Friday, September 08, 2006

Do You Know, I Don't Think Even The Devil Likes That Nice Mr Blair Very Much


I always thought Blair was the Devil myself - he has all the essential ingredients but the horns, and we only know that they aren't on his head...but the Devil in question here also notes that the dictator-in-chief hasnt actually said he is going to go as PM - just Party Leader - can it be that the arch-manipulator of the English language has managed to pull the wool over his own Party's eyes just as he has done to the country so many times? Read the words he used, supplied by Guido at the above link:

"The next party conference in a couple of weeks will be my last party conference as party leader, the next TUC conference next week will be my last TUC - probably to the relief of both of us."

There is, indeed, absolutely no commitment there to step down as PM. None at all. And before you say anything along the lines of 'how could he expect to perpetrate such a monstrous fraud' etc etc just remember who the hell it is your talking about! The man's premiership has been one endless succession of 'we would do it but we just CANT' moments which by now virtually nobody is believing except the same kind of people who think Mossad demolished the Twin Towers. This country is fucked, people, and this evil bastard was the one at the top overseeing it all.

Step down? He will have to be carried out of the door kicking, screaming, holding desperately onto the lintel while a burqa-clad Cherie flails ineffectually away at the Police dragging him out with her handbag full of the latest wad of cash wrung from suing under the Human Rights legislation her dear hubby pushed through Parliament.

Heh, actually do you know what, that's quite an entertaining image...anybody got any better scenarios for the final moment of departure? Answers in the comments please...

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Blogger Matt the Hat said...

I'd love to see a cartoon drawing of that!

12:54 PM  

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