Monday, July 31, 2006

There Is NOTHING That A Muslim Or A Journalist Won't Do...

...if it helps kick the Jews.

Words absolutely fail me. Though I take back everything bad I ever said about EU Referendum, because I really appreciate the nose-holding research that has gone into this expose of Islamic and media complicity in manafacturing anti-Jewish hatred.

This is so far beyond sick that it is almost out the other side, into some surreal place where even the dead are now just pieces of meat to be used in the endless anti-Jewish propaganda war. For 'rescue workers' and the Red Cross to parade bodies through the streets of Qana, place them onto ambulances and then take them off again back to the rubble from which they were exhumed every time a new News Agency appears in a ghoulish, horrifying dance of victimhood is so far beyond the pale that I cannot find any words for how I feel towards these people but utter, utter hatred.

Israel warned the people of Qana that this might happen, dropping leaflets practically begging them to evacuate in the face of rockets being launched against Jewish cities from their streets, their homes. But instead, the people of Qana stayed, cheering on the 'freedom fighters' of Hezbollah, and now Qana's children have paid the price for their parents stupidity, their hatred, their sheer arrogance in thinking that they could use their children as an inviolable human shield in perpetuity.

And the media and those same Hezbollah 'fighters' are right there to ensure that even in death those tiny bodies are consumed as fuel in Islam's endless war against the world.

MAJOR UPDATE: It looks like once again the world may well have been sold an Islamic to eight hours between the airstrike and the building collapse is somewhat on the suspect side, wouldnt you say?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Remember, They're All Fascists

First there was this. I got upset, and the needle, as mentioned, went plunging into the red zone.

Now, there is this (hat tip to Gareth). I feel like that ridiculously tall Al-Beeb idiot on Election Night trying to explain the swingometer as it oscillates wildly back and forth in front of a bemused British public.

But, you cry! They're all fascists you know! Explaining why supporting Israel is a good thing is just a cunning fascist trick to lull us all into thinking that, erm, er...

Isnt it bizarre that the 'Nazis' are the ones writing articles supporting the Jews, whilst from the Left we get this. Nary a Leftie is to found supporting the idea that deliberately basing yourselves in civilian areas and then launching rockets from there in order to have human shields for the propaganda war is a BAD THING.

For God's sake, even the UN is starting to get it! So why is it that when even a BNP stalwart and the UN are starting to agree, all the Left can agree on is that the Jews are in the wrong again and the BNP are all Nazis?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just In Case Anyone Missed It

Keep fighting until the job is done.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Ranting King In Thoughtful Mood

Banagor has decided to carry on. Much brow-wiping from those of us who love to see him work, whether it be in total spleen-venting rant mode or otherwise. In his 'reasons for continuing' (or rather the reasons why he thought about stopping I suppose) he complains that not many people like to read his more thoughtful and logical pieces as opposed to his expletive-filled rants. I suppose that I am responsible for that in my own small way by terming him 'King of the Rants' on my own modest Blogroll.

So, without further ado I shall redress the balance, and instead of a rant direct you all to what is indeed a very well thought out and relatively mild-mannered essay entitled 'Fallacies and Logic', worth reading every bit as much as, for example, his famous 'Muslim Porn' posts.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Tale of Two Helicopters

Reading this article at EU Referendum (a Blog I tend to disagree with about pretty much everything except the EU and defence matters) I had to do two things when thinking of the pathetically triumphal tone adopted by Sec.Def Des Browne at the great victory of sending a whole two more helicopters to Afghanistan. Yes, the once-great RAF is reduced to this - a nonentity of a politician exposing the truth of its reduction to a pitiful shadow of the victors of the Battle of Britain.

Firstly, I laughed - in that dual way that Mr DSD does. First at Browne himself (who wouldnt), then at the irony of a memory of one Adolf Hitler, specifically an anecdote from archives unearthed by Chester Wilmot in his groundbreaking and quite fascinating 1952 book, 'The Struggle For Europe'.

Wilmott was a war correspondent who was one of the first truly 'embedded' journalists in history to work with western forces, and unlike his modern contemparies, he did not accept their protection and viciously slander them by way of recompense. He was besieged in Tobruk with the Aussies, parachuted into Normandy with the D-Day landings and was at Arnhem. And in true journalistic fashion when he tragically died in 1954 he became part of the news himself.

What Wilmott is most remarkable for though is that in the immediate postwar years he managed via the medium of the Nuremberg Trials to gain access to Nazi archives in quite unprecedented fashion, and came away with a quite astonishingly complete record of Nazi internal thinking during World War 2. This means that 'Struggle' is laced through with anecdotes of the most intimate nature from the 'Fuhrer Conferences' and the like - and one of those was the one which sprang to mind, so I dug it out.

Hitler was in conference with his staff on the evening of 23rd March 1945, just as the 5th US Infantry Division had slipped across the Rhine at Oppenheim and opened a massive bridgehead. Hitler asked what units could be spared to contain this breach, and the best his adjutants could come up with were five disabled jagdtigers at a tank depot at Sennelager.

Wilmott writes:

'These five were destined for Remagen, but Hitler enquired how soon they could be sent to Oppenheim. Such were the straits to which the once-mighty Wehrmacht had been reduced. The man whose panzer divisions had made Europe and Russia tremble was now obliged to concern himself with the fate of five disabled tank-destroyers in a repair shop at Sennelager."

Yup. That pretty much says it all really. And we got down to this level without fighting a serious shooting war, boys and girls. Five tank-destroyers, two Helicopters.

Shame on the politicians who brought us to this - Labour and Tory. I hope you rot.

The Return Of The Blue Max. Again. Er.

Via another staunch supporter of Israel, it seems our old friend Max, the UN Special Commisioner, has been quite busy lately. He does that. No posts for two months, then something gets his goat (like, say, the media outrage over Israel's refusal to bend over and take missile attacks on its civilians as stoically as usual) and he will come storming back. Go enjoy.

(Particularly this link. Tee hee hee!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Quote of the Month

From House of Dumb:

" ‘Stop the War’ and the rest of the freaks weren’t marching when the war meant continuous bombardment of Israel plus border raids. It’s only after Hezbullah started taking a pounding that Liberals decided violence wasn’t a legitimate form of political expression. "


So Sick Of It All

I officially declare I've had enough. Had enough of the media, the UN, the fuckin Lib Dems, the UN again (repairing roads for Hezbollah for christ's sake!) the fuckin Iraqis courting favour with the Shiites by condemning Israel and actually making me side with the Democrats for once (!), in fact the whole fucking lot of them.

I have asked the question before, and I ask it again now. Why are we still in Iraq? What the hell are we doing supporting yet another anti-Jewish Islamic regime? Naturally, in the current climate poor old Presidente al-Maliki has managed to achieve his first ever united parliamentary vote - when there's a chance for a bunch of fucking Muslims to kick the Jews. (And on the subject of the media - '116 dead, all but four of them civilians'?!? Reuters can fuck off and die).

It may only be a little thing to most people. But I think it really does say it all. The only thing that unites this 'poor divided country', 'riven with sectarian strife', 'blah-de-fucking-blah' - is a chance to take a pop at the nasty old Jooooz.

Fuck Iraq. You don't deserve another drop of British blood or another penny of British money. The Shiites and Sunnis can all kill each other in whatever sectarian fashion gets them hardest, I dont want any part of it anymore.

And even worse, I'm having to side with the Democrats for once! Yes, it is only the Dems in the US who have the guts to condemn Maliki's comments and stand up for Israel by asking that he apologise or be denied his chance to address Congress.

And the Republicans? Those 'champions of Israel'? Well some have stood up to be counted, but others...

"For him to take a strong stance that's perceived as pro-Israel where he's from is very difficult," Kansas Republican Sen. Sam Brownback.

WHAT THE FUCK? So now geography is allowed to determine morality? So in order to bolster up this pathetic regime with its Sharia-dominated 'Constitution' we allow its leader to make anti-Jewish remarks because, well, obviously its difficult for him to do otherwise because all his voters hate the Jews as well!

It gets better:

Senate Republican Whip Mitch McConnell of Kentucky called the Democrats' statements "an insult to a duly-elected leader."

I see. So thats the main criteria then. So presumably that nice Mr Haniyeh is no longer a terrorist as far as Mr McConnell is concerned as Hamas was, after all, democratically elected with a pretty overwhelming majority and any condemnation of him is also an 'insult to a duly-elected leader'.

Contrast this with the Dems:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Maliki, in his White House appearance with
President George W. Bush, again failed to state his view of Hizbollah, which the United States deems a terrorist organization.

"We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq. We've lost more than 2,500 American soldiers, more than 20,000 wounded. We deserve that answer," Reid said.

Oh my now isnt THAT a salient can argue about going into Iraq as much as you want, but staying there? I think Mr Reid is correct - but that we've already had the answer.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BNP Takes One Step Forward...

...and two big steps back. Especially this one. I mean everyone has their own opinions on Israel, and its not as if all the BNP's supporters are in agreement with their isolationist stance, so I suppose I can let that one go.

But the other one? Not bloody likely!

John Tyndall, founder of the BNP, may well have been, as the article said, hounded to death by the State. Tyndall had already served several years in prison for incitement to racial hatred and firearms possession due to his part in the would-be paramilitary organisation Spearhead, after whom he named his journal and website. Even if unfamiliar with the man, it doesnt take much reading to figure out that Tyndall was always nothing less than an outright Neo-Nazi. Spearhead's front page still carries the message that it was 'organised Jewish groups' which are responsible for 'race laws in the UK'. The articles on the site are littered with anti-Jewish messages - everything is the Joooz fault baby!

Usually the BNP is to be seen trying very hard to make people forget where it came from - because where it came from is from the likes of Tyndall. Yet whilst on one hand Griffin is writing courageous diatribes against the evils and stupidities of neo-Nazism, here we have the BNP website paying tribute to an outright Nazi as some kind of hero and victim to be admired.

You can't keep this up forever boys. Right now the Would-DSD-ever-vote-BNP?-o-meter is plunging deep into the red zone and its likely to stay there unless someone can come up with something a lot better than promises of isolationism and tributes to Nazi swine like John Tyndall.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Compare and Contrast Once More

I think this pretty much covers it. As usual, the Jewish and Gentile pro-Israeli rally conducted itself with perfect propriety.

Look at the banners:

'Israel, we are with you'.

'Israel, you are in our hearts'.

'Yes to Peace, no to Terror'.

Now, lets compare and contrast those evil warmongering Jooooooz with the peace-loving Islamists, shall we?

'Any treaty with Israel is not binding on Muslim nations'.

Ah, so we cant trust any treaty you make? Goody, no fucking ceasefire for you this time then.

'God will send the mushroom cloud from the sky on Israel.'

Supporting the nuclear bombing of Israel? Hmmm, says incitement to murder to me. Charges forthcoming against the Islamic Thinkers Society? Nah, course not. Its only the Jooooz they are calling to be exterminated, its not like theyre predicting a terrorist atrocity in a 'racist manner' or anything really heinous like that...

I could go on, perhaps using pictures of the Palestinian babies dressed as suicide bombers, the infants holding rifles etc etc but why bother? The pictures already used are the ones that tell the story well enough. If the Jews of London were the warmongering Zionists the media wishes them to portray them as, there would have been banners calling for 'death to Hezbollah, death to Hamas' etc etc. But there wasnt, not a one.

There is no hate in those hearts - unlike, for example, mine. Only love of Israel, love of a single shining beacon of light surrounded by a sea of seething darkness.

Perhaps just a little hate is what they need to give them strength to fight, the Jews of Israel and of London. Or maybe I prefer them that way, singing songs and preaching 'yes to peace, no to terror' in that very Jewish, true liberal manner. I wish I could have been there with them, just a few miles from my old haunts, and even one or two ex-girlfriends for that matter.

But instead I am here, typing away to show them that not every hand is raised against them as they may often think it is. Please type too (as some of you already have been) no matter what your political affiliation, and show them that I'm not the only one on their side.

They need to know.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where Does This Blogger Stand?

We dreamed of freedom for our land
To try and make it true we held out our hand
We dreamed of peace with those who hate us
And their answer was to carry on bombing us

So we built a fence to keep them out
And the bombers and the gunmen started getting caught
So they told us that its ‘racist’ and wrong
While with the other hand they gave the terrorists guns

They say we’re guilty of war crimes
And then they say that Israel is a crime
So ask yourselves how long we just stand?
How many Jews have to die before they force our hand?

Rockets are launched from the Gaza Strip
Our children go to school under the sniper’s eye
Missiles are striking Haifa every day
But the media tells us just to stand and pray

But after thirty-nine years the day has finally come
The Spirit of ‘67 still burns strong
The time has gone when we will meekly stand
We will fight and die again to save our land.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mr Whitehead, You Might Just Regret This

Via LGF, we have this Sunday Herald article which is basically an op-ed for one Antony Whitehead, 'senior lecturer in criminology' at Huddersfield University. It argues that, despite elephants in the room such as the existence of two Al-Qaeda made last testaments by the 7/7 bombers which make their total commitment to Islam and hatred of al things non-Islamic quite clear to the rest of us, that Islam is not the real reason for their actions. Nooooo...Mr Whitehead has got it.

Its their masculinity that is threatened, it seems. And of course because Mr Whitehead is a British wacademic, the true facts according to him are that their fragile masculinity is threatened not by the Iraq War, Israel or any of the more 'international' suspects. No, the crushing of these poor boys' egos has been caused by the BNP, naturally...yes, Islamic suicide bombing occurs not because of Islam's commitment to the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate by all means possible, but for really important reasons such as 'having a BNP Councillor and having a guy with no hair shoving shit through your letterbox'.

Note: for foreign readers, I should point out that in the standard Leftspeak of the UK wacademic, there are a pair of absolute truisms.

Firstly, all BNP councillors, members, supporters and voters are racists. Feel free to go here and make the judgment for yourselves. Secondly, all 'active' racists must fulfill the monumentally outdated stereotype of the moronic, Dr.Martin-clad shaven-headed skinhead thug, hence the hilarious idea that anyone committing a racist crime such as 'shoving shit through a letterbox' would have 'no hair'.

Still, the stereotypes notwithstanding, lets see what other penetrating insights Mr Whitehead has come up with. Well, not that many really. His main contention to support his theory (other than that it's all the BNP's fault) is that the bombers 'simply need to grow up a bit'.

Aha! The mystery is solved.

Well, here's the thing. Normally an op-ed by some pointless Brit nutball wouldnt exactly set off my desire to Blog about it. But this one is a bit more special. Because someone very close to me once upon a time lived in a 'disadvantaged area' like the kind Mr Whitehead describes, and for the few months she was there she did indeed receive the kind of 'emasculating' treatment that he describes. Letters through the door telling her that 'her kind' werent wanted on the estate, and pointing out (though less politely than this) that people of her skin colour were not required in the area. Just in case she missed the point, they quite often sprayed foot-high letters on her walls and windows to make sure.

She did, indeed, have shit sprayed through her letterbox.

Here's the kicker though. The person described was one of those emasculating whiteys, and had moved to a predominantly Islamic area. The status of the hair of those who sprayed shit through her letterbox and graffiti all over her walls may remain unknown, but their skin colour and ethnicity certainly isnt.

Odd, then that she didnt fall prey to manipulative older Catholics and turn to extremism and terror in order to regain her fragile ego. Or maybe not odd at all. Maybe it is simply that the reason is that Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism et al do not contain the same exhortations to violent martyrdom that Islam does.

But that aside, Mr Whitehead has another problem. The someone described above went to Huddersfield University, and also for various arcane reasons has met Mr.Whitehead and knows exactly where Mr Whitehead is going to be in a few weeks from now - its an annual event of sorts, you see. And this year when Mr Whitehead attends this event, he is likely to receive a polite but very public dressing down that might just make him regret such utterly false and ridiculous utterances, the poor boy.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Getting A Little Heated

Sometimes I wish I'd never linked here. I know I'm not the first person to try to explain to 'Rachel from North London' that she is so busy blaming 7/7 and Islamic Terrorism in general on Blair, Bush, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan et al that she has completely forgotten to actually look at the ideology of Islam itself for her answers, but I'd appreciate a little help here just the same.


UPDATE: My original frustrated wish to try and turn Rachel around has now been replaced by a sense of futility, but, at the same time, detached and healthy amusement.

Equating Islam with terror-inspiration as I'm doing on her Blog is 'Islamophobic'. She won't 'allow' Islamophobic and 'racial hatred' on her Blog, so my attempts to persuade her to actually look at Islam itself as a source for inspiring terror have 'not much point'.

Ah but its OK, she isnt just following the usual Leftist debating level of 'your a racist yah boo sucks' because she wont allow anti-Semitic comments either. So that's all right then. Though oddly for someone who wont allow such things she herself doesnt stint in pointing out how Israel's policies in 'Palestine' are 'brutal'. Oh, and her commenters can say how 'aggrieved they are by the situation in Gaza' and the like, that's fine too. But it's OK, because, wait for it, can you guess?

Yes, some of her best friends are Jewish...oh my.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Burn In Hell You Bastard

I just cant think of a better way to put it. Really. Zarqawi was a bastard who I hoped will burn too, but this animal was, in his own way, even worse. Even Zarqawi never sunk quite low enough to send people to videotape children who were about to be slaughtered as the photo above (used in one of this Blog's first ever posts) demonstrates.

Shamil Basayev was quite simply one of the most evil men in this world. I have to say that I couldnt restrain a howl of laughter when I read the part about him being identified by 'fragments of the body, including the head'. I dont care if its uncharitable or unchristian or unwhatever. I howled. What other emotion can there be when someone who deliberately ordered the deaths of so many innocents dies in an explosion where his head is a 'fragment' but exultation?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Will We Be Asking The Same Question Forever?

I love Black Hawk Down. It has great acting, great sound and effects, and doesnt pull punches about the awful truth of what went on. And now, not that many years on, Somalia is a nightmare place where, as in many others, Sharia Law is beginning to squeeze the few remaining freedoms left from its people.

So what did America shed its blood for?

Let's look elsewhere. Well, there's Afghanistan, where the West used the Northern Alliance to do its dying and then turned its backs on them, believing that it would be better off with people who believe that apostasy should be punishable by death. So now it's our soldiers doing the dying instead, and apostasy is still punishable by death in the country we are shedding our blood to protect. I wonder how long before even those like me who thought 100% that the West should have gone into Afghanistan will be looking at the way nothing has changed and asking the above question.

Then there's Iraq. I never wanted the West to go into Iraq. I thought smashing the infrastructure of Global Islamic Terror into pulp was a great idea, but that invading Iraq to do it was an idiotic way to begin. Iran, Syria, 'Palestine'...yes. The world would be a far safer place if, for example, Mahmoud 'Wipe the Jooooz off the map' Ahmadinejihad had never had a chance to grab the reins of power in Iran. But Iraq? Big nooooo.

You know the question already. I'd actually quite like to hear the answers of those who would like to take the time and trouble to give them.

UPDATE: That's a lot of answers. Keep them coming guys and gals, I'm really enjoying the debate :)

A Fisking Du Jour...

...courtesy of Rottypup. Its his 600th post as well, though this is not exactly a good day to say Happy Anniversary on. Unless you're one of the scumbags attending the 'Islam Expo' to watch a collection of deranged Leftists and frothing-at-the-mouth Islamofascists like this fucker declare their support for more 7/7 events in the future, in which case I'm sure you are smiling on this most horrible of anniversaries.

Al-Beeb decided to quote Tamimi after Al-Jazeera aired the farewell video from Sid the Self-Detonator's buddy yesterday. He described it as, if I remember rightly, 'very worrying'.

Can't think why. Seems to me Tamimi has very little to be worried about if he is being quoted by the MSM as a regular, run-of-the-mill 'expert on Islam' after declaring his intention to self-detonate at the earliest possible opportunity. Oh, and that the Jews of Israel should "sail on the sea in ships back to where they came from and all drown in it."

Still, that probably says more about the MSM than Tamimi. After all, Rotty's fisking shows rather well that when it comes to Islam, the MSM doesnt have any problem with simply calling rabid, anti-Semitic terror-supporters 'experts'. But then anyone who knows anything about Islam certainly knows plenty about rabid anti-Semitism and supporting terrorism, don't they?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Don't Worry, The US Probably 'Invented' Tanweer's Video Too

Al-Beeb felt the motives of poor old Sid the Self-Detonator were a 'mystery'. Then Sid's last will and testament surfaced (on Al-jazeera, where else) and yes, the headlines explained it was all about Iraq. Though Sid the Sweetie also expressed great support for the 9-11 attacks which happened before the invasion and apparently Muslims never committed anyway, according to Sid's fellow aliens from Beeston.

Just a couple of days ago our PC PCs were still struggling desperately to avoid blaming anyone at all for the 'radicalisation' of these peace-loving chappies. Because there couldnt possibly be any link to the War On Terror even though Al-Qaeda's luminary Zawahiri guested on Sid's farewell vid - Al-Qaeda's global influence is just a myth, after all.

Oh. Hang on. Ooopsy. Maybe the newly-emerged fact that good old Al-Q had a video from another one of the bombers, filmed with the same script in the same room is just a coincidence...or could it be that, in fact this is all just another part of the same War on Terror that America supposedly 'invented' for the benefit HalliburtonOilCheneyRumsfeldBushitler etc etc?

No, I didnt think Iraq was a proper target, though Afghanistan surely was. But the idea that it was 'Iraq' that caused the deaths of fifty-plus British citizens a year ago tomorrow is wearing thinner and thinner by the moment. Al-Qaeda and Islam have been at war with the West since long before the West invaded Iraq or Afghanistan, and today's despicably timed bit of propaganda is just one more kick in the teeth for all those who claim otherwise.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Other Important Anniversary

Via the wonderful Dry Bones Blog, another 4th July anniversary we shouldnt forget...I loved the wording of the 'background' story Al-Beeb choose to give us - now I know language changes over time, but I'm pretty damn sure that in 1976 even the BBC was calling a terrorist a terrorist...and most definitely not a 'Militant'.

Entebbe was a classic example of Israeli willpower just like the one we are seeing now in Gaza - an unwillingness to stand by and watch her citizens be butchered helplessly by those who want every Jew driven back into the Sea. The cartoon on Dry Bones, 30 years on, is still relevant in many ways, although one thing it doesnt have is the extra addition that an update would give to its choice of protesting agencies: the Media.

Because the Media are now the enemy of the Jews just as much as the Palestinians themselves are - the kind of shilling for terrorism involved in the AFP article mentioned above (hat tip to Little Green Footballs) is breathtaking in its open support for both terrorist goals and methods.

How lines like this can pass without comment is beyond belief:

My son, Abdelmonem, was a member of Hamas. He was assassinated in 1994 by Israeli special forces,” she says. “The others, who are in prison, were in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades,” an armed offshoot of Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas’s Fatah party. They were arrested in 2002.

So dear lady, by your own admission your 'boys' consist of a terrorist considered active enough by the IDF for them to 'assassinate' him (or maybe he blew himself up in a Kassam rocket factory...not that AFP would give a shit about fact-checking in any way shape or form), and the remainder in a slightly different terrorist organisation which also has been responsible for literally thousands of attacks on Israeli citizens. Nope, can't see any reason at all why you'd be considered a tainted source. And how unreasonable of those oppressive Jooooz to imprison a bunch of guys who are part of an organisation sworn to kill them all!

The reason thousands of Palestinians 'languish' in Israeli prisons is that tens of thousands of Palestinians either are active, armed terrorists sworn to kill every Jew they can, or passive, unarmed supporters of that very same goal. So remember Entebbe as you celebrate Independence Day boys and girls. Nothing has changed. Israel is still a beacon of light surrounded by chaotic, roiling darkness, and if we dont keep fighting for her, that precious light may one day go out.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Britain Is Not Channel 4

This really pissed me off. Not the post - the utterly idiotic comment from 'Gary' that 'Brits on the whole are virulently anti-Jewish'.

What the fuck? Well Gary you twat, our media is virulently anti-Jewish. We're not. Dont confuse us with our media, or our Dhimmi governments.

Just because you (presumably an American) are obviously a moron doesnt mean I decide that Americans on the whole must be morons. Get it? I didnt choose to live in a country dominated by the media whores like Jon Snow and, well, Tony Blair for example. I don't buy into their evil manipulation of the masses. I fight them, and the vast majority of my countrymen and women hate the media, and the political classes that sponsor them.

So next time you feel like pissing in another country's pool, do me a favour - just...don't. It isn't a nice thing to do to your best allies.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Public Service Announcement

These guys are awesome!

Message ends.
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