Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hamas willing to talk, but should Isreal listen?

Well here we are my first post on the blogsphere and it’s about my favourite topic, Israel. Khaled Meshaal the `political` leader of Hamas has said in an interview that he would be willing to `possibly give a long-term truce with Israel` if they withdraw to the pre-67 borders. The BBC once again demonstrates its quite outstanding level of neutrality by posting this comment in its report:
"Now it's time for Israel to do what they said they would never do and enter dialogue with Hamas"

My question is why? Why should the Israeli’s negotiate with a group whose political agenda includes the complete annihilation of their state? Why should they trust the word of a man who states that his group will not renounce the use of violence in their campaign to `free` Palestinian lands. Finally why should they listen to a man that uses such thinly veiled threats as this:"warned that the militant group was capable of leading the Palestinians in a long fight that they would be better able to bear than Israel."

So in effect Hamas are not offering a peace deal at all, they are instead trying to force Israel to withdraw to its 67 borders under threat of further violence. To negotiate with Hamas is to negotiate with terrorists and murderers, regardless of whether they have been `democratically` elected or not. No one should negotiate with them, least of all Israel.


Blogger p_pandar said...

it would seem that the first country to sell their principles down the river is Russia, with Mr. Putin conducting official talks with the Hamas leadership. At first look this would appear to be a strange decision from Mr.Putin but then again, perhaps he`s just thinking of all the nice weapons contracts he could get from them....

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