Sunday, April 30, 2006

Will the BNP make the breakthrough?

That's the big question, isnt it? Its reasonably obvious that the media is deliberately talking up the possibility of a terrible Fascist Breakthrough mainly in order to a) bring out the negative voters - the 'Keep the ***** Out' crowd, and b) so they can crow when the breakthrough doesn't happen to anything like the extent they have 'predicted'.

To put things in perspective, the BNP is fielding a total of 363 candidates to contest a (relatively small) number of 4360 Council seats in England, less than 9% of the total. As I understand it, virtually no Local authorities of any size are up for grabs, because the vast majority of the Councils in question have only a third of their seats being contested. So few Councils will change hands, and statistically it is, let us be clear, absolutely certain that the BNP will not gain control of any Councils.

Going to the BNP's candidate list it becomes clear that they are heavily targeting certain areas, but are spread very thinly around others. Birmingham is high on the list, as is Sunderland, and of course Barking, where the 80% of white people are supposedly 'thinking about voting BNP'.

Will the BNP snatch a swathe of seats? Who knows, but it seems very doubtful. Even they themselves are foolishly getting carried away with the momentum of it all, and it is worth realising that they are very much a concentrated Party. Where they are strong on the ground they are still relatively weak in infrastructure compared to many. Where they are weak they are virtually non-existent.

The BNP has learnt the Lib Dem technique of Bye-Electioneering - find yourselves a cadre of thoroughly dedicated activists prepared to shoot around the country to whichever location matters and throw them at every reasonable opportunity that emerges - even if that means passing up on other less attractive. Better no candidate than a humiliating UKIP style 0.something % because of a blind insistence on trying to fight every Bye-Election campaign with three grannies and a small dog.

Barking and Dagenham is one such opportunity. Certainly it is the one which is worrying the Left and the MSM the most - even my fellow Dorset compadre Billy Bragg is getting worried about his former home. But then Billy hasnt had to deal with the consequences of mass immigration into his Dorset shire...though he may well start to.

BNP support is largely confined to urban areas at present because of the direct and tangible consequences of mass immigration. People in those areas can see the demographic changing right in front of their very eyes, can feel the pinch as their services are cut, as they are pushed ever further down the housing list, and most important of all can see the lawlessness and crime increasing as the individual nationalities gravitate to their own little Government-sponsored ghettoes, especially in London itself.

But the BNP is starting to spread out now. My own constituency has an ever-expanding BNP branch, but why? Well, firstly every coastal town is beginning to receive its share of immigrants and asylum-seekers - at an Election count I was told by one BNP activist that he had 'woken up' and joined the party because of an agonising hospital wait in A&E whilst a cadre of asylum-seekers complete with mobile phones and their own tame translator were pushed en masse to the front of the queue ahead of everyone else and, as he pointed out, he was told afterwards that he could have died.

But secondly we in sunny Dorset and Hampshire are getting the 'knock-on' effect of mass immigration in spades now. Our Green Belt between Bournemouth and Poole is under threat of virtual extermination, and new housing developments are springing up wherever we look. Why? Because Britain is filling up, that's why. So where is it that all those people who are fleeing (and I use the word with precision) go?

Here. Places with sand and shell, places with only minor immigrant populations, where most important of all Policing is still vaguely even-handed and not conducted purely along racial guidelines, if only because the criminal element are all white anyway...

And even in sleepy coastal towns, people read the papers and hell, surf the Net. Even the most apolitical are sickened by the total cultural surrender to mass immigration - they know in their bones that Charles Clarke's 'failure to realise' that 1000 violent criminals and sex offenders from foreign countries hadnt been deported was in fact deliberate policy. And they know that for every such person this lying government will admit to there must be five, or even ten more.

Our prison population is now made up by a staggering proportion of 10% foreign nationals. Who can honestly say they will be going home after their sentences are completed? Anyone?

And here's the rub. Can anyone also honestly say that any government of the L3 will do anything about this situation? Well, Labour are the government. The Tories were famously slapped down by the European Commission when Howard tried to pretend there could be any such thing as a unilateral immigration policy whilst we remain in the EU - and can you imagine Dave 'Eurosceptics Will Never Serve In My Cabinet' Cameron doing any better? And we all know that the LibDems want more Immigration, not less!

So what are we left with? Well, UKIP's policy is mild as mother's milk - from the days when they ran newspaper headlines such as 'Space not Race' and called for a halt to immigration this commitment has been watered down to 'we only let in as many as leave the country' which is no bloody good to anyone if it means that the huge numbers of illegals already here are allowed to remain and continue their activities, in many cases highly criminal ones. I hardly need comment on Respect or the Reds, sorry Greens (every schoolkid knows that when you mix red and green you get a bunch of steaming hypocritical shite).

So there is only one logical choice for people in Barking and Dagenham, therefore. But will they take it? I dont even know if I truly want them to - even a maverick attitude like mine still feels the weight of PC disapproval pressing down on me when I contemplate actually endorsing the dreaded BNP.

So, will they make the breakthrough? Who knows. But if they do sweep dozens of seats, then let's be clear on a few things. There will be no great fascist uprising from those nasty old whitey voters. Barking will not be turned into the Fourth Reich overnight. In general terms very little will change. But what will be different is that the 'indigenous' (love that word, it send shivers down every multiculti spine going) people of Barking will have a voice of their own.

And, just maybe, the politicians who have ruined our country and merrily set about destroying our great culture will have to start listening again.

The Oxygen Of Publicity

Silent Running brings us news of a tale of a lone Blogger being trodden on by Big Business for the heinous crime of pointing out how incompetent his local Tourism Agency is...oh yeah, and spotting that said incompetence stretches to accidentally putting a sex-line number on one of their ads instead of the office one.

Well, as Murray points out, unfortunately Bloggers tend to run in packs of several million, so let me do my little bit to blow some of the oxygen of publicity on the state of Maine. I'd say also give them a ring on the provided contact numbers, but then again, as has already been established its not entirely certain you won't end up on the line to 'Big And Busty Sadie of Sacramento'...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

If You're A Brit And There Were A General Election Tomorrow...

How would you vote? I really want to know, so please leave a comment detailing the following:

1. Who you would vote for.

2. Who you would vote for if you were voting under a straight, one-to-one Proportional Representation system.

3. Who you will be voting for if you are eligible to vote in the Local Elections in a few days.

If you feel the overwhelming need to comment on the reasons for your choice, please do so but I will be writing another post in a few days analysing the results of this one. If anybody can be bothered to respond, anyway...

Thanks in advance, DSD.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Can't Think Of Anything More To Say But Fuck You

Via Little Green Footballs, possibly one of the most offensive things even I have ever read. And I've visited every site from the Daily Kos to Stormfront to and quite a bit in between so this really is no mean feat.

And it is, theoretically at least, nothing more than a film review.

The film in question is United 93, a dramatisation of the famous Flight 93 - the one that thanks to the bravery of its passengers, got away from the Islamic scum who perpetrated 9/11.

The fitting memorial for these men and women is one that has been debated fiercely and, as usual, has by and large ended with the Left getting one over on the nation. So when our reviewer, one Keith Uhlich, says this:

"What does it say about the living that the families of the United 93 passengers, acting as proxies to the deceased, have deemed a feature-length recreation of their loved ones' deaths to be a perfectly acceptable testimonial and time capsule?"

He has probably failed to consider this. That the families in question have been denied a non-celluloid version of a fitting memorial for their loved ones. That a jerky, handheld camera-filmed and (perhaps) not particularly great film that nonetheless shows them fighting back as they truly did is a far, far more fitting memorial than the despicable 'Crescent of Embrace' created by Paul Murdoch Architects, as Zombie explains.

Flight 93 was the thing that actually brought my tears. The day after, the transcript of Todd Beamer's final phone call, parts of which can be heard on the last cockpit transcript (which is now being placed very firmly in the public domain) was played on the evening news and I watched, stunned, at the thought of the sheer bravery of these people who truly fought back in what has been rightly called the first counterattack in the War on Terror, and saved countless lives. The same friend who rang me to tell me what had happened originally as it finished and I simply...broke.

Now we can be fair to our reviewer I suppose. He may possibly be unaware that the swine who have hijacked (and if that's inappropriate well guess how much I care) the Flight 93 Memorial have besmirched the memory of men like Todd Beamer. But he cannot be unaware of how offensive this is.

"Certainly this isn't the first Hollywood production done in by the competing corporate and personal interests that funded it (consider the unspoken implications—both commercial and propagandistic—of the film's last-minute title change from Flight 93 to United 93), but it is the only one I've come across where the families of those onboard gave it their full-on approval. Not all the families, of course. All evidence suggests that the terrorists' relatives were left entirely out of the creative process, an action which goes a way toward revealing the film's hagiographic bias (how easy it then becomes to turn victims into heroes and adversaries into monsters) and points up the general ridiculousness of involving the families in the first place (too many cooks spoiling an already rancid broth)." (my emphasis)

The terrorist's families? On what sick fucking planet could the wishes of the families of the murdering scum who committed this outrage possibly be worth taking into account? Well, on Mr.Uhlich's planet, obviously.

So here's a bit of 'hagiographic bias' of my own, Mr Uhlich, on behalf of every single victim of Islamic Terrorism, whether on 9/11 or at any other time since then.

I hope you are the pilot on a solo flight over a large volcano, highjacked by Islamic Terrorists who have stowed away in the cramped cargo hold next to your ego. I hope that unlike the people who's families you have denigrated you piss your pants and show yourself up as the piece of shit you undoubtedly are. I think you can probably guess the rest.

Oh yeah. And Fuck You.

(UPDATE: LGF continues to follow the story, and posts a link to this polite but pretty stinging rebuttal to the review from none other than David Beamer - Todd Beamer's father)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Triumphant Return Of Tom Tyler

After possibly the shortest hiatus in Blogging history, Tom Tyler has come storming back with, amongst many others this very, very interesting article regarding European and British Dhimmitude, which amongst other things challenges certain assumptions about the 'good guy, bad guy' roles most people assigned to a recent conflict in the Balkans.

The guy loves to type, and he has a patience for lengthy articles which I generally don't. Go enjoy him.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

So Much For That Then

A quick post to mention that Amnesty Liarnational's ridiculous nonsense about 'illegal CIA renditions' has been fisked and filleted, not just by myself but now, both surprisingly and EXTREMELY hilariously, by none other than the EU itself, the organisation which famously called for member states which might have cooperated in these imaginary outrages to be kicked out.

Yes, it seems that no less than 50 hours of testimony by 'human rights activists' and supposed victims of these terrible practices have managed to convince the EU that, well, they're making it up, basically. And this is the EU remember, an organisation that loves to hate the US even more than the Democrats do...

50 hours. Can you imagine these poor bastards from Europol, having to patiently listen to these spluttering loons expounding on their paranoid delusions about nightflights over Eastern Europe whilst their Amnesty handlers look on and nod approvingly. Hey, it aint all glamour stuff, this lifetime's immunity from prosecution or investigation business...

(Hat Tip: LGF)

UPDATE: LGF points out that the 'journalist' who first broke this non-story to the world actually won a Pulitzer Prize for it - however as no actual evidence can be found for it even by the EU, will she either retract it or have it withdrawn? Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nothing New Under The Sun

Yes, its hokum, and cheesier than Osama's toes after a good hike across the Pakistani border. But I love it. Who Dares Wins is a great film, which in its hokum-flavoured, cheesy way was way ahead of its time in exposing the Left's links to terrorism, back in the days when the Soviet Union was a 'terrorist sponsor' of truly epic proportions. And its FULL of CND flags and references...

The reason I mention it is the great moment when one of the American generals being held hostage quizzes the Mama Moonbat on her motives. The plan, for the uninitiated, is to force the British to explode a nuclear device at a base in Scotland to demonstrate the 'full horror of nuclear war'. This will achieve the goal of disarmament, she explains. Ah, says the General, but what you mean is disarmament starting with the western democracies.

And how prophetic those words were. Those of us in the know, even back then, were aware that CND was funded and owned, body and soul, by Communism. There was no such a thing as the 'War on Terror' back then, because Moscow was open about the fact that it was funding full scale revolutions in the Far East. The Cold War WAS the War on Terror, and therefore Moscow lavished funds on the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament in the same way as the Jihadis throw money at organisations like CAIR, channeling much of it through the Communist Party of Great Britain.

However with the Soviet Union gone and Moscow being rather more blatant about its attempts to counterbalance American superiority in the Middle East than simply funding 'peace organisations' we have to wonder where, with its membership sunk to a pitiful rump of what it was when it had Communist cash to fund itself, CND is getting its funds from now?

Well, this might be the answer. Kate Hudson, head of CND, informing us that Iran isnt really going to use nuclear technology for bombs, or anything nasty like that. Honest! They are using their technology for peaceful purposes only, really!

The letter appeared two days after the announcement of uranium enrichment by the Iranians - you know, enrichment, the type of technology that ISN'T for peaceful purposes. And on the same day as this equally 'peaceful' offering, and the day before this unbelievably insane rant.

Hmmm. So here we have Ahmadinejihad talking about a 'storm to destroy Israel', the day after he says that the West will 'die of Iranian anger' and two days after Iran claims it has taken the major step towards nuclear weapons. And then we have Kate 'peaceful purposes only' Hudson.

Who should we believe?Well, I'm inclined to believe the actual words of the leader of the country Hudson is blithering about rather than Hudson. I think anyone who hasnt had the Prefrontal Leftotomy would. But there is still that question about funding, isnt there...

Oh look. Here's a bona fide peace campaigner talking about last year's CND Conference. The Ambassador from where in a special lunchtime slot? Now there's a surprise. Looks to me like a clear case of an organisation devoid of relevance, public support and most of all hard cash getting up to its old tricks with 'outside funding' again.

There is, as they say, nothing new under the sun.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

In Non-Emotive Terms, Can The EU Please Go And Commit Self-Intercourse

This week news reaches the world that the EU is to create a "non-emotive lexicon for discussing radicalisation" as regards Terrorism. Oops, sorry, not Terrorism. The "committing of a violent act for political reasons."

"Certainly 'Islamic terrorism' is something we will not use ... we talk about 'terrorists who abusively invoke Islam'," an EU official told Reuters. The aim of the guidelines is to avoid the use of words that could unnecessarily offend Muslims and spark radicalisation.

So calling yourself an Islamic Terrorist means you are 'abusing Islam' - yet if anyone else uses the phrase 'Islamic Terrorism' it could, erm, turn Islamists into terrorists.

What the fuck? If these people are truly respectful of Muslims as they claim to be and if Islam is actually the Religion of Peace that they claim it to be, surely claiming that the mere use of the phrase 'Islamic Terrorism' to describe 'politically violent' acts committed by Muslims shouldnt have the power to turn these peaceful, loving chappies into foaming-at-the-mouth 'abusers of Islam' is in itself an offensive concept?

Even I actually give a lot of Muslims more credit than that.

But that isnt what this is about, of course. This is firstly Dhimmitude, coupled with the unspoken fear of all EU politicians - that they could be next, that Brussels or Strasbourg could be the Islamists next targets unless the EU Parliament continues to be good Dhimmis. Even those who would like to pretend they are the forefront of the anti-PC movement show their Dhimmitude when necessary to appease this potential threat.

But what it also is is an extension of the EU's natural totalitarianism. Political Correctness is a concept divinely appropriate for the EU as it enables them to use it to slip criticism of the EU and its institutions into the same category as wild screaming about racism and fascism to smear those who are against it. Make no mistake, this 'lexicon' will not merely be about Terrorism and security issues. This lexicon will take us right back to the time the 'independent' Advocate-General of the laughably named European Court of Justice opined that criticism of the EU should be considered akin to Blasphemy in a legal sense.

Does this sound familiar? Well, Dhimmis or not, having been a long-time member of UKIP I can tell you all about this kind of thing. The Bishop of Exeter, one of the many dioceses around Britain which receives huge amounts of 'EU money' to promote EU propaganda, once called anyone who was opposed to Regionalisation (in this case a number of noisy UKIP supporters but hey, it could equally apply to 72% of the Northwest 'Region') 'Nazis'. Campaigning for UKIP often brings snarls of 'fascist' and 'racist', simply because PC Orthodoxy is so very much in tune with the whole idea of the centralising force of the EU - a marriage, as I said, made in heaven.

So let's await the fun then. I'm sure it won't be long before the first MEP stands up in the Rubber-Stamping Room and states that he deplores the American threat to the peace-loving Mullahs of Iran, and that any possible 'abusers of Islam' who might consider the Rubber-Stamping Room a legitimate target should go and commit their politically motivated acts of violence elsewhere because we're all good Dhimmis here, oh my yes.

Watch this space.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Your Own Circle In Hell

I just want to clear this up, for anyone who might not be totally sure. If you think that good old Mr Ahmadinejihad, Lunatic-In-Chief of Iran, is anything but a raving, genocidal lunatic who wants to kill every Jew who ever lived and WILL USE NUKES IF HE GETS THEM, then you are one of the following.

A: (The charitable verdict) You are an idiot. You would rather seek simplistic solutions to Islamofascism by pretending that terrorism and violence across five continents in dozens of separate countries is somehow 'about Iraq' or 'about Israel'. You are blinded by an obsessive need to see America and Bush as the Great Enemy and simply unable to recognise actual true evil when it is in front of you, or for that matter when it kills your fellow citizens.

B: (The sad but charitable verdict) You are ignorant of Islam and religious fanaticism in general, and thus are in denial about the idea that any human being would deliberately and with intent use nuclear weapons against another country without provocation. And yes, you are a bit of an idiot, but have ignorance to excuse you.

C: (The REALLY non-charitable verdict) You are not an idiot. You are an evil bastard who actively seeks either the destruction of Israel because you are a Neo-Nazi anti-Semite or because you are a fanatic who genuinely believes that eliminating a few million more Jews is somehow 'necessary' to ensure world peace or some such bullshit.

A is moral, and intellectual cowardice. Refusing to see the world and the people in it as they really are is a form of cowardice, as is twisting every event to fit your own ideological expectations and wishes.

B is sad, as mentioned. But there is hope for you yet, even if you cling to the naive notion that Islam can somehow be judged in terms of normality.

If however you fall into category C then I have no words for you. Well, none that dont have four letters anyway.

There are many of you. You dominate the media, both here in the UK and in the United States, which in truth is where the only meaningful debate is going on. You dominate politics whether or not you are a politician, where you perch like the most obscene of vultures, awaiting your chance to feed on the misery of the millions who suffer daily at the hands of your Islamic footsoldiers, your chosen Warriors of Chaos to bring down the democracies you hate so very much.

You may not be the enemy who kills, but you are responsible in your own small, evil way for every death suffered at the hands of Islam, for every brutality perpetrated by those whom you give aid and comfort to. I am most emphatically not a religious man, but there is a part of me that believes that if divinity truly exists, and it has the capacity to distinguish between good and evil in the hearts of mankind, then it has reserved a very special place in a very special Hell for you.

Slightly garbled but heartfelt message ends.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Assimilation Through Destruction

Tottenham Lad has an edifying photoseries of how French immigrants are assimilating nicely into the society of their White Imperialist hosts. Truly joyous to view, these charming additions to French societe show their commitment to multiculturalism and the French way of life by beating the living daylights out of any native Frenchie (well, let's call a spade a spade and say White frenchie - and hey for once we can say 'spade' without fear of prosecution as its whiteys we're talking about) who happens to be handy.

I like Tottenham Lad. He isnt afraid to put the time in to do the research, as so few Bloggers are. And because he does the research, it is that much more difficult to rebuff his opinions in the same way that you can rebuff, well, mine, for example on the grounds of profanity and hyperbole.

Go read him, and enjoy a trip through one of the Net's most academic dissectors of the disaster of multiculturalism. Just put your thinking caps on first.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Racial Equality From The British 'Justice' System

Hey, let's play another edition of the Race Game. Look at the following offences:

Bryan Cork shouted slurs including "proud to be British" (HEINOUS, HEINOUS!) and "go back to where you came from" (hmmm, sounds familiar, can't quite put my finger on it) outside Carlisle's Brook Street mosque.


A Muslim who made more than 90 phone calls threatening to kill, rape and blow up Jews has been spared jail. A judge said treatment was the best way to protect the public from Riaz Burahee, of Edmonton, north London, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.
He was given a three-year community rehabilitation order for committing the greatest number of racially motivated offences by one person.
Burahee, 25, told victims he would rape their children and bomb buildings.

Got that? OK, then...

So, today's conundrum is: which of the above is worth absolutely no time in jail whatsoever, and which is worth six months inside?

No prizes for this one kiddies. Threatening to kill and rape Jews whilst setting a new landspeed record for racist offences - ah, sorry, you're a Muslim? Should've mentioned it before, no worries pal, you must be ill or something, you can't actually, you know, MEAN IT...

But YOU, Mr. Cork, well racism cannot ever, ever be tolerated. How can you DARE to express actual, national pride in your country! Let alone tell all these people who keep telling us how they want to have their own Sharia laws, own autonomous enclaves etc so they can live like, well, Muslims in other countries to actually go back and well, be like Muslims in Muslim countries. Erm, what was my point again? Bugger.

Once again, the British Justice system shows its true colours - any whatsoever but White.

(Hat Tip: The Bournemouth Nationalist)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Relegation Zone

"Dying man heckled by racist yobs."

Don't sweat it, they're doubtless just working off their feelings of oppression at the way White Power is emblazoned across society.

Funny how this isnt headline news...imagine if it were a crowd of booted white skinheads fighting with police to stop them getting at a black guy. As it is, its relegated to a few column inches in 'this is South London'.

As for the woman who begged the police to arrest the 'youths', get real lady. Black 'youths' fighting police to stop them helping a dying white man? That's a clear case of 'Institutional Racism' waiting to happen.

Whitey - welcome to the Relegation Zone.

Tongue, Cheek

Get those Irony Meters set firmly to 'low response' everybody, unless you want red-hot electronics all over the walls.

The European Parliament has called for a blacklist of corrupt governments to be set up so that EU development aid money is not directed to crooked pockets.

EU hypocrisy - the Blogger's gift that just keeps on giving.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Language Of Deceit

Here is a 101 on the correct use of the English language to create a lie from nothing, upon a house of cards built on quicksand. The title of the article states 'Fresh Amnesty report confirms illegal CIA practices'.

Confirms. That should mean 'provides incontrovertible proof'. Does it in this instance? Well, what do you think...

This 'confirmation' of 'illegal renditions' by the CIA consists of the following:

Amnesty claims to have registered over a thousand flights that can be linked to the US intelligence organisation, the CIA.

Not 'has published a list of the flights and the reasons why they can be linked to the CIA'. I could if I chose claim the flight I puked up on over Manchester last August was linked to the CIA. Doesnt mean it was though.

There is further, erm, confirmation though. Aha, here - the Smoking Gun at last!

Amnesty also claims to have records of another 600 flights made by planes used temporarily by the CIA.

Wow! Well then it must be true! I love the image of the shadowy men in suits and sunglasses walking into the offices of 'Planes for Hire' and asking for the bill to be sent to Langley...

In its report, the human rights watchdog repeats suspicions that the US intelligence ran secret prison camps in Eastern Europe. According to Amnesty, three Yemeni men abducted and mistreated by the US were probably held in eastern Europe, although the report lacks concrete proof as to where precisley the camps were.

Repeats 'suspicions'. Whose suspicions? Al-Jazeera's? Michael Moore's? Some bloke Amnesty met in a pub?

And there's another gem - the report 'lacks concrete proof as to where the camps are.' Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

Here's my favourite bit though:

'circumstantial evidence such as climate, prayer schedules, and flight times to and from the site suggest that they may have been held in eastern Europe or central Asia," Anne FitzGerald, a senior adviser with Amnesty, said in a statement.'

Prayer schedules? Prayer schedules? Is she having a laugh or what?!? These poor 'abductees' were supposedly being beaten, tortured in ways we are supposed to not even be able to begin to imagine - but their evil, brutal captors gave them their prayer time?!?!?!? How can anyone with even half a braincell believe this crap?

The 15,000-word report includes testimony from prisoners that have been rendered to other countries, claiming they were beaten with sticks, made to stand for days on end, hung upside-down while the soles of their feet were beaten, or deprived of food or sleep.

Terrible and unconscionable, if its true. But there, nestled quietly away, is that word 'claiming' again. And, well, there's one more thing that should occur to most people, but doesnt because they get so carried away with the hyperbole of torture-related words Amnesty employs to shock and emote.

How the bloody hell did all these 'victims' manage to escape to give Amnesty all this information in the first place?

Just think about it for one single minute. The CIA has supposedly snatched these people, 'rendered' them to far away countries in secret, tortured and interrogated them in these secret camps, and then - what? They said 'thanks for the info chaps, on your way now' and these poor, brutalised souls wandered off back home across all those thousands of miles to then give testimony to Amnesty fucking International? What a load of absolute bollocks. If the CIA is going to kidnap people, then smuggle them across continents to interrogate them at its leisure, there's no fucking way it's simply going to let them go again afterwards to waltz off and tell their stories to the world!

So, let's sum up. Amnesty's 'confirmation' of the practice of rendition consists of the following:

Claiming to be able to identify 1600 flights linked to the CIA - but without being able to provide any proof of the nature of these links beyond Amnesty's word.

Repeating unproven 'suspicions' about secret camps which they can't give us the location of.

Telling us that they can't be precise because they dont know how long the flights took even though they can identify the aircraft used in said flights.

Repeating the claims of supposed victims who can't ever be identified because they are in fear of retribution. Even though the CIA apparently let them go in the first place!

Amnesty, as so often in the past, has surpassed itself with 'extraordinary deceit'.

Designated Victims

In many ways, this is kind of further to the post below about the Cult of the Designated Victim. Meet Phu the 'Anti-Racist' who, as you will see, feels that this Blog caters only to the most rabid of racist animals. As you can see, this post really upset him, bless his little heart.

I responded to his initial, ahem, comments, which seems to have taken him aback. So he posted my response, which is fair enough. Let's sample, shall we?

Phu says that he hates Red Ken, honorary head of the UAF, who feels that Jewish businessmen should 'go back to their own country'. Fair do's, us racist animals universally loathe Ken as well, but oddly 99% of us don't feel the same way about Jewish businessmen.

Phu says, in these comments, without seeming to find any irony in the dual statements at all, that whilst Palestinians are being oppressed apartheid style by Israelis, he would lock up radical Islamists for life. Apparently electing a Terrorist organisation whose Charter calls for the extermination of the nation next door counts simply as - what, high jinks? Definitely NOT as Islamic radicalism in Phu's world it seems.

I like to play with these phony 'anti-racist' types, I have to admit. Yes, its like taking candy from a baby to get them to reveal just how phony they are, but even I didnt expect that in Phu's case it would be this easy.

A T-Shirt saying Black Power on it ISNT racism because:

'One race has been oppressed, ghettoised, driven to and held at the fringes of mainstream society, the other has enjoyed superior social standing, job opportunities, justice, etc.'

But a T-Shirt saying White Power IS racist because, erm, well Phu actually seems to have forgotten to mention that, so busy was he cutting and pasting from the 'Black' entry in the Designated Victim Dictionary.

He's right though, in some ways. Certainly we can't deny that one of the two races is enjoying far superior job opportunities in certain theoretically crucial fields. And one of them does after all have its own special Commission for Racial Equality just to make sure its 'quotas' are filled in all walks of life.

And as for justice, well I bring you back to the original post that upset Phu. Or the way yelling 'We have killed the White Man' doesnt constitute any indication of racial motivein Britain. Though of course we are not exactly alone in that kind of deliberate racism on the part of our judiciary in the face of an immigrant crime wave, are we?

For the record, I dont put Phu in the category of most of his compadres on the Left (the bottom of the barrel basically). The fact that he is prepared to make 'hate' comments about radical Islam means there is obviously some small part of his mind that it isnt wholly consumed by Political Correctness, even though he doesnt seem to understand that where Islam is concerned it is moderation, not fanaticism that is the radical element.

BUT that said, his attitude towards racial matters is undoubtedly one which he himself I have no doubt would absolutely call 'racist' were he making comments such as those above to justify special codes and rules for whites rather than blacks.

This is what Political Correctness has created, ladies and gentlemen. A benighted, brainwashed generation of people who truly believe that 'equality' means different rules and standards for different races, and NOT that everybody should be treated the same way by society and by the law.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hands Off Me, Peasant!

Just in case you missed it...

Dont think that our own UK Ministers are the only ones with a propensity for avoiding legal troubles. This is Cynthia Mckinney, Democrat representative for Georgia. Who thinks that security is actually only something that should affect the peons she rules over. Not she herself, naturally. I mean how dare she, a designated Platinum Victim no less (as LindaSog points out above) suffer the indignity of being actually stopped for security reasons. Well, anyone daring to do so, especially some uppity white cop, deserves a bit of a slap, naturally.

It must all be a Jewish plot or something, right? Or racism, or 'inappropriate touching' (seriously, she looks like Don King's ugly sister, are you kidding?!?) or some such other perfectly valid reason why its OK to behave violently toward a policeman doing his job. I mean Harry 'We Love Hugo Chavez And His Wacky Anti-Semitism' Belafonte turned out to show support. What more proof do you need that this must have been someone else's fault and that its OK to hit cops if you're a Designated Victim?

Or, alternatively, it could just be that this spoilt brat of a politician couldn't stand being treated like one of the peasants. You choose.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let's All Say Hello

Here's an opportunity for some fun. This bitch thinks she's oh-so clever to post an anti-abortion Senator's home phone number up on the Net for people to give abusive calls to. So someone has an opposed position to you, and you want to encourage people to phone them at home and intimidate them into changing it. Niiiice.

Looking through her (ahem) humourous cartoons, we find also that making illegal immigration a felony is part of the road to concentration camps! Hmmm, I'm sure there's a connection somewhere...or alternatively, what a crock of shit. The caricatures are really quite sickening - white Americans are depicted as suited semi-demonic grotesques, whilst all the 'natives' are happy, smiling cherabim and seraphim. There are paeans to such luminaries as Hugo 'Its all the Jooooooz fault' Chavez and, in truly sickening fashion, Bush sat atop a pile of skulls explaining to one of the immigrant seraphim that anyone who doesnt think he is doing a good job is going to be locked in an internment camp.

Yes, on one level there is a certain humour to this, and you can laugh at the delusional minds of the American Left. But on another it's all pretty sick, and posting a private phone number on the Net because you disagree with someone's position on abortion is far beyond out of order.

However, whilst we can't help the Senator, let's redress the balance a little. You can email the cartoonist at So let's make her feel as welcome amongst us as her fellow moonbats are doubtless doing to the poor Senator whose only crime is being Republican and objecting to unborn babies being murdered and send her a nice bunch of emails telling her what we all think of this kind of behaviour - shall we?

Here's mine:

Hey Steph,

Read your cartoons today. You're pretty messed up aren't you? I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with all those persecution fantasies you have about being locked up in concentration camps for not voting Republican - I'm sure in your strange world that's a perfectly normal expectation, however the small problem with this scenario is, well, that it doesnt actually happen does it? You dumb bitch.

Putting that Senator's home number out on the Net was a really nasty touch by the way. I salute your level of malice there. But just to prove us evil rightwingers can play the game too, expect some fun emails in your Inbox in the next few days sweetie.


An Evil Fascist Rightwing Zionist Conservative

Go on, knock yourselves out.

(hat tip:Relapsed Catholic)

Good For You, Jill

(Hat Tip: LGF)

Jill Carroll, recently released hostage who was widely condemned for 'making' what was essentially a propaganda video for her captors has now, safely away from threat, has released a statement making it very clear indeed that she made the video to avoid her having her head sawed off, not because she in any way supports the terrorist scum who kidnapped her and murdered her interpreter.

Good for you Jill. Here is a journo who may be Left-leaning but has chosen to act with dignity and not allow her politics to influence a real journalist's job of simply telling the truth. Some called this one right, others called it wrong. The former are to be commended, the latter will I hope apologise.

But the fact that the latter were by far in the majority I think illustrates one fundamental fact. Correspondents without an agenda who are prepared to present the unvarnished truth such as Jill Carroll are by far and away in the minority, and this is why so many people called it wrong. I mean when you think about it it was a bit idiotic to take a video made whilst being held captive by head-sawing lunatics all that seriously as an indicator of a person's real thoughts - yet we know from example that all too many of Jill Carroll's colleagues would have made statements like that and meant them.

So, Jill Carroll, we salute you, a journalist with integrity. Something all too many of your colleagues simply do not have.

How May I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

You have to laugh. Or you'd cry, or commit violence on the grand scale. Yes, on one level there is humour to be found in lines like this:

"I have no relation to reality. I am talking about how things should be."

Or this gem:

"Reality is a mistake, we must rectify it."

But this is simply sick beyond belief. This suited Islamic monster sits and tells us earnestly and sincerely that:

"We have a spinster problem in the Arab world, and the last thing we want is for them to be sexually aroused. Circumcision of the girls who need it makes them chaste, dignified, and pure."

These people are beyond sick, they are simply evil. And this is an 'academic' from an Egyptian University - an Islamic 'intellectual', no less.

Watch it all, if your stomach is strong enough. And remember that your monitor is your friend, and should not have heavy objects thrown at it...
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