Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Bash, bash Al-Beeb, Sing while you bash Al-Beeb"

Sublimely funny stuff (hat tip: What better entertainment on a cold Thursday morning...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When two pictures tell the story

Isnt it funny how this person genuinely cant see the essential ridiculousness of her position?

Stop the Fascist BNP! Cos they're racist homophobic Nazis, arent they?

Freedom for Palestine! Cos Palestinians arent like that at all are they?

Erm, hang on a mo. Arent all non-Muslims Dhimmis who should be treated as second-class citizens and ghettoised to prevent them from unduly influencing the purity of Islamic society? Dont the Palestinians think that all Jews are evil unclean Zionist pigs who sacrifice Arab children at Purim? Arent they taught this in school at about the same time as our kids are taking swimming lessons? Dont they make it pretty clear that parading through the West Bank in a pink tutu with a hairy chest is going to get you lynched before you can say 'Queers for Palestine'?


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Its time to bury Al-Beeb,6903,1577736,00.html

The BBC was facing a clash with the Metropolitan Police last night after refusing to hand over videotapes to prosecutors investigating two Muslim clerics suspected of inciting violence....But last night the BBC showed little sign it was prepared to give up the tapes without a fight. 'The Metropolitan Police has agreed to provide us with further information so we can consider its application properly,' said a spokeswoman for the programme.

Application? APPLICATION? Who on this earth do these people think they are? They are NOT above the Law, they arent Europol or EU Civil Servants after all.

The arrogance is beyond belief. This is a criminal investigation, people have DIED in our country at the hands of bloody-handed adherents to Islam - just like the people on these tapes.

But of course whilst Al-Beeb might genuinely be worried about journalistic independence etc etc etc, it doesnt take much to figure out what is REALLY driving this refusal. What our pals from the Moslem Propaganda Institute are really bricking themselves about is the thought that they are going to be caught out with public knowledge of what was left out of the material they actually broadcast. Just imagine how bad the pronouncements of Jihad and anti-British hatred and incitement must have been when they were feeling unguarded...

"Britain must be cleansed of resistance with fire sword and bomb, the Jews who control everything with their Zionist mind powers must be exterminated! Oh, wait, is that a bit much? You know that was off the record, right? Allah will punish you if you show that bit on your programme you know, and even worse Mr Sacranie might declare a fatwah on you! What? You wouldnt show footage like that anyway? Buried in your vault, you say? Good, good. Just as long as we're all on the same side..."

Bury Broadcasting House and the disgusting memory of the BBC. And dont forget to salt the earth afterwards so nothing like this ever happens again.

(Hat Tip for original story:

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Smile Amidst the Tension

This chap is a National Guardsman who has taken some genuinely very intriguing and interesting photos of post-Katrina New Orleans (hat tip: Its the wall graffiti pic that I felt said it all about those who choose to defend their property against looters rather than taking other people's property, or indeed firing on the relief workers and National Guardsmen sent to protect and succor them.
Dont try, I am sleeping inside with a big dog, an ugly woman, two shotguns and a
claw hammer.
I personally prefer this rather more robust approach to dealing with burglars rather than the Lib Dems despicable 'non-custodial', where the hell DID I put that hammer?

Friday, September 23, 2005

One of Those 'What If' moments...

This has been called the Most Politically Incorrect Post Ever.

Its a bizarre fact that indeed this hasnt happened yet, in Britain or the States or hell, even in Israel where the worst any Kahane-loving Jewish terrorist has ever perpetrated against the Palestinians has been a spray of machine gun fire. I wonder why not?

The answer's simple of course. None of the above come from a culture which glorifies the killing of innocents. See, all of the above take the narrow Western view that small children arent necessarily responsible for the lack of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and therefore shouldnt be seen as legitimate targets. However this view is not shared by Leftist politicians like this moron.

"The present action in Iraq has resulted in carnage with no end in sight," he will say. "It is a war built on a lie which has fanned the flames of international terrorism.
The consequences for this country have been murder and atrocity on the streets of London, essential liberties under serious threat and community relations under real pressure."

Answers as to which war caused 9/11 on a postcard please. Thats the tragedy of Iraq more than any other - morons like this have a convenient excuse to blame Islamofascism on. BAD Dubya. BAD!

'Community relations'? 'Real pressure'? A Scottish Nationalist has the balls to talk about pressure on community relations? Note to Mr Salmond - when your proud nation of Anglophobes starts taking anything like its fair share ( of 'economic migrants' and asylum seekers and youve spent a night or two in say, East London on the Roman Road watching the vehicles burning and the ethnically exclusive gangs - Somalis, Ethiopians, Kosovars to name but a few - trying to maim each other while the residents run for cover and hope they wont get caught in the crossfire - then, and only then, can you pontificate about 'pressure on community relations'. You prat.

I apologise to American readers who might not be aware of who Mr.Salmond is. Dont worry yourselves. He is the British equivalent of a failed Presidential candidate who resigns from the failed opposition party and then is reinstated years later in the midst of the horrified realisation that even such a nonentity is better than the alternatives. Hell, thats how this Blog got started, because I wanted to take a leetle pop at just such a person...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Burqua King Update

Further to the post below about PCBK's craven antics, I gleefully direct you to the following URL:

This has been started by a UKIP chappie from Woking, of all places. For once, Britain rather than America leads the way!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gang Rape of Palestinian Women? Of course, its the Jews fault!

“Palestinian women in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are victims of multiple violations as a result of the escalation of the conflict, Israel’s policies, and a system of norms, traditions and laws which treat women as unequal members of society.”

Those words are from the latest Amnesty International report on 'Palestine' which can be found on Amnesty's own website here: The sickness of this is beyond words. Somehow it is the Joooooz fault that Palestinians may or may not take out their frustrations at being unable to commit genocide on 'their' women. Somehow it is because of Israel's security policies that honour killings and gang rapes are taking place in ever-increasing numbers in the West Bank. Funny, I was under the impression that committing rape was a conscious choice, but noooo, of course its the Jooooz fault! Silly me.

This 'report' is outrageously biased in so many ways. Firstly we have reams of 'testimony' from Palestinian women supposedly forced to give birth at checkpoints, detailing their terrible oppression at the hands of the Israelis. And endless verbiage from Amnesty on the subject of how terribly Palestinian women suffer because of the 'Occupation'. Not one single Israeli source is quoted to refute any of the claims made in the report. Not one.

However, when it comes to the subject of the things that are actually being done to these women, the oppression they suffer because of their gender, the things being done to them by their own husbands and fathers, the testimony ends. The preaching ends.

Because when it comes down to it, Amnesty didnt produce this report because it cares about the rights and freedoms of women. It produced it because, like all those on the Left, it hates Israel and the Jews with a religious passion matched only by its hatred of Bush and the Americans. The idea that Israel is somehow responsible for honour killings, domestic violence, child abuse, gang rape and all the other fun elements of the Palestinian culture we are told we should admire in its supposed adversity is utterly perverted.

There are no words for how sick, evil and twisted Amnesty International are. There is NOTHING that these 'champions of freedom' will not say if it justifies their political ends. The next time anyone from Amnesty approaches me in the street they are going to receive a mouthful which would make a monkey blush.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Boycott Burger King

No, its not an April Fool. This is for real. Burger King are realy going to recall and redesign all their ice creams because some total twat of an Islamist thinks the lids look like the word Allah in Arabic.

Boycott Burger King.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

When the truth is a Casualty

Al-Beeb has outdone itself this weekend. Seriously. My girlfriend is (unfortunately from personal point of view) an avid fan of soap operas, including Al-Beeb's flagship saturday night drama, Casualty. This weekend I have therefore been treated to a 'thrilling' two-parter about a collapsing building causing a major emergency, paramedics from the hospital being trapped etc etc.

Now, what does this have to with a harrowing picture of the Beslan hostages have to do with another of Al-Beeb's tenth rate soaps, you might wonder. Read on...

Well, with its usual aplomb, Al-Beeb has managed to create possibly one of the most despicably biased, utterly inaccurate and downright moronic scripts in its long and undistinguished history. Yes, oh viewers, because the building in question contained asylum seekers.

Every heartstring imaginable on every instrument imaginable is tugged, oh my yes. We open with a crowd of braying, evil fascist 'locals' who are protesting against the asylum seekers by throwing dog excrement and halfbricks at small children and terrifying these poor benighted people. The bastards...because naturally whenever the racists of England band together to avoid having asylum-seekers foisted on them to drain their local resources away violence ensues. Naturally.

Whereas our asylum seekers (all suitably photogenic and dignified, with their own sob stories of horrific persecution and abject poverty - which of course hadnt stopped them managing to get all the way to old Blighty across the entirety of Europe mind you) were all either deeply talented people (an Engineer, a Doctor, etc etc) or hollow-eyed with the terrors they were still suffering after all their terrible hardships...

(Sickbags on standby, sah!)

This in and of itself wouldnt be too bad I suppose, we've seen this kind of nonsense before after all, though I guess perhaps the family of Stephen Oake might disagree with this image of these universally poor, persecuted fluffy bunnies. Or maybe the family of David Henkel, murdered by an Afghan asylum-seeker who had only just got out of prison, might have a little something to say on the matter! (And sickeningly the MSM have archived - in other words buried deep - any news of this particular incident and you have to go to places like this to find out that this poor man ever existed).

But whoever wrote this tripe wasnt content with a simple, blanket assumption of asylum-seeker sainthood. Oh no, he wanted to get all specific for us.

Its as if this scriptwriter actually deliberately sat down and ran through the list of victimhoods (real and imagined) for the last fifteen years and simply plucked them at random to be thrown into the script. For example even the above-mentioned girlfriend couldnt restrain a howl of derision when the Chechen told the patriotic Russian (why the hell he was seeking asylum was of course never explained) how his country was 'destroying my country's culture'. And how his wife tearfully related how he had been captured and tortured by the evil Russkis - so that means he was actively fighting the same cause as the people responsible for the terrible image above (provided by the uncompromising

Ah, yes. Chechen culture. Dont ya just love it. Well worth 'saving'. Really.

To be fair, in the interest of balance there was a former Moslem who had converted to Christianity, but naturally his persecution was never actually detailed and salivated over in graphic physical detail.

It got better after the non-specifically persecuted Christian convert though, oh my yes. Cast your minds back a few years kiddies, to one of our most famous modern genocides. Even mild-mannered ex-Python Michael Palin admitted later on that he'd got this one totally and utterly wrong when he pleaded for help for the Hutus, 115,000 of whom are still awaiting trial on genocide charges against their Tutsi neighbours in Rwanda.

The Hutus, if your remember, were the majority tribe in Rwanda, under a minority Tutsi government. Despite attempts by the Tutsis at powersharing, after a large number of inflammatory radio broadcasts by Hutu ‘hosts’ (some of whom such as are now on trial for genocide at the Hague) calling for a mass revolt against and extermination of the Tutsis, the Hutu population duly obliged. They rose against their ‘capitalist oppressors’ (note the careful Leftist plautitude here folks) and murdered still uncounted numbers of Tutsis in an orgy of murder, rape and destruction that dwarfed anything seen in Africa for some considerable time. Whilst continuing to mouth the odd leftist phrase along the way to keep the MSM on their side, naturally.

But the Tutsis (the bastards!) fought back. Rather well. They turned back the tide of Hutu maniacs and - well, here’s the thing. They DIDN’T burn down hundreds of villages, rape and massacre untold numbers of Hutus. In fact they showed enormous dignity and restraint after seeing their civilian population decimated in the most horrific way. However the crushing irony was that the Hutus, as is usually the case with genocidal maniacs with a cause, couldn’t conceive of the idea that their opponents would not treat them in victory in the same way they would have treated their opponents, ie by exterminating them to a man, woman and child.

And so, just like the Palestinian populations in 1967 fled their homes after failing to exterminate the Israelis once again, the Hutus took to their heels, tails and bloodstained machetes between their legs, and fled over the border to Zaire, where they began instantly screaming for international aid as well as about Tutsi oppression. Which naturally they got in enormous amounts. But the MSM and Al-Beeb never really forgave the Tutsis for winning a victory against all the odds. After all, the Left doesn’t like an underdog unless it makes the right noises, and they certainly cant comprehend the idea of having a friend on the darker side of pale who ISNT a raving genocidal lunatic…

Which leads me back in my rambling way to the crowning turd in the waterpipe in this piece of Al-Beeb ‘drama’. Because right at the end we had yet another photogenic african family (respresented by the supposedly underage boy whom the Immigration Advisor had been sleeping with, because of course in Al-Beeb’s world even when Whitey helps a black person they are ultimately exploiting them in the end) who, we were told were Hutus whose village had been burned down by Tutsis. In 2005!

NOTE TO AL-BEEB: Your bright-eyed Islamist boys in Chechnya are losing their war to create an Islamic banana republic. Your Hutu pals lost their own genocidal war several years ago and their villages are NOT being routinely burnt to the ground by evil capitalist Tutsis. And your Palestinian poster children lost THEIR genocidal war 38 years ago (well, and 57, 49 and 29 years ago – marks for persistence if not competence).

Get over it.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

True Dignity

Now this is what I call true dignity. This man has been asked to do something he finds personally distasteful, to evict people from their homes whom he personally identifies with and admires for their determination in he face of the appalling suffering they have endured at the hands of their dear 'neighbours'. But he did it anyway because he is a soldier and he is obeying a democratic order from a democratically-elected government.

Just read his words. He Did His Duty. I dont think if I had been him I would have been able to.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A new dimension to Hurricane Katrina

Bloody. Hell.

Well lookee here. Isnt this interesting? A bunch of treehuggers may ultimately have done even more than Raycist Nagin and Governor Blanco to contribute to what happened to New Orleans...

The First Post

Ooooh, its so scary, my first ever BlogPost. Whatever should a dad write about on a sunny Thursday morning?

I think I'll start with left-wing hypocrisy about Hurricane Katrina, pointing out the the Red Cross has now stated that the Democrat Governor of Louisiana and Mayor Raycist Nagin actually stopped them sending aid into New Orleans BEFORE Katrina hit on the grounds that it would encourage the people who werent evacuating (even though he didnt order them to) to stay instead of leave? Or maybe how Katrina was in fact (of course, why didnt I figure it out before) the fault of the evil Jooooooz Perhaps they used their evil neocon mindpowers to stop 'black boy made good' Raycist from using hundreds of city buses to evacuate potentially tens of thousands of people as wittily demonstrated here

Seriously, for those deranged Bush- and/or Joooooo haters out there, go and look at what was supposed to come from the horse's mouth. Once youve had a good read, feel free to comment with any way it was Bush's responsibility to make sure Governor Blanco and good ol' Raycist did what they were supposed to.

And didnt.
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