Friday, September 18, 2009

This Woman Is Deranged In The Best Possible Way

"Me: (Starts moving my wrist so it appears the bear is humping his face.) "Rwwwrr. Mmmmm. Ahhh. Mmmmm."

J: "What the hell are you doing now?"

Me: "He's humping your head. Rwwwrr. Mmmm. Who's your daddy? Ahhhh. Ohh baby. Rrrwwwrr."

J: "And that's not normal bear behavior."

Me: "His name is Chester the Molester."

J: "Oh. Well, that explains it. And you can stop humping my head with that puppet anytime now."

Me: "He's not done yet. Rwwwrrr. RWWWWRRR! OHH! AHHHHHHH!! There. Now he wants to cuddle."

J: "Somehow I think I'll be reading this on your blog soon."

Sublime craziness.



Anonymous alison said...

She is indeed a goddess and makes me laugh out loud daily. That bear is parter of a wider plan.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous christmasghost said...

You might want to hop on over and check out my evil [in the best possible way] co blogger's take on Mad King Chuckie AKA Captain Queeg...

9:47 PM  

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