Monday, January 23, 2006

Canadian Countdown: Is The Blogosphere An Annoyingly Square-Jawed Vampire With A Soul?

The Captain will be blogging the Election from 6PM CST which is about 3am here in the UK. Its a bit of a bugger that under Canadian Election Law no results of any kind may be announced before 10PM EST (3am) as obviously a country that spans 3 time zones has polling issues! Now obviously News organisations such as CBC (the Canadian Beeb equivalent) will adhere rigidly to that, but this has led to some intriguing questions about the role of Bloggers, LiveJournal users etc in the possible dissemination of results information (hat tip: LGF).

Sure if I was Canadian my pitiful audience wouldnt be enough to be considered 'public', but what about a LiveJournal user with a 100 people in his or her Friends book? Or a blogger with 100 regular readers? 500? 5000?

In other Canadian-related news, I can't help feeling like the Blogosphere in this election has performed the function of Angel from Buffy. In one particular episode, anyway. Its the one where big bad Paul, whoops, Caleb I mean, is still totally prepared to beat Buffy (for which read the Canadian Cons) into oblivion, and indeed this manifestation of the forces of darkness, imbued with the power of Liberalism, whoops, I meant the 'First Evil', is still utterly convinced that he is going to win. He simply cant comprehend that its all coming to an end.

Cue Angel aka the Blogosphere, who, having dealt the evil Caleb a nice haymaker rather like the Captain and others have done, simply steps out of Buffy's way, grins happily and tells Caleb:

'You are SO gonna lose.'

I couldnt have put it better myself Angelus old boy.


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