Monday, October 30, 2006

The Naked Jew-Hatred Of Al-Beeb

Here's the plot, right?

Islamic Terrorists storm into an Embassy, hold the people inside it hostage, including the same incompetent bunch of MI5 agents who always seem to have managed to get themselves held hostage - this was happening both the last two times I accidentally tuned into the pile of monumental shite that is Spooks. The Terrorists then start shooting hostages one by one until their demands are met (seems unclear what they actually were) until, yes, they are dramatically revealed as...JEWS!

Yes folks, its Mossad in disguise, taking hostages and committing murder for no apparent reason whilst pretending to be Al-Qaeda...led from behind the scenes by their sinister fat, balding, and therefore obviously Jewish handler. He even mouths 'Shalom' apparently, just so there's no confusion.

Is this an isolated incident on this particular freakshow? Nuh-uh. In Al-Beeb's world London it seems is positively teeming with incompetent Jewish assassins and shadowy traitors willing to do the evil Mossad's bidding, duped nonetheless by equally evil Christian fundamentalists, who as well all know have a well-developed intelligence network and terror capabilities capable (apparently) of fooling even possibly the shrewdest intelligence service in the world.

As Eric explains:

"The really bad guys in last night's episode manage to trick the Mossad into thinking that the show's hero, an MI5 agent, is some kind of anti-Semite (obviously grounds for instant assassination - Ken Livingstone watch out! -DSD) , so the Mossad sends in a crack assassination team of around six men armed with easily-identifiable Israeli pistols. ("Ooo! Jerichos - they must be Israelis!" declares one of the crack MI5 team.)

Fortunately, the tall blonde heroine this season (who in the previous episode snarls out the phrase 'Yemenite Jew') - (subtle and tasty stuff from Al-Beeb there, I wonder if any of the characters has ever snarled 'Pali Muslim' with such venom - DSD) uses her martial arts skills to disarm most of them, while unarmed hero Adam deals with the rest. The one surviving member of this "elite" unite of bumbling Jewish terrorists is called off following a phone call made by MI5 boss Harry to his Israeli counterpart, the cultural attache at the Israeli embassy. Harry threatens to have all the Mossad agents in London deported if they don't stop shooting at MI5 officers right now. And no, I'm not making this up.

I wish he was. But of course this is where fiction runs too now - no 'serious' political dramatist would ever dare reflect the real world where Islamic Terrorists actually do murder hostages, do storm embassies and arent either Jews in disguise or manipulated by them (or the Christian Fundamentalists, well known as they are for their subtlety and craft in such matters).

Nah, much easier just to script another thrilling episode of 'blame the Jews'.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

What A Happy Anniversary. Look, They Made Bonfires And Everything

Has it really been a whole year already?

Blimey. Yes it has. Seems like just yesterday...though of course for the RoP every day is fire and destruction day. Isn't it?

Still, its not like our good ol boys of the European RoP, never meanin no harm, havent been keeping their hand in in the meantime and falling behind their bros in the Middle East and Asia. Maybe their Parisian brethren gave those in Brussels some tips, or hey, perhaps they have a neat exchange program going! They can swap cities and learn about a whole new set of infidels to subjugate, and all about the local architecture.

And then torch it.


Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

An interesting experiment was conducted at the very heart of our local headquarters of the Great Rightwing Zionist Conspiracy yesterday. Having had some hilarious fun with my ten-year-old and a cuddly toy Election (including a National TV Debate where Skullsplitter the Barbarian Baby Bear had to have it patiently explained to him that rushing at his opponent and decapitating him was not a valid debating technique and unlikely to win many votes except at his home polling station) she then asked to try out some election games online, which is something we have done before a few times.

This time we discovered a very enjoyable, just-complicated-enough sim called The Democracy Game. It seems to be pitched at just the right level for her. A central box shows the incumbent's popularity with different voter groups such as Poor, Motorists, Liberals, the Religious etc, who naturally enough blend into each other somewhat to a large degree, so a voter may support your Party on one issue but not on another, thus making for an interesting juggling exercise whilst also trying to run an economy! As the game says, you may well find your high-faluting principles quickly sacrificed to political or financial expediency quite swiftly...

Well, seems my little darling has some...interesting tendencies. Trying the demo, her vehement reaction to Gun Control (NO GUNS FOR ANYONE!) took me a little aback, especially when she proceeded to unconcernedly send her Liberal approval rating into freefall by authorising phone-taps, a huge expansion of the Intelligence Services, armed the Police and massively increased their funding - and incidentally wiped out British crime in a year and a half. Oh, and never had the same Terror Attack happen that occurred when I, erm, didnt.

Its interesting isnt it? At ten, despite being in a household where the mistrust of the incumbent administration's totalitarian tendencies is palpable and obvious enough that even at her tender age she must have picked up on it, she still instantly went straight towards high Statism and Authoritarianism, and sod the Liberals. I wish we had a Government that could be trusted this much...

"Daddy, what's Inheritance Tax?"

"Well its a Tax that Government levies on things that you leave to your family and friends in your will, after you die."

Stunned silence.

"That's the most STUPID thing I've ever heard! No WAY am I doing that!"

Out of the mouths of babes, eh...


Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Tale Of Two Fundamentalists

Yep, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the can trust some senior member of the Religion of Peace to open his bearded mouth and explain how yet another group of people in the world deserve what they get, even if what they are getting from his followers is extreme violence and in this case rape and sexual assault.

While not specifically referring to the rapes, brutal attacks on four women for which a group of young Lebanese men received long jail sentences, Sheik Hilali said there were women who "sway suggestively" and wore make-up and immodest dress ... "and then you get a judge without mercy (rahma) and gives you 65 years".

The 'merciless' sentence in the Bilal Skaf case that Hilali refers to (which became a byword of what passes for Islamic humour to the Muslims of Cronulla, as in the funnies of surrounding a bikini-clad bather and commenting loudly how she 'might just be worth 55 years' in that Peaceful way we know and love) took place immediately before the renewed attacks on lifeguards that sparked the Cronulla riots in suburban Sydney, where years of gang rapes, sexual assaults, harassment and violence by 'youths of a certain ethnic origin' culminated in 5000 jackboot clad neo-Nazis apparently materialising out of thin air and chasing off their tormentors whilst chanting paeans to Hitler. Or for those of us not choosing to accept the MSM's version, the local population of all races, nationalities and creeds except that certain origin came together for once and took back the beaches their Police had given up on policing.

The senior member of the RoP speaking those words in this case is one Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, Australia's senior 'mufti' or religious leader. Just to make sure we dont mistake his inference about immodestly dressed women for something as gentle as mild sexism, he goes for broke and makes it clear that his is the kind of misogyny most of us gave up around the 7th Century. Ah, wait, I knew there was a clue there...

"If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

"The uncovered meat is the problem."

The sheik then said: "If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred."

He said women were "weapons" used by "Satan" to control men.

"It is said in the state of zina (adultery), the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa)."

Now granted to some of his congregation may feel about as obligated to listen to him as British Protestants do to Rowan 'medals from terrorists' Williams, but none of the 500-strong congregation seems to have felt the need to dissent all that loudly. And we know, because the sermon during which he made the comments was recorded, that the usual accusations of Zionost plots and the like dont really work in this case...

Its funny though. When he does realise he is being recorded, the mufti's attitude towards women seems rather different...

Revelation of the mufti's comments comes after he criticised Mr Howard last month in The Australian for saying a minority of migrant men mistreated their women. Sheik Hilali said such a minority was found in all faiths. "Those who don't respect their women are not true Muslims."

"There's a small percentage found among all religions, but we don't recognise ours as Muslims."

Oopsy. So when the cameras are rolling, wife-beaters, gang-rapists and misogyny are beyond the pale and so their perpetrators. But when he is 'amongst friends'...let's just go over that again shall we?

He said women were "weapons" used by "Satan" to control men.

Which, in the interests of balance, brings us to Fundamentalist Number 2.

I wonder if Julie Bindel will be jumping all over this story the same way she does other aspects of the crime of rape...somehow I find it in me to doubt it. From her despicable utterances in the Guardian (where else?) article that the Humble Devil uncovered (and characteristically I see he is all over this story as well) I would guess not. After all the assertion that mobile phone footage of an alleged rape victim masturbating and giving head to one of her alleged attackers is merely "evidence" as opposed to, you know, Evidence, would seem to indicate that she is not a woman prepared to believe anything as flimsy as the things people actually do and say.

"If more cases such as Shabnam's occur, we may as well forget about the criminal justice system and train groups of vigilantes to exact revenge and, hopefully, deter attacks."

Riiiiight. So here's a misogynist arguing that women who step outside of the bedroom wearing anything but full body armour are 'uncovered meat', and a misandrist arguing that gangs of Amazonian harridans should patrol the streets with torches and pitchforks searching for anyone insane enough to give them a wink.

No, no fundamentalism at all on this issue then.

UPDATE: Via an email from Daydreamer of Oz, we have Al-Beeb's reaction to this story. And sure enough, rather than being a strident condemnation of excusal of and near-incitiement to gang rape, it is instead yet another tale of Islamic victimhood.

"Australia's Muslims Fear Backlash."

You really just could not make this up.

BREAKING NEWS: The swine has stepped down after collapsing under mysterious circumstances.

He was due to meet Tom Zreika, the president of the Lebanese Muslim Association, to discuss calls for his resignation, but fell ill during talks.

Interesting wording there, no? If he hadnt met Zreika yet, who was he 'talking' with when he 'fell ill'? I don't think we've heard the last of this one yet somehow...

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just So We're Clear About Which Side I'M On

This is extremely painful viewing, I warn you now. Despite my usual loathing of people such as the woman in this video who have suddenly woken up to the wrongness of their actions, even my stony heart was somewhat moved by her obvious guilt and shame.

Possibly the worst part is the group of Pali kids sitting with the toy guns boasting of their desire to kill Jews. Palestinian child abuse, nothing less.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply wrong.

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New Thread For 'Why I Wont Vote BNP'

Slightly odd step I know, but the previous thread on this has ended up sprawling to the point where I and I suspect other people are getting a bit lost on it. So feel free to all jump in and post more comments as you wish, even if it is to tell me I'm betraying my 'Ethnic genetic interest' or somesuch. Long as you keep it polite I will post your comments and answer when time permits.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

That's It. You Lost Me, Right There.

Its funny how the small things can be the tipping points. But they are nonetheless important for all that. As Laban Tall rightly points out, there appears to be very little difference between the anti-semitic themes of Left and Right nowadays. The BNP leopard has pretended to change its spots, but whether or not the rhetoric is as violent and vicious as in days gone by, I have been watching the same tired old themes of BNP anti-semitism play themselves out in recent weeks nonetheless. Its the 'Zionist Lobby', the 'neocons', the idea that attacking Iran is a bad idea because...well its what the Jews must want so there must be something wrong with it, right?

I am, as many have observed, a very very angry person. Once upon a time I was a very angry young person who saw his country being raped and his culture murdered, and felt that everyone but those who were standing against that destruction was the enemy. It took me a while to see through what it was they were standing for as well as against, and find out that it was every bit as abhorrent to me as the things I was fighting against. But I learned my lesson.

I really wanted it to be true now, that in the BNP there was a Party that would grow out of its lunatic roots and take a moral stand against the corruption of our country, the degeneration of our morality, the rape and murder of our culture. But it is not to be, I am very much afraid.

You see, I realised something a while back. I may agree with fighting the influence of Islam with every breath in my body, with fighting the Leftist grip on the media, with ending positive discrimination in all its pernicious forms, and yes I do find that I sometimes think things which are sweeping, all-inclusive and target all of a certain group or groups with the same brush. And when I do, I mentally slap myself down and thank my lucky stars for the one thing which keeps me grounded.

My Zionism.

Its my Zionism that keeps me on the straight and narrow. Its my Zionism that keeps me from saying 'its them and us, and only us' every time I see another white man in Court on trumped up charges, or yet another white boy or girl murdered by 'ethnics' as the BNP parlance would have it and ignored by the same media that screams the reverse from the rooftops every time anyone of my ethnic group even looks at somebody from another in the wrong way. Its my Zionism that reminds me where the BNP came from and where, yes, they are still mired no matter how much many of us would desperately like to believe they are not.

So I may rejoin UKIP now Farage has seemingly woken up to what he needs to do to turn them into a true professional Party and a credible force in British politics. I may avoid Party Politics altogether for some time once more. But whatever else happens, one thing is for sure.

I will NOT be voting BNP.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Message Of Fraternal Greetings To The Former Head Of The Party

Monday, October 16, 2006

Notice Any Similarities Anyone?

Having a quick read through the latest posts at the throughly laudable Anti-Pedophile Blog Absolute Zero United this evening, I came across this one detailing the reactions of the pedo community to the appalling Amish schoolgirls shooting, carried out by a pedophile who let all the boys go and sickeningly even brought certain...accessories with him besides the weapon he used, presumably in anticipation of fulfilling his sick fantasies at last, even if it needed to be at gunpoint.

Looking through the sections quoted, a sudden thought struck me as the pedophiles' blaming of, well, everyone else for forcing the guy to to do it through repressing his rights, orientation, blah blah blah, unfolded in all its creepy glory. Just consider this quote.

"I imagine that, in the wake of the extreme oppression of MAAs (and the consequent sexual repression by MAAs in denial), we will be seeing more of these kinds of shootings in the future. When will society get a clue?"

Now I dont know exactly what MAA stands for, but hey, lets just take one acronym beginning with M out and insert another word beginning with M, shall we? Hmmm...could there be a pattern here?

"Sadly, they reap what they have sown. The news media will never admit to their complicity in such crimes. It does appear that societal repression was a factor that contributed to his crimes. No telling what will happen now."

Now, where have heard something like that before? Try 'from every Muslim pundit or 'representative of the community' ever after a bombing, shooting or terror arrest', that's where.

Isn't it funny how life throws up these little similarities of thought patterns and victimhood...

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From The Presumption Of Innocence To The Assumption Of Guilt

No, this time I am definitely not talking about the EU's recent attempt to shift us to the Napoleonic Code of Corpus Juris, as many other Bloggers and even MSM publicity have managed to cover that topic fairly adequately lately. I did call a couple of Tories waving about a petition about the NHS traitors the other day though so consider that anecdote to be a small sideswipe at the issue.

What DSD wishes to do today is go for that favoured target of his, hypocrisy. And today's lesson, boys and girls, is that old lesson of 'how dare you assume one of US is guilty' screamed from the rooftops until one of them rather than one of 'us' is in the frame for the same kind of thing.

Then, its a different story.

Hang 'em from the lampposts.

And whatever you do, tar and feather the entire BNP with the same brush that mustn't ever, ever be used on Muslims.

My favourite bit is that its a 'record haul of chemicals' - the only evidence for which assertion is that some silly bastard from that well-known organ of journalistic high excellence, Pendle Today, said it was. But this ridiculous lie is shooting around the Leftist blogs like a meteor without any questioning whatsoever because it's very convenient to imagine a huge media blackout descending in Orwellian fashion over the media, always SO friendly to the BNP, lol!

I'm sure some Blogger, somewhere, is blaming the Zionists for not letting the media report on the nefariousness of the Nazis. Er.

So, let's see. Lies? Well, from all sides actually. It seems that the BNP's quickest available local Councillor obviously doesnt think on his feet very well when trying to lie through his teeth to the Press.

Nelson BNP councillor Brian Parkinson said: "I am very shocked and surprised to hear this. I am glad to hear that he is no longer a member of our party because the BNP wouldn't want to be associated with this incident. It certainly wouldn't condone the sort of thing he is allegedly being connected with."

Oopsy. Membership runs from January 1st to december 31st and he stood for you in May? So that means all those 'Ex-BNP man' headlines will now be reworked and another angle added to a hugely embarassing incident for the Party.

Prat. Just handed 'the enemy' a perfect, easy to spot coverup on a plate didnt you? No Cabinet post for you, sunshine.

This pair of Nazi muppets deserve to have the book thrown at them for two reasons if they turn out to be as guilty as they seem to appear. Firstly because if they were intending some kind of terrorist attack (and the fuckwit PC PC who says there are 'not terrorists' just because they were apparently acting alone is wrong) then that's unconscionable.

Secondly because this will now give enormous ammunition to the pro-Islamic Leftists who scweam and scweam and scweam about Timothy McVeigh the 'Christian terrorist' (not that I recall any evidence as to McVeigh having religious inclinations of any kind, but what they really mean anyway is 'white guy') and will now no doubt do the same with these two fucking idiots. So thanks a lot, though I suppose it will be nice to have a little bit of variety in the terror sympathisers whinings about the tiny number of white, oops sorry 'Christian' terrorists as opposed to the serried ranks of Jihadis screaming 'death to everyone'.

And to whichever BNP Regional Organiser or other official failed to vet this nutball properly (or at all!) do yourself a favour and resign now. Unlike Respect or Sinn Fein, terrorism should NOT be a valued tick on a potential officeholder's CV for the BNP - the fact that lunatics with biowarfare suits end up on your roster is yet more proof that your Party is still full of the kind of trash that makes it remain totally unelectable.

(UPDATE or perhaps more of a PS for those who may still come across this post, out of date though it is - does a 'former Green Party Candidate and committed pacifist ' getting eight months for GBH (and no you really couldnt make up "he's a committed pacifist m'lud" as a defence in a GBH trial up, could you?) mean that all Green Party members are mindless thugs who will snap at the slightest provocation? - Hat Tip to Little Bulldogs)

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

News Roundup - Dhimmis, Babies and Cartoon Conspiracies

A quick news roundup of the things interesting DSD this week before preparations for my darling future PM's 10th Birthday Party begin in earnest, in no particular order...

Has the teeniest, tiniest fightback against Dhimmitude begun in the unlikely white fascist elite stronghold (not) of Kirklees? A Muslim English teacher has been suspended for refusing to stop wearing her veil during her classes on the not unreasonable grounds that her pupils cannot see her lips moving and get the full enunciation and has I'm told made the hallowed grounds of Radio 1 News according to the future Mrs Right-Wing Zionist Conspirator.

She herself was very impressed the other day when one of her colleagues (who had just told her he was a Muslim - but not 'one of those nutters who thinks all Jews should be killed' as he put it) had it pointed out to him by another colleague that the Koran does actually contain choice lines such as the one about the talking tree with the Jew hiding behind it, so how did he square that? Seems even the hardworking secular world of retail is able to find time to do its research...

However of course we have to have balance, dont we? So to tip the scales back, we have possibly the most shocking one I've heard for, oooh at least a week. Yes, its the Thought Police in our schools at their very worst, those pointless, useless bastards we laughably call 'teachers', showing their utter inability to allow any member of the white race actually born in this country to have even the most basic educational rights, such as being able to actually understand the people she is forced to sit with in class.

“She said I had to sit there with five Asian pupils,” said Codie yesterday. “Only one could speak English, so she had to tell that one what to do so she could explain in their language. Then she sat me with them and said ‘Discuss’.”

According to Codie, the five - four boys and a girl - then began talking in a language she didn’t understand, thought to be Urdu, so she went to speak to the teacher.

“I said ‘I’m not being funny, but can I change groups because I can’t understand them?’ But she started shouting and screaming, saying ‘It’s racist, you’re going to get done by the police’.”

Just for the record, I hope the teacher in question and the PC PC who took the subsequent decision to arrest her both die horribly as a result of being mugged by Somalian Asylum-Seekers and then being unable to communicate with their Pakistani paramedic crew that they are allergic to morphine. Or something like that.

See, now there's a family who will now all almost certainly go and vote BNP en masse along with their neighbours, friends and cousins. And under the circumstances who could really protest that decision?

Flipping topics to something less controversial (yeah right like I'd ever do that hehehe) we have an interesting chappie to alternately boo or hiss or cheer at in the shape of one Dick Devos, Michigan gubernatorial candidate. Dick takes the precise same position as do I on that thorniest of topics, abortion.

"As soon as Roe v. Wade is overturned, which I think we all pray that it will be ... we will revert back to Michigan law," DeVos said Thursday in an interview with Al Kresta, host of the syndicated Catholic talk show "Kresta in the Afternoon" on Ave Maria Radio. "We would go back to that standard, and I would be thrilled about it."

Michigan Law states, as does British Law if only our bastard politicians and doctors would ever stick to it, that abortions should only be performed if their is a demonstrable threat to the health of the mother. Not if, you know, you just got pissed and shagged some complete stranger without a condom.

But Dick, like myself isnt some maddened religious fanatic denouncing abortion with foam-flecked lips. No, he actually takes what would in any sane society be regarded as the middle view.

...he opposed an effort by the anti-abortion organization Michigan Chooses Life to get a measure on the 2006 ballot that would change the state constitution to legally define a person as existing at the moment of conception.

Good for him. I dont buy into that kind of religious nonsense - I take the simple view that once the foetus is sentient enough to properly react to pain stimuli, it is a life that should remain untouchable unless the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled, but not before.

I wasnt aware there was any move to overturn Roe vs Wade in the States. As there apparently is, I wholeheartedly welcome it too along with Mr DeVos.

In Entertainment news, did I mention how much I love South Park? I remember fondly reading this Frontpage Magazine article on the 'Culture War' in praise of the show's irreverent mocking of EVERY Political form, containing the money quote from co-creator Matt Stone:

“I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals.”

Now you see South Park has really got the Liberals pissed at them - because they have produced a show debunking the 'Truthers', the 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists who believe that, well, it was all just a hoax and the US blew up the Towers. Oh, and of course there were no Jews in the buildings at the time because those crafty evil Zionists were in on it as well. Or did it. Or something. A Blogger named Wuzzadem has tracked the 'Truthers' reactions and it makes for truly hilarious reading...

Here's undoubtedly my favourite quote:

"That would be super-great if the characters in the show actually realize that 9/11 was the work of the Zionist NWO! I think it will cause people to research it for themselves. Is this Cartman character pretty well respected among his friends?"

It must be quite frustrating to be Osama bin Laden sometimes. Not in the sense of failing miserably to establish the global caliphate and having to live in a cave with nothing but a few teenage goatherds for comfort, though I'm sure that's a constant niggle for old Osama. I'm talking about in the sense of meticulously planning, leading and carrying out the most large-scale terrorist atrocity in the past half-century, proudly claiming responsibility for it via your pals in Al-Jazeera and then having half the Muslim world and all your supporters out in the US decide the Jews and the Great Satan must have pulled it off instead!

Man, if he isnt dead in a ditch somewhere that man must be really, really pissed.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Hope Condi Rice's Neighbours Get Rabies...

...and then spend the next sixty years trying to shoot, bomb, and otherwise exterminate her. And her children. And her children's children. Even if she hides behind a tree.

"Oh Muslim, there is a Dhimmi bitch hiding behind me pretending to be a Conservative, come and kill her."

My contempt for this woman truly knows no bounds. At every turn she has attempted to bully Israel (and succeeded) and appease Islam in general and the Palestinians specifically. The 'humiliation of occupation' is caused by standing next to another country after voting in a government sworn to exterminate every single citizen of that country. It is caused by teaching your children hatred from the moment they begin what passes for Nursery Education in your sick and perverted society until the day they are old enough to blow up innocent women and children and be hailed as a martyr.

Most of the world thinks its humane to shoot a rabid animal. It certainly needs to be quarantined away from those it wishes to harm until it can be cured.

Only the Left and Condoleeza Rice think that the most important talking point is that the animal is 'humiliated' by the steps the civilised world has to take to deal with it.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Wonder If Her Insurance Was Covered For 'Minor Altercation'

See, this is how they do it. This is precisely how they do it, in fact.

Do what?

Turn us into the guilty ones. Turn a mob of 20 Muslims armed with pitchforks, beating a defenceless woman and her family and smashing their car into a 'minor altercation' which has sparked a totally 'disproportionate' (sic) response by the evil hooded white thugs and 'gang members' from the local area. Turn an ongoing dispute involving Muslims telling those uppity whiteys how they are no longer 'allowed' to cross their territory into those uppity whiteys being Islamophobic and committing firebomb attacks.

There are accusations that members of staff from Medina Dairy have been intimidating people as they cut through Shirley Avenue from the recreation ground next to St Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School.
Lorna Habgood, a mother of two, from Dedworth said: "The security guards from the dairy are aggressive and abusive to mums collecting their kids from school. They won't let anyone down Shirley avenue because they say it's their land."

Slough's local MP, who has presided happily over the complete destruction of her constituency's infrastructure via a mass immigration that makes Barking's look like a picnic, has naturally weighed in to support her intimidated consituents.

Yeah. Right. And back in the real world...

Slough MP, Fiona Mactaggart said: "At any time Islamophobic attacks are unacceptable. In this holy month of Ramadan it is particularly distressing for the Muslim community to be victims of hatred."

Because in Britain 2006 of course, us nasty old racist indigenous white people are never victims of hatred. Only those poor victimised baseball bat wielding Muslims.

She adds:

"I am determined that all other commmunities in this area should stand by them."

Whether they like it or not.

The plot thickens though. After a petrol bomb was thrown from a motorbike at the Dairy...

At 10.30pm an Asian man who had been praying in the dairy's Technor House, said: "A scooter drove past earlier in the night and threw a petrol bomb at the dairy. It exploded on the wall.
"After that a car drove past three times and the last time he wound down the window and said he would be back with a gun."

Or was it? Was it really?

On Wednesday night, at least 30 police officers manned streets surrounding the premises of the dairy in Shirley Avenue, Dedworth, as the feud escalated surrounding the dairy and its prayer room.

Got that? Now, lets try Al-Beeb.

Mounted police have been patrolling outside the dairy, which is part of a complex that also houses an Islamic centre on Vale Road.
Three arrests have been made and more than 20 people were searched by police. There have been no reports of injuries.

So. 30 police officers. Mounted police. Stop and searches. Yet still a biker with a petrol bomb can make it through this cordon sanitaire, and people can make triple drive-bys and roll down the window long enough to deliver a nice detailed death-threat. Am I the only one that thinks this is, well, lies?

Police allege further that a petrol bomb was found 'nearby'. I'm sure if it exists it must have had 'property of whitey' daubed on it, right? Because Allah knows that petrol bombs arent the favourite weapon of choice for any religion we know and love, dont they?

There are those on a few Blogs who have begun talking about this as some kind of great 'fight back' or some such nonsense, and one or two who have swallowed the firebomb story and tried to justify it.

Silly boys and girls.

No one is 'fighting back' here - the police have 'swooped' on the nasty old whiteys and made a few token arrests to make it clear that for once hoodies with blades will not be tolerated. So they gather and glower, whilst the Police make sure they do nothing Islamophobic and the Muslims in the dairy (which the Police have deliberately omitted to search despite a smashed car and a family being beaten - notice that kiddies?) laugh their arses off whilst polishing their weapons for the next time they are not directly under the eye of the PC PCs. When rest assured, they will take revenge in spades.

The moral of this story?

Don't be stupid. This is Britain 2006. There are, as always, no morals in this story.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

How Do You Know When A Tory Eurosceptic Is Lying?

His mouth is open.

I have finally had enough of the Tories. Just enough. At least Labour and the Libarab Democrats are honest about their prejudices and their hatred for our country, its culture and institutions. They are honest about their support of bloated statism, bureaucracy and drip-drip tyranny in the shape of the EU. And in Labour's case a succession of supposed anti-terrorism and anti-hate speech laws under which guise the white Britain on the street can be scooped up and safely squared away for looking funny at anyone on the darker side of pale (unless they're Jewish, that's an exemption because, you know, those nasty old Joooz have just brought it on themselves by being so horrible to terrorists and their supporters) but under which Muslims can publicly call for mass murder on national television and have 'no case to answer'.

But the Tories? Well the Tories of Blu-Labour dont think we have gone far enough in our appeasement. For example, here is the insane case of the Muslim Armed Police Officer who was excused from guarding Jews on the grounds that, well, he doesnt like Jews very much so how could he honestly be expected to protect them from being blown up? Now the reaction of most people except the real moonbats has been to condemn this without qualification, as you would expect - especially when you consider that BNP members are not allowed in the Met as they apparently cannot be trusted to act without favouritism!

But just when you think that for a change here is a case all the parties can more or less agree is pretty cut and come the Tories to place themselves even further to the moonbat Left than the Labour Party.

Richard Barnes, a Tory member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, accused senior officers of lacking tact. He said: ‘I think it was crass management in the first place. They should have recognised there could have been a problem and not suggested this officer be posted at this embassy.’
‘The Met keep banging on about diversity, but this case shows they have learned very little at all.’

Listen to me Barnes, you motherfucker. If there is any good in this bullshit idea of 'Diversity', its the idea that while we are all different, we should all be treated the same way, by people on the street, and most especially by public institutions and those who serve in them. What 'Diversity' is NOT, and never should be except in your Cameron-coloured world, is an excuse for those public servants to pick and choose who they wish to serve, and in this case protect.

The Tory Party has purely and simply endorsed racism here. The idea that any public servant is free to make moral judgments and then decide to exclude their service from those they deem unfit, immoral or evil for that service is a truly disgusting and pernicious one.

'I got mugged last week, and my mum last year. So I'm not serving you in this Post Office cos you're black and so were the muggers.'

'So what if someone ripped off your veil and spat in your eye? I may be a copper but I dont like Muslims, I was on a tube train on 7/7.'

'No, I'm not letting you through the ticket barrier - you're obviously a Sikh judging by that turban, and Sikhs killed the Prime Minister back in India, the bastards. As a good Hindu I reserve the right not to let you on the train.'

'No way son, I know this is a youth club for everyone but well, you have to understand that as a Jew I feel you bear some responsibility for what is happening to the Palestinians. So you're not getting in.'

Are we getting the picture now Barnes, you piece of shit? I hope you have a heart attack and then the attending ambulancemen see your little blue rosette and decide to leave you gasping by the wayside on the grounds that they vote Labour and can't stand Tories, or hey maybe they could even be Muslims who just gosh darn it HATE WHITE BRITISH MEN.

Goddamn it I hate the Conservative Party v.2006 so very, very much.

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