Friday, August 11, 2006

Every Single Thing You See Is A Lie - Updated

Smoking guns, smoking guns...ooopsy, looks like Germany's NDR TV station didnt get the memo about pretending the Qana pictures were for real. So there is the infamous Green Helmet (who now has a Blog of his own bless him), ordering the news agencies and cameras which insist the photos were all spontaneous and unstaged to take better pictures, and ordering 'rescue workers', several in the uniforms of the supposedly impartial Red Cross to take a body out of an ambulance so the photographers can get a better shot.

This really has blown the lie of Qana wide open. The man who features in at least half of the 'iconic' pictures of the 'massacre' and whom dozens of news agencies, TV stations and newspapers have insisted is nothing more than a miscellaneous aid worker who just happens to have turned up at least three different photo-ops in Qana, Beirut and Tyre is truly revealed as the Hezbollah puppetmaster who is pulling the media's strings.

Let's just remind ourselves what Associated Press said about allegations that every single one of these photos was falsely stage managed for the world:

“It’s hard to imagine how someone sitting in an air-conditioned office or broadcast studio many thousands of miles from the scene can decide what occurred on the ground with any degree of accuracy,” said Kathleen Carroll, AP’s senior vice president and executive editor. Carroll said in addition to personally speaking with photo editors, “I also know from 30 years of experience in this business that you can’t get competitive journalists to participate in the kind of (staging) experience that is being described.”

Riiiight. Well I wonder what Ms Carroll has to stay about this footage, the first unexpurgated video of these events that we have seen and which completely destroys the media's fiction that Green Helmet is just a rescue worker, and that the photographs of Qana's grief were in fact nothing more than deliberately stage-managed lies which every single media outlet present (except for NDR) willingly and knowingly participated in. They are ALL guilty as sin, guilty of lying to the world in order to aid terrorists. has a very good, dry summary of events (via Honest Reporting) which brings together disparate elements such as the Dead Man Walking, the Unluckiest Homeowner in Beirut, Adnan Hajj's efforts with Photoshop (and children's dummies) plus a very interesting collection of pristinely clean Disney memorabilia which seems to be randomly appearing in the dust-choked rubble (or something like that) that Israel is leaving behind in the wake of its raids.

LGF also has picked up on the Zionist Swing Of Doom, the children's toy which is apparently easily mistaken by 'careful fact-checkers' such as Associated Press and Reuters for an Israeli air raid. The poor kid falls off a swing, hits her head fatally and then becomes part of the meatgrinder of lies and deceit that is the Islamic propaganda machine. Despicable - as is the quote marks AP chooses to put around 'terrorist training camp' in their original lying allegation that she died in an air raid.

I say it again, kiddies. Every single thing you see should be considered a lie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The green helmet guy site is brilliant, im sure that ones real atleast, especially the photo with Mickey Mouse and the one with the ufo for sure.
Finally a site people can believe and trust to bring us the facts!

11:00 AM  

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