternoon, so not much point stopping by. Wish me luck as Dozy the Dwarf in the Neverland Live game particularly...

Bye for now.

Another Islamic Free Pass

(via Dumbjon)

Jon tells us how once again it seems that a 'Mohammed' can use the easy option that isnt open to those of us who dont follow the RoP if we happen to be on trial for a crime like, say, rape. Just dont turn up in court!

Though he doesnt follow through on the obvious conclusion as to why the police couldnt possibly choose to go after said bailjumper (or even reveal to the public that he is on the loose) as he is obviously more charitable about our PC PCs desire to pursue those 'victims' of white racism, islamophobia etc etc than I am.

It isnt just a way of avoiding convictions for actual crimes of course. If you are a member of the RoP you can also use a car to block a building entrance full of whiteys, throw burning objects in to try and make really sure you get those pensionable Bush running-dogs of the local Labour Party, and still only be tried for arson rather than attempted murder.

Bear in mind none of the 'Asian youths' who were throwing petrol bombs have ever been found. Or, lets be honest, sought.

Religion as a mitigating circumstance? Race? Be sure if this had been a 'white riot' and the victims locked in the Brixton Black People's Anti-Racism Society this incident would be gravely described by Huw Edwards at the top of the six o'clock news. Only the truly deranged would deny that. Just Google Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker and follow it with Kriss Donald or Isiah Young-Sam for that matter if you want to know how institutionally racist the media actually is, though not quite the way Britain's top PC PC means it.

Of course not only in Britain do the PC PCs and the authorities in general turn a blind eye to the horrific waves of rape and general criminality which Islam's disgusting tenets of Moslem male superiority over women and especially 'infidel women' has brought to their shores. As Australia, France and other western nations have discovered, Islamic mass immigration brings with it those whose behaviour when exhibited by indigenous members of their societies would bring frontpage calls for action, but of course doesnt when exhibited by those who can claim religious conviction as an excuse for the most despicable of behaviour. Can't target Moslems on the basis of their faith's own tenets, can we?

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Sickness Of Moral Relativism

Yes, I know that title sounds like one of Dumbjon or Pastorius' lengthy diatribes which often leave me a little...lost. I'll try not to let it be. I also happen to know that Pastorius is kind of a fan of and also voted for the particular nutball who inspired me to write this post, so he might not be all that keen on me slagging off this particular individual as part of it, but we'll see.

The gentleman in question is Bill Clinton, you see, who is currently in Qatar at an 'economic conference' - why an ex-pres would be at such a gathering unless it is to receive yet more oil-stained money is beyond me (ah, answered my own question there didnt I). He has made a quite astonishing statement about the famous cartoon jihad whilst there, comparing said cartoons to anti-semitism! As if these compare to these. Or this piece of homegrown UK filth for that matter.

This is that most modern of sins, moral relativism. Moral relativism, to me, is the idea that all forms of offense, insult or action are comparable. All sins, if you like, are equal. Those who follow moral relativism (almost exclusively to be found on the Left) are those that claim, for example, that the Americans targeting a terrorist enclave in Pakistan and killing five top Al-Qaeda members (including its chief bombmaker) but also killing a handful of civilians who were sheltering said terrorists at the same time is the same as Al-Qaeda sawing off the heads of helpless American contractors. That interning terrorists in Guantanamo Bay is comparable to the Nazis placing people in extermination camps. Where the UN is creating a special commission to 'investigate' Denmark and Norway for Islamophobia in publishing a dozen cartoons about Mohammed whilst in Darfur Muslims are murdering Christians and Animists literally by the hundreds on a daily basis and the UN is ignoring it. Indeed, that depicting Mohammed with a fizzing bomb on his head is comparable to depicting Jews killing children and baking cakes with their blood for Purim.

The most pernicious form of Moral Relativism is, of course, that perpetrated against Israel. This is the excuse that the 'Occupation' of land once owned by people who have spent sixty years trying to exterminate every Jew in the Middle East is somehow 'as bad as' the horrific society of the Palestinians and other Arabs, threaded with school textbooks teaching boys that all Jews are evil and murder small children and are subhumans (untermensch, you might say...), the intrinsic oppression of women even to the point where a woman who defends herself against rape is sentenced to death for doing so and where Moral Relativist organisations like the disgusting Amnesty International blame gang rapes and child abuse on Israel rather than on the people that actually commit those offences. Where a security fence which demonstrably prevents terrorism (as is evidenced by the enormous fall off in Israeli casualties since it was built and the enormous number of terrorists who have been caught and imprisoned before reaching their targets) is an 'apartheid wall' as if Israel is torturing and murdering blacks by the hundred just as the South Africans did. Where Israel's longterm possession of nuclear weapons is used as justification for allowing a nation which has threatened to wipe it off the map to possess them also.

The Hamas election victory has brought the Moral Relativists crawling out of the woodwork in droves. Sickening accusations that 'well Hamas are bad but the IDF have killed lots of Palestinians as well' have abounded, as the Moral Relativists spin like tops to try and excuse a people prepared to elect an organisation dedicated to the extermination of the people next door. Moral Relativism's sick code equates the IDF returning sniper fire and accidentally downing civilians who are deliberately sheltering the snipers with Israeli children having to go to school in armoured vehicles because they are routinely shot at from the other side of the 'apartheid wall'.

Moral Relativism IS a sickness, and one that we shall see more of in the coming months as the terror-apologists in our midst attempt to push us to carry on treating with the new Terrorist boss, even more open than the old one. Like the Political Correctness that it goes hand in hand with, it is also a curse of the decadent West. I have no idea what the solution is, but it is something we right-thinking individuals all need to guard against and counter at every turn.

Dance Of The Lib Dems

Tee Hee Hee. I'll spare the jokes about Kennedy and Oaten getting shit-faced (just in slightly different ways)...all I can really say is that its rather wonderful to see the senior members of the party who have spent years telling us to celebrate diversity in all things (especially sexuality) so desperately trying to deny their own...diverse habits. Charles 'Freedom of Information!' Kennedy quite happy that Fleet Street kept his alcoholism a secret despite knowing for months...oh my.

I hope it chokes them. No double entendre intended. Honest.

(link via EUReferendum)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Support The Danes

Irene the Adventuress has tagged me and asked me to post my support for Danish company Arla Foods who have been targeted by the bastard Arabs who wish to completely suppress our freedom of speech here in the West, using the Cartoon Jihad as their reason. Though of course as I have pointed out, they are not above adding their own made-up cartoons to try and whip up extra anti-western feeling.

Well actually I am ahead of the game here because I already buy Arla products because I am lactose intolerant and they have a natty little thing called Lactolite which is dairy (as opposed to soya - yuck) milk with 95% of the lactose taken out. But hey, what the hell, I'll buy MORE now!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Says It All, Really

Quite apart from the central point of Pamela aka Atlas' article here, British readers should have a good look down the index of countries and their GDP increases for 2005. A LONG look, if you are looking for the thing I was looking for. EU countries near the top of the performance list.

Its a very clear indictment of the nightmarish economic stagnation that is the EU that you have to go all the way to Number 24 to find Latvia, which is of course an Enlargement country and so hasnt had time to be dragged down quite as far as some of the 'old' Member States. Next is Lithuania - next door to Latvia. Next Estonia - also next door weighs in at 49, but you have to go all the way down to 65 to find the Oirish - and they themselves are probably the second most heavily subsidised EU state after the Spanish.

True, three more Enlargement countries manage to slip in at the very bottom of the top 100. But isnt it a savage indictment of EU economic policy that only seven countries manage to make it in, and that six of those are new entrants who havent become bogged down in the regulatory quagmire yet?

Oh, and by the way. Number 115. Without adopting the Euro. Really does say it all.

A Funny Old Week

I dont know why, but I seem to be offending people far more than usual this week, but at the same time garnering a lot of praise and encouragement from some unexpected quarters. I did succumb to the temptation to simply insult a really nasty piece of work who commented on the Hamas situation over at Tangled Web by saying that the Israelis are bigger murderers than Hamas etc, and then capped it by saying that those nasty evil Joooooz routinely target civilians at random and had murdered a 7-year old girl a couple of days ago for no reason whatsoever.

Perhaps the response 'Yeah sure, the Jews kill 7-year old children for kicks. You fucking Nazi bastard.' was a little OTT. But then again, is it? This guy has just stated that Jews kill civilians for no good reason, and that they have just murdered a small child when they were 'in a situation where there was no other shooting and the soliders were in absolutely no danger'. So why shouldnt I call that like it is? Just another Nazi bastard (leftist or rightist, I dont really care) making up pathetic blood libel stories to try and justify Arab genocidal intentions towards Israel.

A Jewish friend of mine read this Blog for the first time the other week and marvelled at how I, a Gentile, was so pro-Israel and indeed pro-Zionist. Its simple. I believe in Israel because it is RIGHT to do so. A moral judgment - no ideology, no Islamophobia involved, just that Israel is in the right and the seething sea of enemies that surround it are in the wrong. End of story.

In other news, Conception is about to begin so you wont be seeing me for a few days from middle of next week, so for my regular readers consider this a warning that neither of you need bother stopping by from 1st February to 6th. Those few visitors in the area of the Dorset/
Hampshire border may wish to come down and play some games with us - all tastes, all types.

Hell, if my 9-year old can sit down and play the d20 game I wrote based on these guys, I'm sure even the most rabid members of the Dreaded Zionist Conspiracy can find something to suit...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

An Open Letter To The Dear Peace Loving Palestinian People

Congratulations on your new 'government'. Thanks a lot for showing us all your true colours as the most congenitally insane, twisted 'nation' on the face of the planet.
You want a war this bad? Fine. I hope you get one and every single one of you gets to know what you've been putting the Israeli people through for all these years.

Game over boys. And the best bit is, you did it to yourselves.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I've Got Mail...

Yay, my first bit of actual, bona fide hate mail from a Leftie.

And surprise surprise, yes, I'm a racist. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather...now, let's see better check the 'What will Carl's first Leftie Hate Mailer call him?' sweepstake. Who guessed 'racist'?

Oh. Everybody.

The gentleman in question has taken exception to my giggling at his slightly desperate spin on the Canadian Elections as a triumph for the Left. Yes, thats right, because less than half of the actual eligible voters voted Conservative, for Dirk this means that in fact Canada is still a Liberal, nay Socialist country and the fact that it now has a Conservative government is just, you know, a momentary aberration.

And apparently, as I mentioned, I am an arrogant racist piece of shit (note the usual high-brow Leftist arguments there) because I suggested that the Palis ought to be visited by some kind of earthquake if (as seems likely) they will elect a man called Hitler to what is laughably called their Parliament (and he is standing for Fatah, the 'moderates', bear in mind). These people are offing candidates left right and centre, rocket attacks from the vacated Gaza strip are a daily occurrence (land for peace working great there then) and it seems very likely that they will elect a terrorist organisation as their new leadership which has vowed again and again to murder every Jew in the Middle East.

Let me make my position clear on this. If thinking that people like that are scum and saying so makes me a racist, then I am proud to be called a racist. Are we connecting now, Dirk?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada, Oh Canada

Well, they did it. Canadians have elected a Conservative government, albeit a minority one. Personally when fully a quarter (75 from 308) of Canada's ridings are in Quebec which has an entrenched Francophone party, the Bloc Quebecois, frankly an all out majority this time was always extremely unlikely. Though the Conservatives, who last time failed to secure a single one of those 75 seats managed to take 10 this time with a huge rise in total percentage across the province as well, which provides further warning to the Bloc Quebecois that they need to follow through on their pre-election promise of cooperation or risk losing their power base.

The Liberals? Well, Paul Martin didnt waste any time falling on his sword. Anne McLellan, the incumbent Liberal involved in the best documented of the dodgy vote issues, has also lost her seat. My heart bleeds.

I said 'you are SO gonna lose'. Well, they did. Bigtime. Even though some people are still hilariously refusing to admit that this was actually a defeat, because, you know, lots of people didnt vote Conservative so hey, we're all still good Liberals really and in fact, the Conservatives who just won this democratic election are totally out of touch with, you know, the people, right? So really, when you think about it this was actualy a triumph for Liberalism wasnt it? Hurrah!

Party time in the Anglosphere!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I Wish All These People Had Been Aborted

Mr Justice Silber. I wish you had been aborted. You bastard.

Philip Sales, who believes that 'confidentiality is a key component of government policies to reduce conception rates and improve sexual health'. I wish you had been aborted. You bastard.

Anne Weyman, Chief Executive of the You Can Shag At 12 Without Consequences Association, who said informing parents that girls were being given abortion advice would be a "disaster, leading to young people staying away from services and risking unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections". I REALLY wish you had been aborted.

Just think about the intense sophistry involved in that last statement, boys and girls. Informing parents that their daughter had been given ABORTION advice would lead to unplanned pregnancy. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Having underage sex is against the law, bitch. How about we use that law against the spotty teenagers who persuade these young girls into all this consequence-free sex? The ACTUAL possibility of ten years for Statutory Rape for anyone shagging a 13-year old oughta reduce those STD and teenage pregnancy rates quite freakin fast!

I know one very smart, pretty fifteen-year old who I met a couple of weeks ago who is actually worried that she is still a virgin. Not proud. Worried! Because 'all her friends have done it, so why hasnt she?'

The more consequences, real or potential, are removed from the picture, the more likely young teenagers are to have sex way before they are ready. This is something that only the most insane of liberals could dispute. But they do, of course. Every year we dial back the age at which explicit sex education begins, every year we try diminish the actual possibility that underage sex could possible have any kind of actual consequences in the minds of children, and every year they tell us that this IS the way to go, oh yes, and if you dont think so you must be some kind of nutter.

Funny how we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe then isnt it? Odd, that all these 'experts' and 'professionals' like Anne Weyman have had upwards of twenty years to inflict their insane, borderline-paedophiliac visions of how young teenagers should be treated on us, yet it has had precisely the opposite effect they have spent those twenty years telling us it has.

Such a shame things were very different way back when these children of the fuckin sixties were born.

Those Most Charming Of People

Don't you just love those charming Palestinian 'refugees'? Gawd bless em, every one.

Preferably with some kind of earthquake.

The Goddess Rises

She Returns! Worship Her in All Things, for she is a slightly bemused Goddess who doesnt really understand what all the fuss is about...

Canadian Countdown: Is The Blogosphere An Annoyingly Square-Jawed Vampire With A Soul?

The Captain will be blogging the Election from 6PM CST which is about 3am here in the UK. Its a bit of a bugger that under Canadian Election Law no results of any kind may be announced before 10PM EST (3am) as obviously a country that spans 3 time zones has polling issues! Now obviously News organisations such as CBC (the Canadian Beeb equivalent) will adhere rigidly to that, but this has led to some intriguing questions about the role of Bloggers, LiveJournal users etc in the possible dissemination of results information (hat tip: LGF).

Sure if I was Canadian my pitiful audience wouldnt be enough to be considered 'public', but what about a LiveJournal user with a 100 people in his or her Friends book? Or a blogger with 100 regular readers? 500? 5000?

In other Canadian-related news, I can't help feeling like the Blogosphere in this election has performed the function of Angel from Buffy. In one particular episode, anyway. Its the one where big bad Paul, whoops, Caleb I mean, is still totally prepared to beat Buffy (for which read the Canadian Cons) into oblivion, and indeed this manifestation of the forces of darkness, imbued with the power of Liberalism, whoops, I meant the 'First Evil', is still utterly convinced that he is going to win. He simply cant comprehend that its all coming to an end.

Cue Angel aka the Blogosphere, who, having dealt the evil Caleb a nice haymaker rather like the Captain and others have done, simply steps out of Buffy's way, grins happily and tells Caleb:

'You are SO gonna lose.'

I couldnt have put it better myself Angelus old boy.

Australia Update: Its Those Wacky 'Middle Eastern' Youths Again...

Oh look, there's a shocker. Unnamed, untraceable, unidentifiable 'youths of Middle Eastern appearance' doing a happy dance on the faces of staff and patrons at an Aquatic Centre in merry old Oz. And just like Cronulla/Maroubra/Brighton-le-Sands, you can bet not one single goddamn Islamic bastard will be arrested for it.

Just because Australia's anti-terrorism forces are doing their jobs, doesnt mean their constabularies are. PC PCs of the world unite, and go move to Iran you Dhimmi bastards.

That is all.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

And It Just Keeps Getting Worse...

And we thought what was going on in those Moslem-controlled (and I use the word with precision when you remember the mass voter intimidation being carried out by those charming Islamic gangs) wards ooop North was bad...one commenter on the above post points out that the Liberal candidate in question won the seat in 1993 with a mysteriously 'lost and conveniently found' ballot box.

Has there ever been a more dirty, nasty and blatantly fraudulent election in a western 'democracy' than this one?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Canadian Liberal Desperation Reaches New Lows

Oh my. A mysterious figure breaks into a Liberal Campaign HQ to ring in a totally false sexual assault allegation against the Conservative candidate to a live televised debate - but its OK, because the Liberal candidate insists it definitely wasnt one of his campaign team. Must have been one of those aliens who tend to buzz the politicians up there maybe...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Canadian Liberals Implode - Desperation Ensues

The election in Canada on 23rd January is going to be worth watching. This may be approaching the glee I felt watching the 2004 Euro Elections here in the UK unfold after getting back from the local count (where UKIP hit as many votes as Labour and the Lib Dims combined). Now I appreciate not many Brits will feel that Canadian politics should matter all that much, but I think its worth noting. Because what we are seeing here is a profoundly Leftist, 'Liberal' (for Liberal read for example leader Paul Martin threatening MPs with expulsion if they bring forward any Bills to limit abortion - which can be performed up to nine months in caring Canada) Party in its death throes. They have been in power in Canada for about a gazillion years and have adopted all the smug, corrupt elitist Leftism that comes with such a situation.

Corruption scandal after corruption scandal has crippled them on a scale that even Tony Blair would scarcely contemplate. One of the prime movers in breaking the last, greatest of those scandals (ignored as long as possible by the MSM in both Canada and even more markedly in the neighbouring US) is this man, described in one Bloggers Guide as the hardest working Blogger on the Net, an epithet it is hard to disagree with.

Up there with the best of the Scandalbreakers such as the man who by and large ended Dan Rather's career and our own beloved expat Yank Scott Burgess who outed the 'Sassygate' journalist Dilpazier Aslam and caused powerful heads to roll at the Guardian, the Captain has announced his intention to liveblog the Election. I for one will attempt to be there to watch the fun - this is gonna be GOOD!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cronulla Update: Witnesses Too Scared To Testify Against Muslims

Well here's a shocker. Really. Those poor Muslim, oops sorry 'Middle Eastern' gangs who turned up for a rumble at Cronulla and ran like rabbits in favour of stabbings, car wrecking and shooting at a Lebanese Christian school when outnumbered for once havent had a single one of their number charged. Well, this sounds familiar doesnt it?

It seems some MSM Aussie outlets arent totally buying the 'its all whiteys fault line' though...shame. Though even this article refuses to mention the dreaded 'M' word at all though, and the bullet holes in the 'Middle Eastern' Christian School didnt even get a mention as a clue to what the perpetrators true 'secret identities' were...

Monday, January 16, 2006

How To Make It Up As You Go Along 101

(Hat Tip: Dhimmi Watch)

Yes, it seems our ROP pals, not content with making death threats and touring the Islamic world asking for fatwas against Denmark because someone portrayed their prophet in a way they arent too keen on, have decided to, you know, embellish a bit. The Brussels Journal, not a publication I would normally go near, has the scoop.

New York Times Hits New Low, Digs Ever Onward

.Absolutely pathetic. Rockets dont leave remains for chrissakes, they explode! This is like the hilarious Beeb 'scoop' about the tiny six-inch deep and three foot wide 'Cruise Missile' crater (what we would call a freakin pothole!) that Iraqis pointed to before the fall of Baghdad claiming it was US munitions deliberately targeting civilians.

So desperate is the US media for anything to smear Dubya and the US forces in Iraq that when the Yanks try to take out good ol Mr Zawahiri in one of his happy Pakistani hideouts we get faked bullshit like this to try and make out that these 'innocent' civilians (who had it seemed 'innocently' invited Osama's No.2 for dinner and cigars) are the only ones who were targeted. Even though the Pakistanis are admitting five top Al-Qaeda men are thought to be among the dead even if the Yanks didnt get the man himself.

The war progresses. Al-Qaeda is running scared, not even safe in its ratholes in Pakistan now. Zawahiri must be sweating at the thought that he nearly popped in and stayed for the cheese course, so naturally the Left is panicking at the thought of one of its favourite Islamofascist sons being spread all over the landscape.

Its a good sign, boys and girls. They are getting desperate.

Already an Update: Cox and Forkum nail it again.

I Never Thought Of Jews As Canaries, But..

(via CUANAS)

An excellent article by a crime writer named Andrew Klavan. It draws the apt parallel between anti-Semitic pronouncements and that fateful tweeting from the coalmine canary which signals REALLY BAD NEWS. Pops at Ahmadinejihad and newly-announced anti-Semite Hugo 'Its OK to hate the Jooz - I'm a Socialist' Chavez, and this absolutely priceless quote:

"When the entrenched misery of an area nearly as large as the United States is consistently blamed on 5 million people in a country the size of a shoebox, or when the ills of the world are loaded onto less than 1% of its population, I begin to become suspicious."

Read it all.

Pink Is The New Hawk. Or Something.

Oh my. Where can I start. This is rather wonderful stuff. Finally, like two enormous, overweight wrestlers who havent actually had to do any fighting for themselves for ten years on account of they've had proxies in fetching blue uniforms to do it for them, we have the Victimhoods Championship.

In the Islamophobia Corner we have Sir Iqbal Sacranie, face of moderate Islam (moderate meaning the Holocaust wasnt anything special and the Israelis and the Yanks have supposedly done worse, its OK to kill Salman Rushdie because HE's a blasphemer, the Iraq invasion caused 9/11 and well, lots of other little gems that most of us wouldnt exactly call 'moderate' except in the 'not rushing at you with wires hanging out of his clothing screaming Allahu Akhbar' sense of the word) has got himself in a bit of trouble. Honesty about what his religion believes on homosexuality is, it seems, not the best of policies in today's Britain. Sir Iqbal is now facing a possible prosecution for 'hate crimes'.

In the Pink Corner, Peter Tatchell, he who thinks its cool to 'out' straight minor celebs and hang around primary schools dodging angry parents whilst pressing literature on young boys telling them how they are secretly gay. In case anyone thinks from the title of this piece slagging off Sir Iqbal and the Moslem Council of Britain that Mr Tatchell has suddenly acquired an awareness of possible injustice anywhere in the entire history of the world against people who arent gay, read carefully and note that whilst not remembering gay Nazi victims is an Outrage to Mr Tatchell, he is silent on thoughts of excluding straight Jooooz from Holocaust Memorials.

To be fair to Mr Tatchell, he has made some attempt to address the reality that is Islam, in this actually quite well thought out piece. However he and the rest of the 'official' Pink Corner have spectacularly failed to leap to the defence of Messrs (if they wouldnt prefer Mrs) Armitage and Broadhead who may well be facing prosecution for, well, saying the same thing and not tucking it quietly away on their own personal website. Beautiful Atrocities has a rather less restrained take on the situation from the gay POV.

Who do I want to win? Well I just hope it goes the distance and they annihilate each other. Either way it is once again that leetle old thing we used to treasure in this country called Freedom of Speech that is the casualty.

UPDATE: Dumbjon at House of Dumb tips us off that the Met is going to move the goalposts in the face of actually having to investigate a Moslem for anything. However rest assured little old white men and women will still be intimidated to the full extent of the law.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

So Here It Is, Palestinian 'Democracy'

Ilana Mercer at Worldnet has a very insightful (and profanity-free) look at what passes for Pali 'society' in these ever more insane days in Gaza. As rocket attacks into Israeli towns from the newly 'freed' Gaza strip become literally a daily occurrence and Israel is castigated for not doing more for the laughably termed 'peace process', read it and weep as the last vestiges of civilisation, morality and decency dissappear from what I can barely make myself refer to as Palestinian 'society'.

Or, alternatively shrug cynically and say 'I told you so'. Up to you.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Madness of the West

I read via Tangled Web that nobody in the MSM or that well known bastion of political centrism, Question Time, is the slightest bit concerned that that Mr. Ahmadinejihad in Iran may soon have his hands on a nuclear weapon. It seems that, well, Israel is the real problem and should be disarmed if Iran were to be. Or was it instead of?

Let's remind ourselves of a few things. This country is led by a man who says that Israel should be 'wiped off the map'. That the Holocaust never happened. That a 'holy light' shone around him as he addressed the UN, or was it 'An Evening With Allah?

Ahmadinejihad follows Mahdaviat, the Cult of the Mahdi - the Islamic equivalent of the Messiah. Unbelievers will be cleansed by holy (nuclear?) fire blah fecking blah. It is plain that this deranged lunatic thinks he himself is the Mahdi - a holy light surrounded him? Give me a break.

Here sits the weak, decadent, corrupt West - smug about its 'multiculturalism', its 'tolerance' for offensiveness and evil, its willingness to 'adapt' and surrender to those who wish its destruction. Proud of its willingness to embrace all points of view - even if that point of view is that an entire nation be 'wiped off the map'.

Its not our problem? If we stand by and let a country and a people which has been at war for its very survival since its birth be destroyed then make no mistake - WE ARE NEXT. And if we are so morally bankrupt that we will not only wring our hands and pretend its nothing to do with us, and worse if we try to force Israel to stand back and watch whilst its destruction approaches, then we dont deserve to survive either.

I have never been more ashamed of where I come from, of my nation and inheritance, than I have been since Ahmadinejihad took power in Iran. Those who wish to appease and (secretly or otherwise) applaud Iran for 'standing up' to the democracies that they live in deserve nothing but contempt and hatred. When the day comes that Islam in the West feels strong enough to begin the Jihad, I hope it is they who perish first.

Message ends.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Normal Service Will Be Resumed etc

Normal service has been interrupted by Bogiebum Bottyburp, Dwarven Lawful Good Fighter/Rogue who is currently inhabiting the Neverwinter Nights universe and decimating the bad guys like there's no tomorrow. He has shiny PlateMail and a flaming sword and an ice sword as well and he's a real tough cookie. As well as worryingly addictive.

Normal leftie-shredding will resume shortly.
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