Saturday, May 06, 2006

Job Offers At Downing Street

Just imagine for a moment, that you saw this in the classifieds whilst looking for a new job:

Job Title: Deputy Prime Minister

Job Description: N/A

Responsibilities: None (except chairing occasional "high level meetings", and taking over the country when Mr. Blair is on holiday)

Requirements: Must look and behave like an Orc.

Perks: Two company cars (both Jaguars of course) free apartment in Admiralty House London and a free official country residence, Dorneywood in Buckinghamshire, not to mention the leather clad secretaries and the overwhelming attraction of power.

Salary: £134,000 plus expenses.

Summary: The British Taxpayers will give you approximately a quarter of a million pounds per year, for sitting in nice comfortable chairs in nice panelled rooms in your luxury London apartment...

The above would be comical, if it were not true. Why on earth do the British public put up with this BS? The man was caught out, and he was fired, (with his powers being transferred to the supposedly disgraced Ruth Kelly, seems more like a promotion to me) yet although he no longer does what he is paid to do, he still gets paid for it. If that’s not blatant corruption then what is?


Anonymous Maggie said...

Corruption with a capital C...would he get away with this in any other country in the world. He should resign and creep back into his ugly shell. The Sun headline this morning was priceless...and so true...Now he's screwing us all!

12:49 PM  

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