Monday, January 23, 2006

Australia Update: Its Those Wacky 'Middle Eastern' Youths Again...

Oh look, there's a shocker. Unnamed, untraceable, unidentifiable 'youths of Middle Eastern appearance' doing a happy dance on the faces of staff and patrons at an Aquatic Centre in merry old Oz. And just like Cronulla/Maroubra/Brighton-le-Sands, you can bet not one single goddamn Islamic bastard will be arrested for it.

Just because Australia's anti-terrorism forces are doing their jobs, doesnt mean their constabularies are. PC PCs of the world unite, and go move to Iran you Dhimmi bastards.

That is all.


Anonymous Meg said...

You are quite right of course. Entry to the police force nowadays paves the way for a possible knighthood in Britain or politics elsewhere. They are playing the long game. Policing without actually policing, gets them noticed and the more useless and ineffectual they are the better their chances.I recently heard one such cretin boast he hadn't drawn a baton in twelve years inner city service. Just how far back was he hiding during those cartoon riots?

8:08 PM  

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