Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trade You 1000 Community Support Officers For This Guy

(Hat Tip: Silent Running)

Now this is how to fight crime...

Former Marine Thomas Autry says he's not a hero for pulling a knife and fighting back after a group of thugs attacked him on his late-night walk home from work.

More than his military training, Autry said "what really helped me was growing up in New York."

Lucky for him that he wasnt in a particularly PC jurisdiction like say, Bradford. Can you imagine it? Daring to fight back against criminals with - gasp! - actual force? He'd have been inside a cell at the Howard League's pleasure before he could wipe the blood off his knife.

I believe passionately in the barter system as an economic model, so I really mean it about this trade - as well as some of the others I've suggested in the past...

Monday, May 29, 2006

I Have To Smirk Just A Little...

It seems that our American Blogosphere colleagues are, not surprisingly, hugely up in arms over what can truthfully only be described as the 'Complete Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants' Bill which just passed through the Senate, not least because of an 'amendment' which seemingly allows Mexico to have a say on how the US should stop illegal Mexican immigrants entering through its porous border.

Bloggers such as Jonathan Leffingwell at Crush Liberalism and his readership are in complete agreement about ALL aspects of sovereignty being vital to retain for a nation state. How terrible it is, he points out, for a nation to hand over any such thing to ANYONE else.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, America's biggest conservative site, is also up in arms at the 'insane' Immigration Bill which will basically legitimise every single one of the tens of millions of illegals in the US.

Alison at Making Headlines has pointed out previously that she refuses to read LGF any more because every news item out of 'Eurabia' is accompanied by a caterwauling of self-satisfied American Bloggers scornfully prophesying doom and gloom for us 'Europeans'. Well, appalling though the passing of the Immigration Bill is, this 'Eurabian' cannot help a small, smug smile of satisfaction at the fact that it is 'their' President who has steamrollered this disgusting piece of legislation forward - it is members of the GOP (Grand Old Party - the Republicans to the uninitiated Brit) who have helped it get through.

And as for the amendment, well once again I cannot honestly deny a roar of irony at this one. Loss of sovereignty? I respect you guys to the max, but you have NO concept of what a loss of national sovereignty truly means. When 70% of your laws are made in Brussels, when your Immigration Policy has already been signed over to the European Commission, then you have the right to moan about 'losing sovereignty'.

Well, welcome to my world Jonathan, Charles. That smiling lizard face you posted up on your Blogs with the appellation 'Click Here To Thank Tony' because he took Britain to war alongside America? Well, that bastard you thanked so enthusiastically has been giving away MY country's sovereignty since the moment he took office. Every minute of every day.

Immigration. Gone. Health and Safety at work. Gone. Environmental Health issues such as waste disposal. Gone. Local planning issues for new buildings in green areas. Gone.

I could go on. But I won't. I hope our US colleagues will view this episode as a wake up call, and that in future instead of spending so much time telling us how we here in Europe aren't doing enough to fight the good fight, they will start looking at how their own great champions maybe are, when it comes down to it, politicians first and heroes second. Bush has chosen to duck the issue of illegal immigration in order to avoid the mess that actually dealing with it would cause - just like the US Blogosphere chose to ignore Blair's betrayal of his own country because they were getting what they wanted from him at the time.

I'm sure American readers will feel I am being unfair. But Alison has always had a fair point about their attitude to their European allies. And that is what we are - real allies, not fairweather friends.

So I will smirk, just a little. I think all of us Brit Bloggers have earned it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Double Amazing

(via No More Turning Left)

From the Times, a harrowing and quite amazing story of human endurance and persecution.

Though the cynical part of me that notices these things points out that throughout the entire diatribe against the evils of forced marriage and honour killings, nobody manages to mention the I-word or the M-word even once, even though the fact that the fiance intended to be forced on 'Zena' was from Kashmir, not exactly an area known for its Buddhist or Jewish affiliations.

Now that's DOUBLE amazing.

(Welcome to readers of the Devil's Kitchen, who is quite worryingly measured on the subject. After reading his incredibly restrained post I feel like some poor bastard at the foot of Krakatoa just before it blows...)

Friday, May 26, 2006


Right For Scotland reminds us that the UN's continued ability to positively exude corruption from every pore continues. From Kofi's son and the missing Oil for Food billions, the appointment of such Human Rights luminaries as Syria to its laughable 'Human Rights' Tribunal they have progressed to the most base and sickening level imaginable - child sex for food.

Not that the MSM are willing to admit it of course. I particularly liked Mr, erm, Scotland's comment that if the BBC were to be believed 'you might think that the Salvation Army are branching out into ritualistic buggering' - the irony as usual of course is that it will be the UN investigating the UN.

What is also worrying and sickening on a purely selfish national level is that the British Army has become, whilst obviously not active in this disgusting trade, at the very least complicit in it. The fact that our Armed Forces are now going the same route as our Police Force - viewing the stopping of blatant, open and organised paedophilia as 'undiplomatic' as long as it is committed by those of, ahem, non-western extraction. Different strokes for different folks and all that, dontcha know. We must respect the right of Africans to practice child prostitution - to do otherwise would be 'undiplomatic', after all...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Conspiracy of Silence

Fjordman aka the (unfortunately now defunct) Viking Observer brings us a truly chilling post at Gates of Vienna. It concerns the current climate of media silence and obfuscation in Sweden whenever the dreaded I-Word is mentioned. Either of them, in fact.

In Britain we have now at the very least progressed to the point where the idea that mass immigration is a bad thing can be mooted without a complete massed roar of 'Fascist!' from our MSM. Well, bits of it anyway. Granted there are still local press bastions like the one detailed in this slightly over-triumphal 'we came second, yay for us!' BNP report who insist on equating even such mistrust of things non-British as opposition to the Euro as 'evidence of old-fashioned racist views'!

In snowy Sweden however the liberal consensus that ANY negative feeling toward immigration is evidence of racism is firmly, utterly in place. The minority party, the Swedish Democrats (who it must be stressed do NOT have the same ideological or historical baggage as the British BNP) are demonised in an even more extreme way than the BNP are in this country. The kind of ugly 'throw them to the wolves' attitude shown by British authorities during the height of the Cartoon Jihad is greatly in evidence in Sweden as well, as the Swedish extreme Left is able it seems to attack those it dislikes with impunity, as Fjordman relates.

"In one such attack, which extreme Leftists were later openly bragging about on the Internet, around 30 members of the Sweden Democrats were attending a private party outside the town of Växjö. “To clearly demonstrate that the Sweden Democrats are not welcome in our area, about 20 anti-Fascists chose to attack the party.” “The Sweden Democrats were attacked with knives, axes, iron bars and other weapons. After that, their cars were destroyed.” The brave Leftists then smashed the windows and threw tear gas into the building, forcing people outside, where they were again attacked and beaten with iron bars and axes. Several of the people were hospitalized after the attack. This was a peaceful, private party by unarmed members of a perfectly legal political party that just happens to be critical of the country’s immigration policies. These brave Leftists or “anti-Fascists” do, for some curious reason, seem to behave pretty much like, well, Fascists, a bit like the Brown Shirts in the 1930s, physically assaulting political opponents to silence them."

Sounds familiar doesnt it? The total, mindblowing hypocrisy of Leftists who scream blue murder about any infringement of their rights whilst reserving the right to 'smash' anyone who doesnt agree with them has long been a staple of British political activism, but in Scandinavian countries there is often little in the way of pretence that the Left is indulging in anything but pure political terrorism. It is small wonder that the Left and Islam has made such firm and unbending common cause - both understand the concept of 'on the streets' intimidation as a tool for the suppression of opposing views all too well. Would you go to a Sweden Democrats or a BNP meeting to find out what their views really were if you were running a reasonable risk of an axe to the head or a smashed car whilst the authorities turned a blind eye.

Fjordman also talks about the 'chilling' effect of educational debate on the subject in Swedish schools, where as he explains a majority of Stockholm headmasters have refused to allow Swedish Democrats to participate in debates or allow mock candidates from amongst the students in the run up to Sweden's elections. From a personal perspective one incident during the 2005 Election campaign springs to mind.

Our local UKIP campaign had hired a small hall in Britain's grey capital, Highcliffe (our borough of Christchurch has the oldest average population in the UK, and Highcliffe skews the average even higher) for a meeting at which I had the pleasure of sharing a platform with our candidate, David Hughes. As we were placing our banner outside the hall three teenagers walked past and stopped, to our enormous surprise exclaiming happily at our presence. They approached and two of them explained to us that they were aware of us and were in broad support of our policies. However they had recently had a mock election at their local high school (previously the subject of a letter writing campaign due to its support for the politically biased Spring Day In Europe campaign) and had been told in no uncertain terms that a mock UKIP candidate was emphatically NOT required, although a Green candidate was encouraged to do so even though the Greens were not even standing in the constituency!

A small moment from a gruelling campaign, but telling. When schools begin to show such clear political bias, it is apparent that something is very very wrong.

Much can be made of the horrific effects mass Muslim immigration is having on Nordic countries - Fjordman details much of it in a previous post I drew attention to. In one court alone, statistics show that a staggering 85% of convicted rapists are of 'foreign' birth. 'Foreign' in this case meaning from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. Damn, if only those countries had some common factor I could put my finger on...

Sweden's descent into Dhimmitude proceeds apace. From withdrawing from military exercises because of Israel's presence in them to granting a visa to a Hamas Minister despite them still being on even the EU's list of terrorist organisations to taking down anti-Muslim websites during the Cartoon Jihad, the list of failures to address the rape of Swedish society by its newest members are manifold. Let us hope that the media consensus may be shattered by the Blogosphere as has happened before on other issues before the decline of this once-proud nation becomes irreversible.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Silence Of The Dads

Apologies for the extended silence gentle reader - normal ranting will be resumed as soon as possible. Lots of juicy good stories out there for me to sink my teeth into at the moment, so let's see what happens tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Name The Disease...

...fearsome enough to lay this man low. Acute Libdimophobia? Pneumislamonia? Cameronitis?

Answers in the Comments section please.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Local Elections - EVERY Vote Was A Vote For Racism

It's a bold statement, I admit. But I think its an accurate one, just the same.

Much has and will be made of the BNP's election victories and high votes in many areas where they managed to concentrate. Hyperbole abounds from the Left and the MSM (oxymoron there I suppose) - every single BNP voter is now magically transformed into a demonic, jackbooted brownshirt Nazi. Recent blogroll addition Tottenham Lad has already been branded a Nazi and banned from one Leftist site for pointing out that it is perhaps no coincidence that voter fraud is rampant in areas with a high incidence of populations originating in countries which have little or no tradition of democracy. And as a further example brought to us by Laban Tall the responses to some of the very reasonable comments on this thread over at the increasingly politically schizoid Harry's Place have bordered on the frenzied if they do not conform to the Party Line.

I smell fear, ladies and gents.

What of the Leftist alternates on offer then? Well if you actually make any kind of reasonable comparison of Leftist darlings Respect/SWP and the BNP by looking for all the usual criteria applied to criticisms of the BNP - an obvious ethnic homogeny and bias, violent racism and of course Anti-Semitism you find that those traits can be applied far more readily to Respect than the BNP. Especially in the latter case by virtue of the fact that you would be very hard put to find the BNP or any of its spokespeople being daft enough to make anti-Semitic utterances nowadays - unlike Respect and its mouthpiece Mr Galloway who are not exactly faint of heart when it comes to that sort of thing.

But this is obvious and trite, you cry. Yes, most of us would say that Respect are as bad as the BNP, so whats your point? Millions still didnt vote for either Party, did they?

Well, no they didnt. The Conservatives polled excellently in London, and rather poorly all in all elsewhere when it comes down to it. The LibDems once again utterly failed to make their own big breakthrough, and Labour had a pretty miserable night all round but then it had followed their proverbial week of hell after, and it is worth noting that they still held several of the Councils that theoretically *should* have fallen.

So, we come back to the BNP, and the charge that every one of those votes must have been a vote for racism - 'by racists for racists', so to speak. A vote for special preferences for white people, a vote for the BNP's 'voluntary assisted repatriation for those who want it' Policy. Then we get into dodgy territory though - 'opposition to immigration is racism' even though there is plenty of evidence that not only is the crest of the current immigrant crime wave (over in 8 prisoners in British jails currently being foreign nationals) essentially eastern european and 'ethinically' white in origin, but the majority of actual immigration is as well. Trying to blame the BNP vote on people being upset by a few more 'dark faces' is both ignorant and inaccurate.

So what if you didnt vote BNP or Respect, and can freely express your contempt for those that did - a contempt not exactly confined to the Leftist side of the Blogosphere either I might add. Well, let me tell you what you, safe and secure upon your moral high ground, DID vote for.

You voted for this. To allow scum who murder Police to remain in the UK as 'genuine refugees' even when they begin developing violent criminal records - just so long as their faces fit though.

You voted for this. The targeting of educational resources purely according to ethnic grouping. What you would doubtless call racism if applied by the BNP on white pupils behalf as opposed to on behalf of everyone else.

You voted for this. To not only allow racially exclusive 'Associations' within essential services, but also to allow them to call for the setting of racially based quotas for those essential services - ignoring the fact that, in fact these quotas already exist even if they are not explicitly enshrined in law. Is this not racism of the purest, dictionary-definition kind?

You voted for this. To allow the media to continue to present a racially biased agenda of the most blatant kind in perpetuity, whilst by contrast playground name-calling by a ten-year old ends up with a terrified child in court and a Jewish judge accused of racism herself for thinking this to be the height of insanity.

And, on the most basic and shameful level, you voted for this. That's 421,000 UK hits alone on Google for the simple phrase 'Please Give Your Ethnic Origin'. The fact that every single organisation must monitor its 'diversity' and 'ethnicity' and divert resources accordingly to ensure it meets an arbitrary target is racism every bit as much as the BNP's ideas of diverting resources to the 'indigenous population'.

So cease your smugness, and your contempt, all you LibLabConTrick voters. I dont know which bunch of you is worse. Those who continue to cling to the delusion that mass immigration is somehow strengthening Britain instead of helping to destroy it, or the people who spent the entire Election campaign whining about how terrible the whole situation is and how something must be done...

...but that the only way to do so was to vote for one of the Parties who have perpetrated and support the situation in the first place.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oxygen of Publicity Update

Further to this...

They caved. Oh my yes. As Laurence, the Blogger being sued for pointing out that his Tourist Board's Advertising Agency had accidentally put a sex-line number on an ad for said Tourist Board puts it...

"After suffering a week of mercilous bludgeoning in the media, Tom McCartin and the rest of Warren Kremer Paino Advertising have withdrawn their lawsuit against me."

Score one for the Bloggers.

The 'Inner Struggle' Reaches New Depths Of Depravity

The Mudville Gazette brings us a truly horrific account of a Jihadi execution in Iraq - Atwar Bhajat was a noted Iraqi journalist and correspondent for Al-Arabiya, so hated for her investigative reporting that even her funeral cortege was attacked twice en route. This is, I warn those wishing to read it, not for the fainthearted.

She was just thirty years old.

(Hat Tip: Wizbang)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Local Elections Part 2 - Fraud and Deception in Birmingham

Yup, its official. Council officials in certain areas were so determined to stop the BNP winning wards that they were prepared to not only to throw their toys out of the pram in quite spectacularly silly fashion by simply saying the day after that 'Labour won instead, so there', but even to break the law outright by conducting late-night 'recounts' behind closed doors with no independent witnesses present, including even the Police whom they themselves called in two days before amidst vote-rigging allegations.

The BNP Candidate in question sets out the events here, and the BNP has their 'official' more detailed version of events here and here. I would link to a more 'neutral' news service, unfortunately the MSM has quite deliberately buried the story - and I really mean buried it. Googling 'Kingstanding Birmingham Results' or the like produces absolutely nothing.

Birmingham Council meanwhile is still pursuing the hilarious fiction they chose before - that their own, unwitnessed behind-closed-doors third recount revealed that 'some of the votes had been counted twice'. Even though nobody noticed that during the first three counts - isnt this a pretty fundamental thing to slip past the notice of an entire battery of Council staff and the Returning Officer - three times?!?!?

But OK, let's be polite and assume there is truth to this idea of double counting. Interesting then that it just so happens that of the 3000 'extra votes' counted, a full 1000 of them have supposedly been double counted for the single BNP Candidate, but only 500 for both the Labour candidates put together! How convenient that this 'administrative error' should affect the result just perfectly to let the extra Labour candidate be elected and deny the BNP their victory.

Actually, you know what, sod being polite. This is yet another pathetic attempt to keep the Liberal consensus in place - perverting our democracy so the 'right' candidates can be elected. The people involved in this 'recount' should be dealt with to the full extent of the law just as our laughably named 'Elections Minister' says they should be.

This kind of despicable behaviour strikes right through to the heart of our nation, our culture. We are still a democratic nation, a nation of free men and women who have the right to elect or dismiss our elected officials. This isnt just Mohammed Miscellaniq having a few dozen extra postal votes delivered to a flat in Bradford - this is a Council's actual officials involved in an active, deceitful and underhand perversion of the democratic process.

Secret recounts in the small hours after the doors have been locked? This is still what remains of Britain, not the proverbial Banana Republic.

These people should never be allowed anywhere near an Elections office again.

Local Elections Part 1 - She's All Growed Up Bless Her

Just one small observation to be made before we get stuck into topics such as the you know who. Watching Al-Beeb's Election coverage (and marvelling at how blatant their bias remains) I encountered the babyface of one Sarah Teather, winner of the Brent East bye-election some time ago where what should have been a rock-solid Labour majority was overturned by the Liberal Democrats.

My, time hasnt been good to her. She was the plump-cheeked, winsome-smiled oh-so-nice face of the Lib Dims when she was elected. You got the sense that butter wouldnt melt, it really wouldnt.

But now? Well, as it became apparent that (with the exception of Richmond) the Libs had totally and utterly failed to make any dent in the Labour vote and all those losses were going the Tories way, the subject of Islington came up. Now for our non-UK readers, Islington is something of a byword for so-called 'Liberal' entrenchment and thinking - in the US it would be regarded as a Blue State of such staggering proportions that the Democrats could field a small piece of cheese as candidate and still win.

However it seemed that as the first results started coming in from this neck of the woods that it was likely that the LibDims were about to lose their grip on Islington council. But instead of the winsome smile and the cute hamster cheeks, what did we get from 'Ms' Teather?

Its down to the Local Party, she informed us all, gazing darkly at the table. They have had 'lots of internal issues' and its hampered their campaign. The Beeb presenter seemed more than a little taken aback at this blatant slagging of her fellow LibDims, and had to check, was she really saying that if they lost Islington it would be her own colleagues fault?

Well, yes, it would, she explained.

So it seems the butter does indeed melt after all. Fresh-faced and innocent has learnt the art of putting the boot in against her colleagues when the chips are down along with the rest of them. Almost bring a tear to your eyes, doesnt it?

How quickly they grow up nowadays.

Job Offers At Downing Street

Just imagine for a moment, that you saw this in the classifieds whilst looking for a new job:

Job Title: Deputy Prime Minister

Job Description: N/A

Responsibilities: None (except chairing occasional "high level meetings", and taking over the country when Mr. Blair is on holiday)

Requirements: Must look and behave like an Orc.

Perks: Two company cars (both Jaguars of course) free apartment in Admiralty House London and a free official country residence, Dorneywood in Buckinghamshire, not to mention the leather clad secretaries and the overwhelming attraction of power.

Salary: £134,000 plus expenses.

Summary: The British Taxpayers will give you approximately a quarter of a million pounds per year, for sitting in nice comfortable chairs in nice panelled rooms in your luxury London apartment...

The above would be comical, if it were not true. Why on earth do the British public put up with this BS? The man was caught out, and he was fired, (with his powers being transferred to the supposedly disgraced Ruth Kelly, seems more like a promotion to me) yet although he no longer does what he is paid to do, he still gets paid for it. If that’s not blatant corruption then what is?

Friday, May 05, 2006

What A Piece Of Shit...

...this fucking weasel is. He was not content with this load of anti-Jewish cobblers where he repeats the usual nonsense about so-called International Law ('law' decided by the same United Nations in 1967 which abandoned the Sinai and forgot that International Law shouldnt theoretically include bringing the entire Egyptian Army up to the Israeli border...), the 'apartheid wall', 'land grabs', dialogue with Hamas, we must respect the Palestinians right to elect a Party which calls for the genocide of the Jews, blah blah blah.

No, that wasnt quite nasty enough. It also appears that, like most MEPs, he doesnt take kindly to criticism of his despicable exercises in moral equivalency. Pointing out that building a fence to stop people blowing you up isnt quite the same as shoving six million people into gas chambers is racist and means you are 'wallowing in your own filth', don't ya know.

At the risk of repeating myself - what a fucking weasel.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

BBC Shows Its Bias Before The Results Even Start

Looking for early results on the BBC's Local Elections Website, I see that they are choosing to show Local Councils which cannot possibly change hands as 'Holds' for whichever Party currently controls them. Its cute little headline meter is showing flashes already telling us these 'results' on a rotating basis.

Well, as long as they are Labour or the single Lib Dem Council anyway. Curiously the Conservative councils which cannot change hands are not included as 'headlines'...

Well there's a surprise. The first seat hasnt even declared yet and they are trying to pretend the Tories don't exist. Much as I loathe David 'Will Blow Goats For Government' Cameron and his desperate bunch, they are my brothers in arms compared to the bastards of the BBC.

Belated Happy Birthday

Whoops, I know I have a tendency to forget relatives birthdays...but I shouldnt have forgotten this one.

Happy 58th Birthday Israel. May your light shine forever.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Human Rights Win Out Over Human Life Once Again

Richard North at EU Referendum points out the way that once more the entire Commons decided to ignore the EU Elephant In The Room when it comes to the murderer of PC Beshenivsky - for all the protests about how Mustaf Jama, her murderer, should have been considered for deportation before he took her life, it turns out that under EU 'Human Rights' Laws he couldnt have been anyway...and even under Clarke's 'new legislation being considered' (which is no doubt destined to be another of those conveniently 'blocked' items) he wouldnt have been anyway...

Oh yes, and just so you're all aware. This piece of shit was also one of those 'genuine refugees' we must all breathe a collective sigh of sympathy for.

Could there possibly be any better Election Agent for the BNP than this pathetic Government?

Monday, May 01, 2006


Meet Rachel from North London. She survived 7/7, was raped and nearly murdered by an illegal immigrant from Jamaica, and has really now had enough of our bastard Home Secretary Charles 'Deportation? Sorry, No Comprende' Clark.

Read it all.

(Hat Tip: Iain Dale)

UPDATE: Bloody hell, this girl likes to type. There's a Part 2 now...
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