Monday, August 14, 2006

Save The Children - Officially Judenfrei

Via Stephen Pollard, it seems that Save The Children are now taking their 'impartial charity work' to a rather different place. Yes, Save The Children has made itself, by its own admission, officially Judenfrei. The reason? No, not that they are choosing to emote over Arabs rather than those pesky Jooooz who cause all these 'humanitarian crises' by refusing to allow people to murder their civilians at will, but because 'Israel has systems in place' to deal with such matters as dozens of Katyusha and Qassam rockets being fired into their cities at random.

The message? Its OK to violently target children of 'certain' religions in 'certain' countries as long as they have 'systems' in place - but not others. Oh, wait - apparently the UK doesnt have 'systems' in place either, in fact there only seems to be one country where children regularly suffer 'dislocation' as a result of violence which does have these vaunted systems in place which exclude it from receiving Save The Children's largesse.

There is only one word for this, and its not one I like to use unless its clearly justified because it is probably the most overused one in the English language. But this is racism, in the clearest possible sense of the word, and should consign Save The Children to the evergrowing list of Leftist NGO's with an anti-Jewish and pro-Terrorism agenda which all of us should boycott forthwith.

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