Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Hope Condi Rice's Neighbours Get Rabies...

...and then spend the next sixty years trying to shoot, bomb, and otherwise exterminate her. And her children. And her children's children. Even if she hides behind a tree.

"Oh Muslim, there is a Dhimmi bitch hiding behind me pretending to be a Conservative, come and kill her."

My contempt for this woman truly knows no bounds. At every turn she has attempted to bully Israel (and succeeded) and appease Islam in general and the Palestinians specifically. The 'humiliation of occupation' is caused by standing next to another country after voting in a government sworn to exterminate every single citizen of that country. It is caused by teaching your children hatred from the moment they begin what passes for Nursery Education in your sick and perverted society until the day they are old enough to blow up innocent women and children and be hailed as a martyr.

Most of the world thinks its humane to shoot a rabid animal. It certainly needs to be quarantined away from those it wishes to harm until it can be cured.

Only the Left and Condoleeza Rice think that the most important talking point is that the animal is 'humiliated' by the steps the civilised world has to take to deal with it.

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Blogger Stan said...

You'd think they'd have learnt their lesson by now. Appeasement will not work.

10:50 PM  

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