Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Funny Old Week

I dont know why, but I seem to be offending people far more than usual this week, but at the same time garnering a lot of praise and encouragement from some unexpected quarters. I did succumb to the temptation to simply insult a really nasty piece of work who commented on the Hamas situation over at Tangled Web by saying that the Israelis are bigger murderers than Hamas etc, and then capped it by saying that those nasty evil Joooooz routinely target civilians at random and had murdered a 7-year old girl a couple of days ago for no reason whatsoever.

Perhaps the response 'Yeah sure, the Jews kill 7-year old children for kicks. You fucking Nazi bastard.' was a little OTT. But then again, is it? This guy has just stated that Jews kill civilians for no good reason, and that they have just murdered a small child when they were 'in a situation where there was no other shooting and the soliders were in absolutely no danger'. So why shouldnt I call that like it is? Just another Nazi bastard (leftist or rightist, I dont really care) making up pathetic blood libel stories to try and justify Arab genocidal intentions towards Israel.

A Jewish friend of mine read this Blog for the first time the other week and marvelled at how I, a Gentile, was so pro-Israel and indeed pro-Zionist. Its simple. I believe in Israel because it is RIGHT to do so. A moral judgment - no ideology, no Islamophobia involved, just that Israel is in the right and the seething sea of enemies that surround it are in the wrong. End of story.

In other news, Conception is about to begin so you wont be seeing me for a few days from middle of next week, so for my regular readers consider this a warning that neither of you need bother stopping by from 1st February to 6th. Those few visitors in the area of the Dorset/
Hampshire border may wish to come down and play some games with us - all tastes, all types.

Hell, if my 9-year old can sit down and play the d20 game I wrote based on these guys, I'm sure even the most rabid members of the Dreaded Zionist Conspiracy can find something to suit...


Blogger p_pandar said...

heh, read his comments... I actually find it incredable that people who are so blatantly anti semetic have the ordacity to call other people `racist` Try looking in a mirror.

2:56 PM  
Blogger wonkotsane said...

Erm, the Israeli's will target anyone when they attack. They fire rockets into built-up areas from miles away. I'm not saying the Palestians aren't as indiscriminate but Israel is just as bad.

The trouble in the middel east will never be resolved while collaborators such as yourself continue to defend Israel for state-sponsored terrorism and breaking international law.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Israel doesnt fire rockets into built-up areas from miles away. Their missile strikes are surgical and precise - how do you think they managed to take out two leaders of Hamas in two weeks with such precision from 'miles away'?

International law as defined by the UN doesnt exist. The UN is made up of some of the worst genocidal, anti-Semitic lunatics in history. Its the lunatics voting on asylum policy and pretending that it has legitimacy to make judgements on law is nonsense.

You can believe all the ridiculous propaganda you want - calling Israel's actions to defend itself against terrorism by the same name is idiocy. And the only way the 'trouble' will be resolved as far as the Arabs are concerned is for every Jew in the world to be six feet under. Pretending otherwise is a lie.

11:29 AM  
Blogger p_pandar said...

"The trouble in the middel east will never be resolved while collaborators such as yourself continue to defend Israel for state-sponsored terrorism and breaking international law." Frankly I do not have such a high opinion of myself or to be honest the people around me (no offence Carl) as to imagine for even so much as one minuet that our opinions could possibly effect world issues such as what happens in isreal. The Isrealis do not target anyone, frankly its people like YOU that cause the problems mr.wonkotsane I realise that civilians are sometimes caught in the cross fire in Isreali military strikes but until you can prove to me that the IDF deliberatley blows up busses filled with school children as the palis have done, you should drop the `there just as bad really` act because it simply doesnt hold water.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous gymrat said...

I'm no fan of the PLO or Hamas but you rae a little bit starry-eyed when it comes to the Israelis. There have been ,for example, undisputed reports of the IDF firing missiles into crowded apartment buildings to take out snipers.
For one big example of Israeli callousness toward human life consider the Siege of Beirut:
The cease-fire signaled the start of a new stage in the war, as Israel focused on PLO forces trapped in Beirut. Although Israel had long adhered to the axiom that conquering and occupying an Arab capital would be a political and military disaster, key Israeli leaders were determined to drive the PLO out of Beirut. Israel maintained the siege of Beirut for seventy days, unleashing a relentless air, naval, and artillery bombardment. The Israeli air force conducted what was called a "manhunt by air" for Arafat and his lieutenants and on several occasions bombed premises only minutes after the PLO leadership had vacated them. If the PLO was hurt physically by the bombardments, the appalling civilian casualties earned Israel world opprobrium. Morale plummeted among IDF officers and enlisted men, many of whom personally opposed the war. Lebanese leaders petitioned Arafat, who had threatened to fight the IDF until the last man, to abandon Beirut to spare further civilian suffering. Arafat's condition for withdrawal was that a multinational peacekeeping force be deployed to protect the Palestinian families left behind. Syria and Tunisia agreed to host departing PLO fighters. An advance unit of the Multinational Force, 350 French troops, arrived in Beirut on August 11, followed within one week by a contingent of 800 United States marines. By September 1, approximately 8,000 Palestinian guerrillas, 2,600 PLA regulars, and 3,600 Syrian troops had evacuated West Beirut.

Taking stock of the war's toll, Israel announced the death of 344 of its soldiers and the wounding of more than 2,000. Israel calculated that hundreds of Syrian soldiers had been killed and more than 1,000 wounded, and that 1,000 Palestinian guerrillas had been killed and 7,000 captured. By Lebanese estimates, 17,825 Lebanese had died and more than 30,000 had been wounded.

On the evening of September 12, 1982, the IDF, having surrounded the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, dispatched 300 to 400 Christian militiamen into the camps to rout what was believed to be the remnant of the PLO forces. The militiamen were mostly Phalangists but also included members of the Israeli-sponsored South Lebanon Army (SLA). The IDF ordered its soldiers to refrain from entering the camps, but IDF officers supervised the operation from the roof of a six-story building overlooking part of the area. According to the report of the Kahan Commission created later by the Israeli government to investigate the events, the IDF monitored the Phalangist radio network and fired flares from mortars and aircraft to illuminate the area. Over a period of two days, the Christian militiamen massacred 700 to 800 Palestinian men, women, and children.

Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon, the architect of Israel's war in Lebanon, was forced to resign his portfolio in the wake of the Sabra and Shatila investigation, although he remained in the cabinet (...)

7:47 PM  
Anonymous gymrat said...

More specifics on the Siege of Beirut:
To the media, Israel stressed its employment of precision weapons against military targets, but general bombing also took place. As described first-hand by retired British Major Derek Cooper, “From early July the attacks from sea, land and air got intense, sustained and indiscriminate, often by night as well as in the day time; little warning was given and the creeping barrage of destruction grew as the days went by and the siege and blockade began to bite. . . the shelling and bombing was indiscriminate as building after building was destroyed from sea, land and air.”[52]

Several districts were especially hit hard. Fakhani district and the three refugees camps saw the greatest damage. The port area and Corniche Mazraa experienced less damage, but this was all relative. Virtually all the embassies and seventeen of twenty-six hospitals suffered damage. “In a city that was an armed camp, hospitals were not going to escape the contamination of their patients’ politics.”[53] The siege left the city devastated. As noted by an Israeli historian, “Come August Beirut was in shambles: running out of food and medicines; electricity cut off; and water supplies so short that inhabitants used artesian wells.”[54]
Claiming a desire to minimize civilian casualties, Israeli spokesmen stressed precision bombing methods targeting only the PLO “terrorists” and denied the use of cluster bombs. Then the truth came out that the IDF was using them. In another case, the IDF blamed Lebanese Christians for the cutting off water and electricity to west Beirut until reporters discovered Israelis helping to man the pumping stations. Israeli censors even tried to edit newsreels, so the major networks sent their material to Damascus.[59]


8:30 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


Its called warfare. Or do you seriously contend that only Jews should have to follow some kind of obscure rule that they are not allowed to fire upon the enemy just because the enemy is being sheltered by civilians? What happened in Lebanon is a clear example of the reason why Islamic terrorism grows and flourishes today - the disgusting conduct of western governments in deliberately preventing Israel from defending itself in the maner any other nation would be allowed to.

As far as the Kahan Commission goes, well all I will say on that is that Israel's political class (Sharon included) has a long history of enormous ingratitude for and betrayal of its soldiers. The same kind of Israeli Commission, for example, swallowed the Mohammed Al-Dura 'murder' story hook line and sinker even though it has now been proven beyond all doubt to be a fake.

Albert Speer called Germany itself the 'Third Front' during WW2. He was right. No other nation on earth is humiliated and forced to suffer attack after attack with its hands tied the way Israel is. The hypocrisy of the West knows no bounds.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Oh by the way, Gymrat, wanted to say thanks for offering evidence and a rational, polite argument against my views. First time anyone on the opposite side has actually bothered to do that - always much happier to listen, consider and respond under those circumstances. Please come back again.

8:07 AM  

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