Friday, September 22, 2006

The Rally The MSM Forgot - And A Question For That Nice Mr Olmert

Just as not a single British media outlet covered the pro-Israeli rally in Kenton, NW London a few weeks ago, so it goes with what should theoretically be big news in New York, outside the UN to be precise. Now seeing as we have pictures of every moonbat, anti-western, anti-Jewish and pro-Jihadi rally that involves more than two old burqa-clad ladies and their dog Wufi splashed all over the pages of the MSM, you'd think that 30,000 plus people demonstrating against Ahmadinejihad's presence at the UN to spread his evil poison would be equally big news.


The mighty Atlas has pictures and video.

Elsewhere, Little Green Footballs also brings us a touching little tableau of a Spanish 'peacekeeper' demonstrating his allegiance to the cause of happily shaking the hand of a Hezbollah supporter on his way to the enormous victory rally about to take place in Beirut.

The VICTORY rally? Got that Olmert, you blithering idiot? Because thanks to your cowardice, because of your desperate clinging to the futile belief that the UN is on anyone's side but the Jihadists, because of your pathetic media whoring, you now have more foreign troops on Lebanese soil.

Troops that will act as even more effective human shields for Hezbollah than the Lebanese Shia. Troops that will willingly stand by just as UNIFIL did and watch the weapons and rockets flow into Southern Lebanon, and will not simply wring their hands about it but in some cases actually applaud. Troops, however, that will be in place at strategic points to prevent large-scale Israeli ground incursions into Lebanon when they are needed in the future. And you know they will be, because your commanders and Mossad will have told you that the weapons and rockets are flowing once again into Lebanon, that Hezbollah is gearing up for another round.

And what are you doing? Are you striking those convoys as they enter Lebanon? Are you insisting that the UN make an attempt to enforce Resolution 1559 and at least make some show of neutrality? Are you screaming the duplicity of the UN (which funnily enough the entire pro-Israeli Blogosphere could see coming from the somewhat limited vantage point of our monitors, but you apparently couldnt) from the rooftops as we are?

No. He isnt. This is the man who has told us that Israel is 'tired of fighting, tired of winning'. That the Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader, a specimen whose doctoral thesis was based on Holocaust denial and the idea that 'the Zionists' actually cooperated in the Holocaust (that didnt happen, but such is the schizoid nature of Arab intellectualism) in order to displace the Palestinians is a 'courageous partner'. He says that Jacques Chirac is 'one of the greatest fighters against anti-Semitism in the world' (!)

So are you doing for your people right now, Mr Olmert? What are you doing to make sure rockets never rain down on Haifa again? To secure the release of your captured soldiers, which you promised you would do before any ceasefire with Hezbollah or withdrawal from Lebanon took place? What are you there for, if you cant do these things?

I'd really like to know.

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Blogger Murray said...

Butt stroke - handshake, I wasn't sure which was apropriate sir.

Call it a cultural misunderstanding.

12:26 PM  

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