Thursday, August 03, 2006

Qana: The Lies Begin To Unravel

It gets better. Now even Human Rights Watch (remember them? Hamas has shown me some metal with '55' written on it, so it must be from an Israeli shell, honest!) are admitting grudgingly that the death toll from the Qana 'massacre' is actually half of what was originally splashed over the front pages of the world's media. What they have also let slip is something else far more interesting though...

“The initial estimate of 54 persons killed was based on a register of 63 persons who had sought shelter in the basement of the building that was struck, and rescue teams having located nine survivors,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement on Wednesday.

'63 persons had sought shelter'. Oh really. So lets get this straight then. Israel bombs the town at 1am, and 63 persons - all conveniently women and children - 'seek shelter' in the basement of this building. And they are 'registered' by someone in authority - for which read Hezbollah because the Lebanese 'government' sure as shit abandoned any claim to authority there a very long time ago - during a bombing raid!

Even the British with all their bureaucratic tendencies didnt find time to take names at bomb shelters during the Blitz...

So, we have 63 women and children all 'registered' in the basement of a building which is hit by an Israeli airstrike at 1am. Then, anywhere between six and seven hours later, the building collapses, with the women and children still in the basement. And the roof was still on!

Swarms of media arrive from Tyre at Hezbollah's invitation, despite the supposed 'fact' that Israeli interdiction of the roads in the area is what prevented civilians leaving in the first place. Leaping into action to earn their blood-money bonuses, our intrepid reporters spend hours and hours snapping the same bodies again and again, and when challenged about the oddity of those same bodies making it to an ambulance and then mysteriously reappearing in the rubble again, haughtily tell the world that they've got it all wrong and that, well, how dare they be questioned by us evil right-wingers!

The fact that every single one of the news agencies involved are still refusing to clear up this 'right-wing conspiracy theory' by taking the simple step of releasing stills of the films used with the timestamps intact (to prove their contention that the timestamps Richard North has delineated to us are indeed related to when the pictures were 'posted' rather than when they were actually taken) or indeed to release the intact video footage taken by their cameramen speaks volumes.

Dr North has the bit between his teeth now, by the way. He has really nailed the provenance of the 'iconic' photo of 'Green Helmet' in this excellent post, showing supposedly neutral Red Cross workers halting with a stretcher and taking their ease to allow a photographer to earn his bonus with some nice closeups of a body - which appears to be the same body Green Helmet is then seen parading around the streets nowhere near the scene and even holding up for the world's media after having a quick change of clothes, as seen in Dr North's original post.

Israel Insider meanwhile suggests that the bodies (only two or three have actually been seen by most of us by the way - the iconic photos have only been of a select few bodies you will note) are off odd appearance to have been crushed under the rubble of a building - bloodless, completely intact, no torn or twisted limbs - pristine even. The article suggests therefore that these bodies were brought in from elsewhere to provide a convenient photoshoot - now this is a bit much for me personally to believe even of Hezbollah but it is certainly very very possible - it is certainly not as if the Gaza Beach incident didnt prove that the Arabs are quite willing to shift bodies around to make a good photo op, just as they have done here.

Just one small point to finish - this was one Israeli airstrike on a civilian area which Hezbollah have fired scores of rockets from, all aimed at Jewish civilian targets. Hezbollah fired a grand total of 182 rockets at Israel yesterday, all aimed specifically at Jewish civilian targets.


UPDATE: Via House of Dumb, NBC's Richard Engel with another question the MSM has deliberately avoided asking: where were all Qana's men?


Blogger Rastaman said...

I've been following this too, on other blogs. Good summation you've done here.
Any people who could hack the head off of a living human being are clearly capable of any heinous act. Moving bodies around, parading the little body around for hours of a dead child is nothing for these people. They love to wallow in blood.
This "massacre" is clearly a staged event. I wish the Israelis would not be so quick to buy into guilt or offer apologies. Right or wrong, mistakes always happen. What matters in war is intent.


5:15 PM  
Blogger Murray said...

This "registered", is that like pre-registered artillery so you can put a round exactly where you want it when you want to?

It's just a question.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You may have missed this (from a link on LGF):
The 123 Israeli Children Killed by Palestinian Terrorists

11:02 AM  

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