Friday, October 28, 2005

Drops in the Ocean

Well, this is interesting. For once, it appears the forces of Good have got one of the naughty people who naively throw out Jooooo-hatred in the guise of 'controversial literature' well and truly on the run. The person in question is one Ian Walton, Managing Director of Forward Press Ltd. It seems that Mr Walton is a little bit upset that a charmingly entitled poem named 'I Am Adolf Hitler' which talks about seeing Jews under the bed etc and then, well, gassing them a lot, got, well, noticed. Oops!

I emailed Forward Press. Politely, unlike another dipshit, who if Mr Walton is to be believed, told him to go and have sexual relations with his mother. Although the beauty of claiming to receive nasty emails is of course that you dont actually have to prove it...just like the lovely Gary Titley MEP who claimed to have received the same from UKIP members right before the Euro Elections but then spectacularly failed to produce a single bit of that pesky evidence stuff to prove it.

But I digress.

Mr Walton has it seemed emailed back everyone who emailed in protest. A robust defence it must be said. Firstly he starts by correcting us that in fact the book is not being distributed across the UK, and only 450 copies were made. Ah, so limited distribution anti-semitism is OK it seems, nothing to worry about.

Next he proceeds to establish his own (yawn) 'anti-racist' credentials by telling us about his huge multicultural family which it seems is partly of stock as 'mixed' as gypsy and irish and english and scottish and zzzzzzz. Yeah, and I bet he thinks the Black Panthers are anti-racists too...

He does interestingly mention that someone called the Big Druid got on his company's case when they launched a Christian Poetry imprint some time ago, claiming racism etc etc. And again, this is highly relevant to the matter at hand. Really.

He then mentions donations to good causes including the British Legion - oh and the Farrago Poetry Collective whom he calls the most anti-racist group of poets in London. Hmmm. I won't bore you overmuch with the details of what a little research turns up, but let's just say that if you go here and then search the likes of Joe Ambrose ('Trotskyist, feminist and anti-imperialist and lead singer of the Islamic Diggers'), Courttia Newland (I'm black, all my characters are black and have had bad things done to them by whites, I'm doin OK but I'd be doin much better if not for whitey etc etc) and others listed you find that term 'anti-racist' actually means (with the exception of Ambrose the Trotskyist) 'Black, Guardian Award winning, pro-Black, kept down by whitey, did we mention we're Black?'. Just a wee stretch of the term 'anti-racist' there, especially when in the context of trying to justify a Joooo-oriented poem.

Mr Walton then goes on to explain the reasons why the poem in question appears on Page 1 of the anthology - I'd missed that! - is that, get this, entries are entered alphabetically into their computer by school and printed accordingly. But wait, the lad in question, the mysterious 14 year old Gideon Taylor, does he go to Aardvark High then? No, says Mr Walton, because individual submissions to the website are eligible and therefore because they dont have a school name they are printed first.

So in other words not only did Forward Press take the dubious decision to publish this poem, but it doesnt actually have a school name or address to verify this supposedly teenage boy's identity! So without any form of verifiable check on whether or not he is actually say, David Irving or Omar Bakri having a giggle, they decided to publish an incredibly inflammatory piece of poetry and be damned.

I think that perhaps Forward Press are just naive...or maybe Mr Walton, saddled as he is with print runs of just 450, decided to try and get a little bit of controversy going to boost future sales. Part of me doesnt care, but see, here's the thing. We can't email the President of Iran when he calls for the annihilation of Jews. We can't Email Palestinian Islamic Jihad (though I am sure Tom Hurndell and Rachel Corrie's friends in the 'peace loving' ISM could pass on a message).

But we can Email pillocks like Mr Walton and maybe, just maybe, the next time he feels like being all 'controversial' he may just remember the stick he got this time and decide 'Hey, it just isnt worth it.'

Drop in the ocean though it would be.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pooh on the Halalifax

Well after the Dudley Pig Outrage we now have the Halalifax and Nutwest Piggybank Ban. I have a feeling I may be visiting Pledgebank the same way I did when Burqua King banned their Ice Cream lids because some Islamist twat thought the swirly design looked vaguely like the Arabic for Allah.

However for those of you who feel the urge to apply some, reasoned, logical thought to the ridiculous nightmare that British Dhimmitude is making of our country, I must direct you to a highly well thought out, deeply researched piece on the reasons why, in fact, the opinions of Dudley Council to the contrary, Winnie the Pooh was actually a deeply devout and observant Muslim.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Iowahawk does it again

This guy is solid gold. Absolutely, 100% through and through, solid gold. He is very probbly the funniest blogger on the entire net, bar none. Go read him.

Caption Competition Winner

Tears of laughter. That's all I'm saying.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Shake Hands With The Paedophiles' Friends

This is really revolting. Indymedia (and many other such Leftist groups) are so utterly obsessed with 'stopping the BNP' that instead of merely confining themselves to demonstrating outside Nick Griffin's trial on 2nd November (fair enough if they want) they are also intending to counter demo at the BNP's anti-paedophile protest in Keighley on the 5th.

That's right. It is far more important to the Left that the BNP be stopped from saying, well, anything, than to protest at the closing of an anti-paedophile unit which has been quietly closed down after the reulctant furore over the documentary exposuring Moslem gangs grooming and raping white children as young as 12 had died down in the MSM.

Young girls being groomed, drugged and raped? Small potatoes. But the BNP daring to appear in public? My God, frothing at the mouth just isnt in it...

Indymedia also informs us that the BNP's 'intention to build a huge bonfire and set off fireworks, all adds up to the obvious conclusion they plan to spark a riot.'

Either that or its because November 5th is Bonfire Night you fucking idiots...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Leopards and Spots

Unbelievable. What kind of culture do you have to come from to come up with this as a joky threat to a class of teenage pupils?

Ah. Yes. Palestinian. Say no more.

Leopards and spots, leopards and spots...

(UPDATE: It gets even better - our great education system is letting scum like this teach not just their sick idea of humour, but this bastard Palestinian also teaches kids how to make homemade bombs in science class and unreservedly vouches for terrorist suspects. What a piece of work this guy is, really. Such a shining example to set in the classroom for your kids and mine. Hat tips, as so often, to readers of LGF.)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kofi Can Go Foki Himself

(hat tip: LGF)

Well well well. This is up there with the time the EU suppressed the report in anti-semitism that showed that the vast majority of the violence against Jews in Europe was caused not by neo-nazi skinheads but by adherents of the Religion of Pieces.

Now it seems that our friends in the UN have been caught absolutely bang to rights doctoring the report into the assassination of the Lebanese PM - after dear old Kofi (who amongst his many triumphs in office appointed his son's company to run the Iraq 'Oil for Food' administration - but Bush is attacked over Haliburton?!?!?) promised categorically there would be no coverup.

It seems that, in line with their usual stunning incompetence in all other areas, the UN officials who altered the report to omit the names of virtually the entire Syrian leadership and the clear evidence of their total complicity in this despicable terrorist murder are SO DUMB that they sent out the report electronically with the option to 'Track Changes' still left in it. So hey presto, unnamed 'senior Syrian officials' become the Syrian rulng hierarchy including President Assad's younger brother and brother-in-law.

Kofi: go foki yourself you evil little swine.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I Bet Nick Griffin Wishes He Had A Special Pass Like This

“I talked to her like I would to an irrational grandmother. The woman is barking to say that we can all get together and live as one and all that crap.”

Now if Nick Griffin had said that about different ethnic groups (which he has of course) the headlines would have been huge. The Indy and the Guardian would castigate the BNP, the Unions would march once more etc etc etc.

But isnt it funny that Darcus Howe, father of seven by four different mothers and pillar of the black respectability, can say it without even a murmur from the MSM. So its 'crap' to think that different races can live as one. I see.

Sorry, WHO is supposed to be the racist again?

When It Comes Down To It We're All On The Same Side Really

(hat tip: rottypup)

Unbelievable. It just goes to show that it isnt who you know, its who you write for...even the Islamopaths of Iraq can obviously be persuaded to set a decadent western journalist free as long as he's a Jooooo-hating, Yank-bashing Leftist bastard like Rory Carroll. I guess all he had to do was direct his captives to one of his choicer comments on Israel and they soon realised he was of far more propaganda value to them carrying on with his poisonous journalism than having his head sawn off on video.

Either that, or, as one of the very first comments on LGF said when this story broke, what's occurred here can be summed up in one word.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Caption Competition

The Captain has a fun little competition going on with that first day of the trial picture of Saddam...go! Enjoy!

Snigger Snigger Snigger

(hat tip: Little Green Footballs)

In the 'Couldnt Happen To A More Deserving Bloke' Category...

This story totally, utterly, made my day. Maybe even my week. Possibly even my month. And I dont care in how much bad taste or inhumanity to my fellow man the following post shows, I'm gonna bloody write it anyway, so there.

Guardian Journalist kidnapped in Iraq.

The Guardianistas are screaming, horrified. Calling desperately for action. Says Guardian Minister for Propaganda Alan Rusbridger (presumably with a straight face but I wouldnt count on it):

"He is in Iraq as a professional journalist - and he’s a very good, straight journalist whose only concern is to report fairly and truthfully about the country."

Ah. Right. How terrible. A 'straight journalist' is kidnapped by people who may very well saw his head off. Hmmm, except that according to the journalist in question, it isnt terrorists who target the press in Iraq and the Middle East. Is it?

"Journalists believe recent deaths and injuries among their number based in
Iraq show US troops are getting out of control..."

How about these words, actually beginning and ending the same paragraph with not even the faintest sense of how blatant the bias involved is...

"Insurgents killed most,"

"Increasingly US forces pose the graver threat."

Note the use of that old chestnut insurgents...and get this:

"Angry and frustrated, several radio and television networks, agencies and newspapers, including the Guardian, met last week to chart a joint response to the crisis. The gathering agreed to form a foreign correspondents' association and to jointly lobby the US military and state department."

Isnt it amazing how these people who refused to condemn the Saddam regime which tortured, gassed and murdered hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of its own citizens, can nonetheless mobilise their resources to attack the US for not recognising that a car moving at highspeed towards a group of soldiers with a camera hanging out of it held by an Iraqi must be an innocent journo rather than a suicide bomber sending a feed through to a website for later publication. Or for firing on a hotel which people are shooting at them from. Though obviously US forces should have been briefed that they werent allowed to fire back at anyone staying at the Hotel Palestine (yes, the 'correspondents' involved really were that blatant - subtle name for your hotel guys, I can imagine you, Berlin 1945 at the Hotel Hitler, filing reports about the irresponsible attitude of Russian soldiers and explaining that the Hitler Youth were forced to fight a war at 14 years old because of US and British Imperialism in Germany).

But my favourite quote of the lot, the one which I am afraid makes me hope that this bastard gets exactly what the poor bastards the 'insurgents' have kidnapped before most definitely didnt deserve, is this one:

"There is scant evidence that US troops deliberately target the press, unlike Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza."

So there it is, right there. That statement as far as I'm concerned puts this man beyond the pale, and shows that as usual the real agenda here is - basically, its the Joooooz fault. Somehow, because, well, it is isnt it? Because bad though the US is, even they dont 'deliberately target the press'. Only the evil Joooooz would do that. Not that Carroll bothers to give any actual evidence that Israeli soldiers 'target' journalists. Evidence is something the righteous Jooooo-basher doesnt have to bother with...

Reaction in the Blogosphere is mixed to this so far. Obviously there is much hilarity - I know there was in my household this morning before I took my own little future PM to school - but even amongst us wingnuts there are still a lot of people who are hoping, even praying for this man's release.

I'm...not. Because if we have a nice lurid beheading feed involving one of their own for the MSM who have spent every waking moment for the last 2-3 years trying to give aid and comfort to the people who have kidnapped Mr Carroll, it might - just might - make them realise that they've been on the wrong side all along.

Nothing else will, that's for damn sure. And besides, as far as I'm concerned after that lovely statement about Israelis and their 'deliberate targeting', it really couldnt happen to a more deserving bloke...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Fundamental Difference

Having just had a bit of a spat with the Rottypup over at the WideAwakes (he has come out of the closet as a sometime Blair admirer as regards the War on Terror and I, ahem, disagreed in my usual spectacularly intemperate way) I suddenly had one of those great Moments of Insight. Really. I dont get them that often nowadays - guess at 34 I'm too over the hill now for that kind of energetic inspiration. But this time...

So here it is. Williams' 1st Political Postulate or something like that.

'The difference between Left and Right is that the minds of the Right are always open.'

Its true. Go here. Hell, read me bitching at the Yanks on the thread above because they by and large like Blair and I think he's an evil weasel.

Dissent. Disagreement. Debate. Yes, we on the Right generally have the same goals but majorly disagree on the means. And the people who can help us achieve them. Especially on the people!Healthily, by and large. I upset Rottypup by calling Americans naive and saying that Blair suckered them in and he politely disagrees and asks me not to be rude to our colleagues.

Now go here. The only dissent on sites like Democratic Underground is which order all Republicans should be hung, drawn and quartered in. These minds are closed tight as drums. They have absolutely no room in their ideological tower for anything that doesnt fit.

Try it out. Go to Democratic Underground or the Daily Kos and say something, anything, that doesnt fit the consensus. If your reading this blog it shouldnt be a tough job :). Dont be blatant about it, just gently disagree with the general (raging) flow of opinion. And see what reception you get from the 'liberals' who call US the fascists who hate free speech...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Gawd Bless You Ma'am

It seems perhaps rather fitting that this little gem (,,173-1823334_1,00.html) via Dumbjon ( passed my beady little eyes just as I was contemplating Margaret T's 80th birthday. It seems that those ultra-lib Dutch, western poster children for the Far Left for decades, have, erm, well, um, decided not to be quite so liberal with those who dont want to, lets say, embrace their stance on matters such as homosexuality (for example NOT murdering homosexuals on sight) or, indeed, not swathing women from head to toe in cloth in case they attract frenzied sexual advances from men (shame the head to toe strategy apparently doesnt work in 'Palestine' though -

The country’s hardline Integration Minister, Rita Verdonk, known as the
Iron Lady for her series of tough anti-immigration measures, told Parliament
that she was going to investigate where and when the burka should be banned. The
burka, traditional clothing in some Islamic societies, covers a woman’s face
and body, leaving only a strip of gauze for the eyes. Mrs Verdonk gave
warning that the “time of cosy tea-drinking” with Muslim groups had passed
and that natives and immigrants should have the courage to be critical of
each other. She recently cancelled a meeting with Muslim leaders who refused
to shake her hand because she was a woman.

You go, girl! Iron Lady indeed...and as I say, as we have just celebrated (or not, depending on your point of view...) her 80th, can you imagine for a moment how Mrs T, love her or hate her, would have dealt with Britain's current dilemma about Islamic terrorism? It wasnt until Major came to weasel his way to power that behind the scenes negotiations (even though the cowardly little bastard famously said how it would 'turn his stomach' to talk to the IRA when negotiations had already been going on for six months after the mortar attack on No.10) began with the Provos. At least Mrs T was consistent on THAT, even if she did surrender to the minnows of her Cabinet on so many other issues towards the end of her office.

Can you imagine Mrs T entertaining advisers who told her to drop Holocaust Memorial Day in favour of an 'all-inclusive' so-called Genocide Day to feature the plight of Palestinians at the hands of the evil Joooooz (cept, whoops, hang on, there are no concentration camps and gas chambers in Israel are there - eeep, little bit of a gaffe there). Or knighting Iqbal 'Salman Rushdie Must Die for his Blasphemy' Sacranie? Would she have had a moment's hesitation in ordering our anti-terrorist police to deal as robustly as need be with the threat rather than issuing guidelines on how not to upset Moslem suspects by not raiding them during prayer time or by bringing sniffer dogs into their personal 'temples'? Would she have let the drip drip of unproven 'evidence' against the bloody heroes who killed St.Jean the Martyr continue without a murmur of support for Britain's latest scapegoats?

No, she bloody wouldnt have. So whether your an ex-Scargillite Miner, a Tory grandee who longed for the upstart female's downfall, a Falklands veteran or just Joe Public, whether you loved the woman or hated her, lament that on this day, at this time, when Britain is collapsing around those of us who love it, she ISNT here to steer the helm. Because one thing I'm sure of - if she was, we damn well wouldnt be in this mess in the first place.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Independent Judiciary My Backside

Reading Rottypup's ( latest rant about Charles Clarke (and who wouldnt) and the supposed determination of Home Secretary Bunter to curb terrorism which is supposedly being watered down entirely because of Government-appointed judges, I was moved to Comment quite extensively. And I liked what I wrote so much that my egomania has forced me to repost it here...

We all know how this goes. The Government tries to look all stern and rightwing and comes up with a new, harsh SOMETHING to deal with SOMEONE who is out of control. Even the Daily Mail applauds, saying that at last Blair and Clarke have got their act together to deal with the terrible problem of SOMEONE.

However the fact that none of these new, harsh SOMETHINGS ever ever make it to legislation unless they actually give Government in and of itself more powers (Civil Contingencies Bill anyone?) is, alas, temporarily forgotten in the orgy of stern, satisfied agreement with the need for SOMETHING to be done. 'Moderate' representatives (who come across suspiciously like extremely NON-moderate examples compared to Joe Public) of SOMEONE protest in the papers and on the television. The Independent runs a headline saying how this measure will victimise SOMEONE and cause them to do the things which SOMETHING must be done about far more often, in fact, so best just let them get on with 'occasionally' doing them.

And then, on behalf of SOMEONE, a man in a very large white wig, appointed by the same Government which is absolutely sure that SOMETHING must be done, says that NOTHING can in fact be done about the antics of SOMEONE and the Government which appointed him and maintains him in his vaunted halls of Justice must drop the idea. The Daily Mail runs a new headline about interfering MEN IN LARGE WHITE WIGS OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE. And the Government makes a vague attack on the dissappointing record of the men in white wigs whom they appointed in the first place. Once again nothing is done to stop SOMEONE from doing SOMETHING that needs to be stopped immediately.

Isnt it convenient that measures which affect Civil Liberties which, as a general yardstick lets say the Daily Mail would very broadly approve of are the only ones which seem to suffer this grisly fate at the hands of the men in white wigs. But measures such as the Civil Contingencies Bill which, amongst other things, allows the Government to declare Martial Law and suspend all Civil Liberties when the GOVERNMENT decides the situation warrants it, seem to pass right under the radar of the ever-vigilant men in white wigs. Independent Judiciary?

Yeah. Right.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The John Humphrys Definition of Language

Test the Nation. Hmmm. Test our English? Sure, we can do that. Answer some comprehension and literacy questions in between card games? Yeah, why not.

Well, should have known better shouldnt I...I dont know what it is about Saturday night on Al-Beeb that always manages to get me so pissed at them, but this time it was everyone's favourite Leftist Broadcasting Monopoly's top line of attack - America.

You wouldnt think that a program testing British people's knowledge of English would have much room for direct attacks on President Bush. But oh no, Al-Beeb can find a way to attack the evil Great Satan in anything. So we had everyone's favourite whining leftist broadcaster Mr Humphrys, a man so far to the Left that even Al-Beeb actually had to rap his knuckles recently...

"Its the way Bush uses language that I find so disturbing. He said in a speech recently 'these people hate us so much because we are free'. I find that sinister."

Disturbing? Using plain, simple language to describe the motives of terrorists is disturbing? Sinister? Referring to Al-Qaeda (though of course dear John didnt put the speech in context, naturally - perhaps we were meant to think the reference was to the Wombles rather than Islamofascists) as haters of freedom is sinister?

Now thats the kind of language I find extremely disturbing, Mr Humphrys. Describing Islamofascists as anything but haters of freedom is using language in the worst way. Its called lying.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Guardian Islamic Atlas - A

(carefully selected extracts from the new 'Guardian Islamic Atlas', for Jihadist Geography lovers everywhere)

Today's letter: A

Afghanistan: Home of the wondrous Taliban, the perfect Islamic regime. In this paradise on earth, men were imprisoned if their beards were of insufficient length, women who even looked at another man in a suggestive way beneath their veils were executed in huge stadia for the enjoyment of all, homosexuals and christians were buried alive...but then it all went tragically wrong when the Great Satan (see below) took umbrage at the expression of righteous Moslem anger on 9/11. The Taliban proclaimed proudly that they were host to those responsible and were accordingly bombed back into the Stone Age. Their declarations of responsiblity did come as a bit of a surprise when every other Moslem country said the Joooooz did it, however such contradictions are part of the mysteries of Allah and must not be questioned or we will do to you what we used to do to the filthy homosexuals! Any confusion is caused by the influence of the evil Zionists who now control Afghanistan and must be ignored! Mossad caused 9/11 whether the blessed Osama says Al-Qaeda did or not. So there.

America: The Great Satan. The filthy, unclean cesspool of, well, you know, bad stuff. Controlled by the evil Zionists, it has an annoying habit of kicking good Islamic arses into the next world unless we, you know, sneak around a lot and blow up innocent civilians instead of actually fighting like men. This can be very emasculating, which is why we tend to subjugate women so brutally in our own countries - its all their fault we beat our wives and kids you know. Feelings of inadequacy at our total inability to destroy the Jews and convert the entire world to Islam is the cause of our tendency to self-detonate and commit violent acts towards women and homosexuals, but sadly it is only America's opposition Democrats who seem to truly feel our pain. The Republican ruling party dont seem to give a shit, the bastards.

(tomorrow, letter B: Bali and Britain...)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sick Sick Sick Sick Bastards

And I was just starting to finally warm to our fellow EU serfs across the water. That anti-Eu Constitution vote thing, the headscarf ban, actually daring to deport or ban the odd terrorist. However 'terror' chic ( has just set them right back again. The poor lambs. Now I can go back to the nice warm bundle of francophobic prejudice which comforts me so on cold nights.

This, as I seem to be saying to more and more people at the moment who really dont believe me about the Piglet thing, the icecream thing, the George Cross thing, is not a joke. This is serious. Feel free to explain to the manafacturers at how warm and fuzzy this makes you feel towards them.

Note to anyone wishing to sell this stuff in my neck of the woods:


Note to anyone WEARING this stuff (particularly if you are one of the chavs who infest my estate):


Actually in the latter case not that much excuse is needed, but this means I can claim Pyromaniacal Islamophobic Clothing Disorder in court.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pooh on Islam,,2-2005450600,00.html

How to make my girlfriend explode with rage. Really. She tries so hard to be a moderate, 'lets not judge' type. And then I throw in a little anecdote like this and it all gets blown out of the water. One day soon either we'll leave the Dhimmi-controlled shithole that my country has become or there'll be a housecleaning of somewhat major proportions.

Popcorn anybody?
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