Friday, August 04, 2006

Agreeing With Blair

I know, scary isnt it? But for once I cant argue with the man, for all that his rhetoric in this (as the Jerusalem Post puts it) groundbreaking speech is at stiff odds with his 'domestic' attitude to Islam. Let's hope this translates into proper action here as well, and not just as so often in the past, on the world stage.

This might just be the first stages in World War Three and as Blair says, it will not be a conventional war. And when I sit down and think, really think, the shocking truth is that right here, right now, I'd rather have Blair in the British hot seat than the alternatives.

Which speaks volumes about the terrifying farce that British politics has become.


Anonymous Wishbone said...

You know what mate, I couldn't agree more. I've seen our government fall back into appeasement on our home shores over practically every threat to our national culture and heritage over the years. I never thought Blair would ever be any more than a useful idiot. Maybe, just maybe, he's seen a little further into the future than the diehard lefties and liberals and he knows it's not the bright and rosy one their blind idealism envisions. Every time he's stepped up to the microphone lately, I've expected him to fold. Instead he's stayed more or less firm. Considering the flak he's been weathering from even within his own ranks over the Middle East situation, he's still there. I just hope that when this is finally over, he has the bollocks to get rid of the cowards in his ranks and start adopting a less appeasing domestic policy before Britain loses its identity for all time.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

But DSD, as I commented on this blog a week or two ago.
There is no point having a strong foreign policy if we don't also have a tough and strong domestic policy regarding immigration and religous extremism.
Blair might have the first but he certainly doesn't have the latter.

10:20 PM  
Blogger dearieme said...

No: he's delusional, not too bright, and lazy - doesn't read his briefs. See Braithwaite's article in yesterday's FT, or read Christopher Meyer's "DC Confidential".

11:37 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well Dave, as I pointed out, his domestic actions on this have been a trainwreck of appeasement. But then thats our whole country in one sentence isnt it? I just have doubts that things would be any different under a Cameron or a Campbell.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Dearie Me,


11:53 PM  
Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

Well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has these subversive thoughts. :) I think it's Blair's great strength that he 'gets it' about Islamofascism; that he understands whatever you might think about socialised healthcare, taxation, abortion, etc., the crazies in Hamas and Hezbollah need to be dealt with. It's just a pity that more people (on both the left and the right) can't put aside their differences and unite for this one, central battle.
Oh, and some digging unearthed this story that links to a BBC video of Blair's speech:


12:03 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

If he 'got it' puppy, he would have closed Britains borders especially to the low skilled. (who are more likely to be crazies)

I am not fan of the current Conservatives but I really don't think even they would have the crazy open borders that Blair has created.
Last year was the highest level of immigration to this country ever, this is not an accident its a plan.
Even the Lib Dems would struggle to out do Blair on that one.

I can't believe you guys are so sucked in by Blair, this is the man who says education, education, education, but does nothing but continue the dumbing down.
The man claimed to be tough on crime and the causes of crime, and all he does is let more criminals out and give them super ASBOs.

Tony Blair has always been great at making those big defining speaches.
But what is he going to do?

Terror threat level to the UK:= 'Severe'.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Nobody's sucked in by Blair Dave. He has been a disaster for this country, but as Rotty says, just perhaps in this one area, he maybe gets it right? But as you say, actions speak louder than words so we shall await developments.

And one thing you really, really need to realise. The bastard Tories are part of the same LibLabCon trick that British politics has become. Our 'crazy open borders' would be just as crazily open under a Tory government because the EU says they must be open. This country gave away its border control some years ago - remember during the Election campaign when the Commission slapped down Howard when he suggested something that didnt resemble a colander?

While we stay in the EU - which every single Tory leader including the 'Maastricht rebel' IDS 100% favoured (and what a cowardly traitor that bastard turned out to be once he got to a position of power) and still favours. The Tories are every bit as worthless as Labour or the Liberals.

10:05 AM  
Blogger dearieme said...

Links: Meyers' is a book and I've no idea whether there is a link. Braithwaite's article was freely available yesterday at the FT website, but today they are demanding payment, so there seems little point. Here's bits from my hard copy:-
a frayed and waxy zombie...programmed to spout the language of the White House in an artificial English accent.

Mr Blair's prime responsibility is to defend the interests of his own country. This he has signally failed to do.

I've never read the like from a guy like this: Braithwaite was our Ambassador to Moscow '88-'92, is former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Cttee, and former Foreign Policy Advisor to John Major.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


First 'zombie' comment I tend to partly agree with. But then we might be approaching the idea of what is negative about such language from differing perspectives i think...

Blair has indeed failed to defend this country properly on many occasions - presiding over the destruction of our Armed Forces, signing away our independence to the EU - NOT the US - and most of all by consistently appeasing Islam domestically whilst condemning it and fighting it internationally, which is precisely the point I made in my original post.

But Braithwaite, I suspect, means that it is MORE appeasement needed to 'defend Britain', not less. Looking at the resume you've laid out without seeing the article, I'd be prepared to lay money that he thinks that if a) we had never invaded Iraq or Afghanistan and b)we could just persuade those pesky Jooooz to acquiesce in accepting missile attacks on their cities without a fight (or preferably just, you know, drown themselves in the Med voluntarily) those nice peaceful islamists would turn into nice fluffy puddytats and we could all sleep easier in our beds.

Bet you a fiver.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Yes DSD I know the Cons are also part of the problem, but the immigration on the scale of Tony Blairs leadership is the highest this country has ever had.
I think Blair takes the 1st prize, even though the Cons would not be far behind.

Yes the EU is a problem and I want to leave the EU, but many EU countries have a tougher immigration policy than us so lets not give Blair that excuse.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Bugger. I think I've just accidentally rejected a comment :(

Could whoever the anonymous person was who posted about the UK's debtor history to the US etc please be kind enough to repost? My apologies for the inconvenience.

And to think this was meant to be a little throwaway post about the shock of actually agreeing with Blair on ANYTHING...

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Wishbone said...

Dunno if this helps DSD, but I read this piece from the BBC the other day about our war debt and still had the link:

1:54 AM  
Blogger dearieme said...

Fiverwise, you may well be right: he's much shyer about recommending action than criticising Blair. But the prob with Blair is the thoughtless sucking up to the USA and the failure to defend British interests. Suppose for the sake of argument we currently had a US Pres who said, bah!, abandon Israel to its fate. Blair would go unthinkingly with that too. Meantime the USA continues to support Irish terrorists and Blair does bugger all about it.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous yoy said...


If you do not think that our interests are the very same as the US's in this fight against Islamic Jihad then maybe, and with all due respect, it is you that doesn't get it.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous TonyBlair is Satan said...

Blair is a total disgrace. He is just like Yasser Arafat, he says one thing to the world yet comes home and says/does the complete opposite. Simply put he is a liar par excellence.

The comments he has recently making on the Islamic menace are simply his way of pimping himself for a highly paid job in the States once he is no longer British PM. He will put nothing at all of them in place back in Britain. He and his government are the architects of the immigration (and other) problems in the UK and are completely incapable of doing anything to solve it.

The sooner we are rid of him and his cabal of ex(?) commies the better. Frankly I don't care what the alternative is, it cannot be worse. The Tellietubbies would make a better fist of governing the country than these incompetant bastards.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Hmmm, that reminds me of one of my favourite Dick List posts...


4:10 PM  

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