Friday, August 25, 2006

Who Needs Those Highly-Trained Anemones Anyway?

Pop Quiz before I get onto an account of our luverly London trip later kidz:

Who dya think would say the following?

"The NY Times is no more biased against Israel than any other US paper, and has no more of a tendency to plaster negative news about Israel all over the front page than any other US paper. It's only a target for idiots like moderndayknight because it's a newspaper of record and it reports news items that they dont want to hear. It's never good policy to shoot the messenger, or as I like to call it "pulling a Saddam Hussein" (who was famous for shooting anyone who brought him bad news)"

"I dont know jack about the british media but the US media, including AP and reuters (which is half belgian), does not have an anti-israel agenda."

"Pointing out something I know for a fact...that there is no institutionalized anti-israel conspiracy in the media, is always helpful to Israel."

"EU Referendum, for its part, probably did as much harm as good. by their own admission they blew the AP and Reuters people off when they asked to talk to them and took a confrontational attitude that most likely made them less than inclined to play ball and remove the photos."

"EU Referendum was not exactly a huge help posting this stuff and implying AP was intentionally deceiving people. the blog post was not considered a "smoking gun". the theory was not verified until some german news agency ran footage of green helmet stage directing the whole thing and taking bodies out of ambulances.I have experience dealing with both reuters and AP in israel. they pride themselves on accuracy and are solid companies. if you can make a solid case that their information is not credible they will remove it from the wires. always. hell if you talk to the actual reporters in the field they'll correct it before it ever hits the wires."

(emphases mine)

So, guesses? How about a senior Foreign Office Official? Guardian Journalist? Kofi Annan? Kathleen Carroll of Associated Press? Green Helmet Guy?

No. A " 'highly-trained, vastly experienced' pro-Israeli activist'. "

As the saying goes, with friends like these...oh, and he told them all to vote Kadima as well. What an utter tool.



Blogger DumbJon said...

Yes, but he's got super, special experience with many high-level lunches. He's a secret activist, a 007 of the MSM, single-handedly reforming the media, but in a really, really secret way.

Talk about a double-whammy. He doesn't think fauxtography and the like is any big thing, but he babbles on about how his Jew Jedis are secretly manipulating the media to carry pro-Israeli stories. Ah huh. So bogus war crimes are OK becuase the Zionist World Conspiracy is running the media.

In other words, he not only refuses to condemn this drivel, he plays up to one of the most persistant anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Now, that's some nifty strategy.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on nailing this egotistical little turd. I read all his comments and his arrogance is only matched by his ignorance. The guy is obviously seriously disturbed - if this is really the best that the pro-Israel lobby in the States can offer then God help them. He seems to be claiming that he is single-handedly running the entire Israeli media campaign...well, judging from the worldwide press & TV hammering Israel got over Lebanon maybe he is. What a tool !

6:35 AM  

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