Sunday, August 06, 2006

Qana Photographer Exposed Again - LGF Asks: Is The MSM Meltdown Finally Beginning?


One of the many Bloggers who has picked up on this story states: 'Adnan Hajj isnt even trying anymore'. I'd say the story is rather that the media itself isnt even trying anymore.

Reuters carries this chronically false photo, so false in fact even those of a decidely non-political bent have spotted its blatant falsehood. I did think it very amusing that one of these guys, a 'student/intern' from San Francisco just had to try and spin some anti-jewish ranting into the technical discussions taking place:

'The IDF has reduced many parts of Lebanon to smoldering piles or rubble. And then they bomb those piles again. I am having trouble understanding why a photographer would ruin their career over a photo that isn't very good in the first place, especially considering there is no shortage of buildings being consumed by fire and smoke in Lebanon.'

Perhaps because a) the photographer's career will be absolutely fine because Reuters are quite happy to spread false and/or staged anti-Israeli images over the wires unless they get caught out? Or even b) because the 'smoldering piles of rubble' are actually very few and far between and good old Adnan couldnt actually find any 'real' long shots that looked suitably impressive?

Our student continues though, not to be put off:

'Every morning, I pick up a copy of the LA Times, and see the outstanding work of their photographers are doing on both sides of the border. It obvious to me that there are moving pictures to be made there, if photographers would spend less time doctoring bad pictures in photo shop, and more time walking the streets of the cities of Lebanon.'

Both sides? Riiiiight...methinks the LA Times is spending 99% of its time on the Lebanese side rather than the Israeli. And I love the way this would-be professional doesnt see the possible link between a reporter doctoring photos to make the Jews look bad and...the same reporter doctoring other photos to make the Jews look bad. Our student also makes his anti-semitism crystal clear with the last sentence of his diatribe - scores of rockets launched against Israeli cities every day doesnt 'move' him - only what is happening when Israel strikes back.

Reuters have now simply 'picture killed' the photo with no explanation other than 'sorry for the inconvenience'. Not 'Hmmm, that guy snapping the pictures of suspiciously aged corpses in Qana has been making false photos of Israeli bombing, maybe we should rethink whether his work is for real or not', just 'sorry for the inconvenience' - the inconveience to the world of spreading pro-terrorist propaganda.

The thing about us nasty old rightwingers is that we are incredibly tenacious when we get the bit between our teeth. And some of us are extremely good at this techie stuff and not afraid to take down the big guys whenever we get the chance.

The MSM is in trouble now. This is starting to snowball, and now that bit is firmly clamped down between the Blogosphere's teeth, heads are going to start rolling.


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