Friday, September 08, 2006

Quoty Quoty Quoty

Ladies and gents, I give you some more choice little moments from around the Blogosphere to be going on with...the first from Rottypup's new poster child, the charmingly namd Ranting Guttersnipe on the subject of Blair's supposedly imminent departure from office.

Mr Guttersnipe has fisked the Mirror's fawning article on this very subject in admirably blunt fashion:

Says The Mirror:

Mr Blair's final weeks in office will be particularly carefully choreographed to ensure cheers rather than jeers. Under the heading "Last month" the memo suggests: "Needs a daily grid, planned to the last detail. As much as possible a farewell tour, looking to the future, making sure the party is in the right place and the public remember him as he should be."

Says Mr Guttersnipe:

Rather than remember him as he was .... a limelight hugging statist control freak fucking camera whore with delusions of putting the rest of world to rights while shafting Britain up the ass with a pineapple?

Can't really argue with that one myself frankly. And on the subject of Rotty, well we all know that he and I are from very different schools of thought on the subject of Blair - I'm with Mr Guttersnipe, he is of a rather different opinion on the man himself, but it appears we are in complete agreement as to the vile nature of his Political Party:

"See, while Conservatives (right-thinking ones, anyway) are willing to give Blair huge credit for standing firm against Islamofascism, leftists everywhere loathe him for just this very reason. George Bush, closer ties with the U.S., the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq — Sooner or later, Labour back-benchers had to snap.

As it turns out, the final straw was Blair’s refusal to join them in condemning Israel for acting in her own defence. Given the almost-pathological levels of anti-Semitism present in the British left, perhaps this isn’t so surprising. But. Still. If Blair does fall over this issue, you couldn’t wish for a better example of all that’s wrong with leftism:

Wreck the country you’re supposed to be governing and they’ll smile approvingly — Try to prevent a second Holocaust and they’ll fire you."

Now THAT last line is right on the money.

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Blogger Murray said...

Well the media here are having a wet dream about the dangers of being too friendly with the US yet don't seem to able to make the conection between screwing a nation domestically and getting tossed out which would be a much more timely warning here with 81% of kiwis calling the PM a lying thief.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

You're link to RP isn't working -- Which shows, at least, that I'm a daily visitor here (not to mention a complete link-whore!)

Anyway, I'm not sure we do disagree entirely on Blair. (You were the guy I had a spat with over at TWA a while back, yes?) My personal feelings about Blair are that he isn't dishonest; that is, it says 'Centrist' on the box, and that's what you get. If people want to vote for that, then fair enough. I don't believe that Blair's some kind of Machiavellian deceiver (like, maybe, Clinton was). Point of fact, I think of him the way I think of Bono -- well-meaning, but with mostly crap ideas.

That said, the WoT was something Blair got right. He watched those towers fall and got 'it'. He understood that standing around doing nothing was no longer an option. That he's been willing to sacrifice his entire political career (and, if the BBC have anything to say about it) his legacy in order to do the right thing, to me, suggests that Blair's a man of real character. When it counted, I mean *really* counted, he did the right thing. I won't condemn him for that. Never.

1:04 AM  

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