Saturday, August 12, 2006

Associated Press Lies Continue - 'Green Helmet Is Actually Just A Regular Family Guy'

In a truly astonishing anti-Israel propaganda piece, AP's Kathy Gannon embellishes the fiction that Green Helmet Guy is 'just a rescue worker'.

"I am just a civil defense worker. I have done this job all my life."

And not only that, he's a family guy as well. Awww...

Even after the Qana video footage showing him orchestrating the puppetry of bodies being moved to and from ambulances to give a better shot for the cameras, even after he tells the cameraman he isnt getting the right kind of footage, even after the 'civilians' of Qana are seen clearly following his orders and deferring to him almost fearfully, Associated Press are still telling lies.

The media is the enemy too. Never a truer word was spoken.

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Blogger Myrddin Wen said...

The activities of Green Helmet Demon are vile.

4:06 AM  

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